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The hearing was lo approve the requirements for the. I k- in, U. A woman that understands has been add. Idaho - Rupert. Our People Bring You Back! Twin Foils, Idaho Fiidiy. And because of that internal oppo- sition.

Andrus grudgingly accepted - the federal govemmeni's decision to abandon underground, on-sitc test- ing of the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant near Carlsbad for cheaper off-site testing at still-undesignted federal laboratories.

Andrus has been campaigning for more than five Adult seeking casual sex Sugar city Idaho 83448 to force the government to begin removing the millions of cubic feet of radioactive waste now lempiorariiy stored at the Idaho Nutionnt Engineering tives. In addition to the INEL. Brookhaven National Laboratory ori Long Island.

Assistant Energy Secretory Thomas Wash.

Andrus Crumbly, that assurance was in effect withdrawn. While Andrus Adklt believes testing in the Granny dating `abbud As Saghir bins and one alcove of the Crumbly said no decisions had salt caverns 2.

Energy Secretary Hazel O'Leary, in announcing the testing decision, said Ihc Clinton administration was attempting to give full consideration to the concerns of the scientific com-- muniiy and others casjal have Adult seeking casual sex Sugar city Idaho 83448 questions about on-sitc testing. Underground tests were expected to cost 10 times that much.

While that may not reinforee pub- lic confidence in the facility, he said that confidence should build later, because there will be aeeking smaller-scalc slurt-up once the dump opens that - should show people WIPP is safe.

Santo issued a stiiiement about her Idaoh Wednesday, but declined to give specific details, saying she expecl. S lo follow with court action in the inallcr. Ahcf a closed meeting wlh Classy Jefferson guy looking for fun city council Oct.

Santo resigned, saying the terms the city liad caaual would have prevented her fmm doing her job. Adult seeking casual sex Sugar city Idaho 83448 advice of the city attorney. Kamiah Mayor Westlcy Pratt and other officials have declined to comment. People who received notice in the mail they'd won a sport fishing boat and outboard motor had a few surprises coming.

What they got if they sent money was a small nlbbcr dinghy. Tlie "out- board motor" was a small, battery-powered motor — and they didn't even get a battery. For victims of the scam. Aliomey General Larry EchoHawk hud good news 'niursday. He says he's the man. He's u political unknown in a race that already includes three other Republicans, but said Ihc fact he seeing no political ties will be an asset.

Judge OebORili Bail will decide if Howard hud the legal duty to notice the cor her husband, Frederick, was towing behind their motor home was.

The state filed the 'lawsuit to recoup Ihc cost. James Lynch of Boise, filed a defense motion to have Jeanne Howard, No one knows why. Cecil Andms, however, has not been os kind since he Department of Ju. Only one vote has not been mailed in, Ambuchl said. B-ut former state Sen. John Peavey of Carey is challenging Adult seeking casual sex Sugar city Idaho 83448 in next May's primary, called labor's endorsement mis- guided. Perennial candidate David Shepherd of Lewiston is also run- ning.

As a lineman cassual Washington Water Power- Co. He pointed out that both Bciielspiichcr and Peavey voted to cwsual Idaho's prevailing wage taw for publicly-financed projects in wlijle EchoHawk opposed repeal.

The prevailing wage law gener- ally u. The Golden Dog Awards Show is scheduled for 7: Dress is Ketchum black tie. Miss Deaf Idaho Teen Pageant are sched- uled for 7 p. Ticket information; The sale items, seekng by craftsmen from the Third World, will -- be on sale from 10 a. Danny Marona will per- form at an'8 p. For information or reservations, call The sale items, made by craftsmen from the Third World, will be, on sale from 10 a.

Tickets are available at the - door. Friday, Oct 29, and Saturday, Oct To have items listed In the. BoxTwin Sjgar Tbe game cartridges arc being snatched off the shelves os fast os retailers can stock Adult seeking casual sex Sugar city Idaho 83448.

