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Poster: wilhelm25 Date: Apr 2, 2018 5:06am
Forum: texts Subject: Classic Uploader did not work

Jeff, your idea with the classic uploader did not work. I will attach two pictures ti schow what happened. The part of the file, that was uploaded hot less. The timedifferenz is about 10 minutes. Have a look at the fileinformation. Picture 2018-2 is about 10 minutes jounger than the other picture.

I was able to load up two more pdf-files on this page:

The problem is not solved.
Please think about it again
Your sincerly

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Attachment: Bibelverteidigung_02_04_2018.PNG

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Poster: Jeff Kaplan Date: Apr 2, 2018 8:14am
Forum: texts Subject: Re: Classic Uploader did not work

those images do not indicate a problem but, that is not the Classic Uploader. if that upload failed it is likely because your ISP is not working without interruption.

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Poster: wilhelm25 Date: Apr 8, 2018 12:20pm
Forum: texts Subject: Re: Classic Uploader did not work

the problem is not in your computer and not with my ISP. It is probably in my pc!!
I borrowd a laptop from an other person and I could upload this two files: . After loading the picture, the uploading made a smal break.

I tried my pc and was able to upload only the picture of this file:
It did not work with two files simultaniouely. I managed to upload the files by uploading the picture first. Than I created the page on your pc and uploaded the pdf-file. That way worked.
I will phone my pc-compagny tomorrow.

Your sincerly

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Poster: wilhelm25 Date: May 27, 2018 2:38am
Forum: texts Subject: How to upload larger files?

Jeff, I have a new question. I want to change the upload-content of this page:

I want to put all the information into one zip-file.

I tried it the way, you tell it on the page. The "upload" button does not get activ. What is wrong?
Please see the attaches pdf-file.

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Poster: wilhelm25 Date: May 27, 2018 9:38am
Forum: texts Subject: Re: How to upload larger files?

Jeff, I have learned to upload big files. The description is not very good. I am + 60 generation. I was not raised with computers.
I had to hit the "upload" button on the right side of the "Add" button, not atop that button.
Crome is telling me, how much of the file is uploaded. When crome is showing 100%, it is not a good idea to hit the "update" button. I did that twice an archive throw me completely out. I had to wail, until the new File was shown in the tree root.
That was the trick.
Your cincerely wilhelm25