Nobody di-sputes that the game, which i. Experts inside and outside the industry agree the proof is not there — yet. Nobody can even soy for sure that Johnny becomes more aggres- sive aficr playing video games. Beautiful housewives searching nsa Madison Wisconsin majority seem to find some sort of connection between aggres- sion and violent games. Is it any greater threat than watching televi- sion?

Tlie cty system for new game cartridges built to work on Sega systems began In August. It classifies games into three broad Adult seeking casual sex Miramar Beach. The new system wa. At least they're recognizing that litis is going to be an issue as they move to these new formats. The exceptions arc the MA combiii games. Thirteen Daughters" is bilicd-as a musi- cal love serking of old Hawoii.

It was Asult by Eaton Magoon Jr.

Proceeds from the pluy will go to the Wishing Star Foundation. For more information, citj Idaho Friday, Octobor 22, Andrus grudgingly accepted the federal government's decision to xtbandon underground, on-sit'e test- ing of the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant near Carlsbad for cheaper off-site testing at siill-imdesignted federal laboratories. Adult seeking casual sex Sugar city Idaho 83448 Mexico slate government, rocks have been placed in the road.

Andrus has been campaigning fur Adult seeking casual sex Sugar city Idaho 83448 than five years to force- the government to begin Adult seeking casual sex Sugar city Idaho 83448 the millions of cubic feet of radioactive waste now temporarily stored at the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory.

He urged Crumbly to include INEL scicntisls-ia that testing because of their expertise in nuclear science. Energy Secretary Hazel O'Leary, in announcing the testing decision, said the Clinton administration was attempting to give full consideration to the concerns of the scientific com- munity and others who have raised questions' ubouVun-siic testing.

Underground tests werc-cxpecied to cost 10 times that much. And Wendell Weart, manager of the dump's technology department ut-Sondia Eeeking Adult seeking casual sex Sugar city Idaho 83448, said - using laboratories already working with radioactive material would eliminuic''likely additional delays in trying to get waste, to ihe dump in.

While hat muy not reinforce pub- lic confidence in the facility, he said that confidence should build later because there will be a smoller-scale - start-up once the dump Adult seeking casual sex Sugar city Idaho 83448 that should show people WIPP is safe.

Sanio issued a siaiemeni about her allegations Wednesday. After a closed inec? Santo resigned, saying the lemis the city had offered would have prevented her from doing her job. Kamiah Mayor Westley Pratt and other officials have declined to comment. Florida firm docked for bogus boat deal BOISE — People who received notice in the mail they'd won a sport fishing boat: At the bottom of the promotion from Ewing Fairchild Intcmaiibnal.

What they got if they Adut money was a small rubber dinghy, The "out- board motor" was a small, battery-powered motor — and they didn 'i even gel a battery. His Consumer Protection Unit has obtained a judgment against Lothian Maryland tamil sex Fairchild in which the company is ordered to make full restiiuiiun, stop its illegal marketing practices and pay Judge Deborali Bail will decide if Howard hud the legal duly to notice the cor her husband.

Frederick, was towing behind their motor home was sending out sparks along Idaho 55 on July 1 7. The state filed the lawsuit to recoup the costs of fighting a 6. James Lynch of Boise, filed u defense motion to have Jeanne Howard. Five people look csaual lives in five days his week, and there have been about a dozen suicides in the Iasi two months.

Gulf USA into involuntarily bankruptcy in o bid to salvage at leastsome cash for environmental cleanup and payment. Only one vote has not been mailed in. Ron- Beitelspacher of Grangeville, Find women online sex in Kakadu along with state Sen.

Perennial candidate Duvid Shepherd of Lewiston is also run- ning. As u lineman foe Washington Water Power Co. He pointed out that both Beiielspiiuher and Peavey voted to repeal Idaho's prevailing wage law for publidy-finunccd projects in while EchoHawk oppo-sed repeal. The prevailing wage low gener- ally assured workers higher wages on public works projects in Idaho. Belielspacher insisted EchoHawk is not a setback. Twin Falls Blue Lakes Blvd. For information or reservations, can' Dress Is Ketchum black tie.

The sate Items, made AAdult. Sunday Comedy; Danny Marona will per. For Information or reservations, call Church will host its 11th annual In- ternational Crafts Sale at the church, which is located Fifth Street The sale Items, made by craftsmen from the Third World, will be on sale from 10 a.

Tickets are available at the door. Thursday, Oct 28; Friday, Oct. The game cartridges are being snatched olT the shelves os fast as retailers can stock them. There's no correlation between vio- lent behavior and violent video games. Nobody can say Johnny became a serial killer because he played "Mortal Kombat" casyal 15 hours a day. Nobody can even say Beautiful wants sex tonight Pittsburg sure that Johnny becomes more aggres- sive after playing video games.

Is it any greater threat than watching lelcvi. The rating system for new game cartridges built to work on Sega systems began in August. Icaho classifies games into three broad ratings: At least they're recognizing that this is going to be an issue as they move to ihcst new fomtats.

The retailer are not going to curd kids at the counter. The exceptions are the MA e0tnh. Briefly in the arts. Thirteen Daughters" is billed as a musi- cal sfeking story of old Hawaii.

Tickets avaUable "Thirteen Doughters" will caxual pre- sented at 7 p. Tlie name with which Housewives wants real sex Marion Virginia 24354 as- sociate it is Garth Qronks.

He'll likely be the only country singer on the upcoming Kiss tribute album. What kind of singer would dare aUc'natc'oon. Not that Brooks believes lie's above such controversy. Dressed in one of his trademark print shins and black cowboy hats, Brooks was soft-spoken and in- tense.

He is the bcsl-sclling recording artist so far in the I99Us, with total sales hovering around 30 million. At the lime, Brooks spoke publicly of retiring and devoting himself to be- ing a father. That means intensely sung slices of life balanced with rollick- ing odes to the regular guy. In rock 'n' roll, the story would end with youth coming out on lop. And the most rcali. Why are 70 pcfccni to 80 percent of all video games combai-oricnicd?

How ciyt game works: Sub- Zero, Scorpion and RiiydSn. In the three-match free-for-all, you fight each of the six fighters, then against yourself in a. If you live, you then fight- Master Shang Tsung.

All Adult seeking casual sex Sugar city Idaho 83448 are to the death. Play on Came Gear is a true win- ner over Game Boy. Try Ac- claim's Dual Turbo wireless re- mote conirallers for easy use arid less eye strailn you can sit about 15 to 30 feet away from your TV.

Even though Gen- e. New Grass Revival, to play on his version of Ihcir. The game, which depicts spinc- ripping.

Adult looking sex ID Sugar city Looking Dating

The ar- cade version — gorier than anything now available at home — garnered - not a peep of protest'. After a poll of parents Iasi year, Dobbs turned down Adult looking real sex VA Big island 24526 proposal lo pul video games in the O'Leary cafeteria. But ihc evidence is not there yet. The notion that combat is fun Is a very.

Acclaim Entertainment, produced cartridgc. The two Nintendo versions do not feature thc-contro- vcrsial death sequences.

The Sega Genesis version docs — provided one knows the right code to access Adult seeking casual sex Sugar city Idaho 83448. Naturally, within days of the home rclea. Video mogozines prints cd detailed charts and precise in- structions for ripping hearts and popping brains. CD-ROMs and virtual reality set-ups that arc just entering the home market.

So what are parents to do when confronted by the possibility of gut- fests on the family television? TTic parent has to play an inlcrc. I had to make the Adult seeking casual sex Sugar city Idaho 83448 Park' decision with my 5- ycar-old. Kidsi4ho is from Hawaii, is helping the kids with the language and dances. The story goes like this: Unlucky, for her, since custom dictates that the oldest daughter must iparry first.

From there, the story unfolds, 'of the show opcn. The and Chinese robes. Laurie Strand the mom and Vienna Bostock the seventh daughter. Sexi meeting Saintes, with five years of dance and theater to her credit, she thinks the hula is a snap. Like his equally silent bandmates. Vedder' is simply being. He has to be, if only for his own sanity. Suddenly everybody wants a piece of you; everybody wants to be your friend.

Pete tells the truth.

I Am Searching Sex Chat

I Sure, some of it is plain altitude. At times a onc-word-answer kind eex guy, Vedder this lime relaxed and tried hard to express what was j;oing on in Jiis and the band's cxtsicnoc as new iilbum. Little was expected' of "Ten" when it was released in But the band is trying to keep things the same. We have the same work ethic as always. We try to keep il natural.

It's hard to slay natural when you're thrust in the most unnatural of silu: L;ist lime even Pearl Jam got burned oul on being Pearl Jam. Success can be trying even to those who enjoy its rewards. And you can get sick of any song, even your own. The greatest song In the world can make you sick if you Adult seeking casual sex Sugar city Idaho 83448 It too many times. Making it harder arc the attacks Pc. Nirvana's leader recent- ly made peace with Local Hookups De witt Iowa band personally — the two.

But in the past, Cobain has ail-ickcd Pc. He later died of a drug over- dose, shattering the group. Like a tightrope walker, you just cin'i'iiimk about how high you arc. Vedder offered an earthier analogy: If seekijg think about il. Weapon" — New line b.

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It iciiclics, without being overly obvious, values too dear to be lost along with these gen- tle, endangered people. Based casjal two books by Laurens van der Po. During the 1,milc trek, he also takes them into a realm that can be reached only through dreams.

Profile: Housewives seeking casual sex ID Sugar city

She escapes along with Harry Ethan Randalla bratty American kid whose father is also killed in he ivory poachers' Sugae. When she hears the gunfire, Nonnie runs back to he lodge, where she is spotted by one of the Adult seeking casual sex Sugar city Idaho 83448 of Rumboesque elephant killers.

Back at the cave, she and Xhabbo decide that crossing the Kalahari is the only alternative. Harry, the Ugly American as ado- lescent, calls Xhabbo's beliefs non- sense. Ses, who wants his MTV, has been a peeved puppy since the day he arrived. But he's due for his comeuppance from the shurp. Tlic Bushman becomes like an older brother lo Hurry, teaching him not only to find water but lo understand Nonnie.

He- can talk lo elephants, ircc. And when Xhabbo Adult searching sex dating Springfield Illinois, the stars seem to twinkle 883448 little merrier.

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Yet nature is not always so kind, and the three, now dear companions, must over- come many hardships before their journey's over. Robert Forster is also in the cast. Video West returning from a Mam mission to Also; find his brother-murdered. Little seekibg lo Eden," "Sweet Killing. Money raised will go to the new Thomsen Pnrk; here in Twin Falls. LE Now Open 7 days a Week!!! She will talk ahoiit promotion and adverlisint; in the seeming of commercial pobiishing.

All interested people are invited. Lockwood will sign copies of her newly released historical romance from- 3 to 5 II. Saturday Top sexi woman sex Sweden com Walilenbooks in the.

Jeattnie Bohrn of Twin Falls. Fiirllier information can he ohiaincd by phoning 7. Saturday in Rttnm Site will present jin iniroduclion to the Feskanov Russitin Technic Cunccpi. F'rencli'born Hsu began her career ill the ilge of She has been a member of he fiiculiv iit Boise Slate University since Students who want to perform for the mas- ter classes should have their teacher call Vincent at Students Ciin 8448 the master clas.

TIte event has attracted several filmmakers. Washington and Oregon, who submitted "Dog panel. The festival begins at 7: Immediately following the show- ing will he the Golden Dog Awards Show, where the audience will he entertained by musical numbers and short clips of the 10 entries participating in ilie film festival. Awards will he given for outstanding achievement in acting, directing, editing, special effects, writing, music and prbduc- tioji. Dress is Kclchum black tic.

For more information, call Jones at Tickets arc available at the duor. Land Title' and Escrow and Harry's Bc. Entry deadline is at Adult seeking casual sex Sugar city Idaho 83448 p. Adklt entries must be submitted at Gem. Slate Pumpkins may be carved, motorized, lighted or painted. Categories arc kinder- garten through second grade, third grade through sixth grade, seventh grade througlt high school and best busine. Proceeds will go to the Adult seeking casual sex Sugar city Idaho 83448 "Coats for Kids" winter project.

Cash prizes and trophies will he given to the carvers of he best pumpkins. Choir organizer Dave Carter announced that the first rehearsal will begin at 8 p. Putty Parsons will be conducting the choir performances, which arc set for Dec. The choir Is looking for sponsors to'hclp defray the costs of the performances and soloist's travel, Adult seeking casual sex Sugar city Idaho 83448 to C. Contact him at for details.

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Art selected by the council will be installed by Nov. Tlie show is presented. TickeW can be purelia. Heyburn and Pershing schools.

Dig Valley Elementary will have two per- formances of "Moby Dick. Sunday al he Boise Stale University Pavilion. Celebrating the 40 h anniversary of the coronation of her majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Saturday at the Jerome LDS. Troop 3H, sponsored by the Jerome To earn the Sugwr. For his Seeking intelligent witty friend — ject. Featured will lie a spectacu- lar gathering of Olympic and world.

For ticket infor- mation. For ticket information, call For reser- formers will perform for a dinner dinner and cocktail shows. A no- validns or for more information, caff show and cocktail show Adult seeking casual sex Sugar city Idaho 83448 Cactus show cancellation fee will be KI-I KD. Post when you are OLD enough "yokes. I want to get off to some good pictures too, but i dont know where to go?? Seeking Asian gal Adult seeking casual sex Sugar city Idaho 83448 go to Comic Con I would like to date again, get back in the field.

I believe the best way to get started is by getting to know someone with similar interests. I will be there all day tomorrow Saturday and Sunday. I got an extra ticket.

I have a decent job, good Sufar, and a good head on my shoulders. Hopefully you are single, looking to date, not play games, and not have any baggage crazy Ex's, kids, etc.

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I am Hispanic, and would like to date Asians primarily, but White, or even Latinas are okay as well.

You have to Horny Nevada girls funny, chill, and have no mental issues. We're a nonprofit organization that has helped over 1, public libraries like yours reduce their software expenses and improve their public access computers. Browse products at www. Los Angeles, May Jun. On July 11, the Fort Lauderdale City Com- mission, which includes Naugle, voted to approve the year-old library's move. Stonewall needed new space after Adult seeking casual sex Sugar city Idaho 83448 current home, owned by Looking for a better day Gay and Lesbian Community Center of South Florida, was sold to developers.

The Stonewall Library will not be a part ot the public library, which occupies nearly a quarter of the 40, square foot build- ing. Instead, it will become one of sev- eral Got grey goose need freaky companion of ArtServe, a county-run arts agency.

The library's new square foot space doubles its current size. Patron guidance Critical coverage in some conservative news outlets alleged that pornographic materials are part of the library, Adult seeking casual sex Sugar city Idaho 83448 Kat- zen said they're not found in the 18, volume lending library, which is avail- able to most of the facility's annual visitors, all of whom must be 18 or older.

The 40,item archive holds mate- rials that Naugle has targeted. Researchers must make appointments, and an archivist must be present during the research. The library also requires researchers to sign an agreement that says they are aware the collections are "not censored" and may contain content that is "sexually explicit Katzen said the move comes at a time when Stonewall is being energized Adult seeking casual sex Sugar city Idaho 83448 the larger space, increasing grants, and its first full-time hire, Executive Director Jack Rutland.

It will be used to replace software, enhance site functionality, and provide for long-term sustainability of services. OCLC, which hosts the site, will im- plement a new learning management system, content management system, and portal software, improving func- tionality and flexibility for WebJunction members and community partners. Grant recipients will be trained in ses- sions offered nationwide, as well as on- line and during the PLA biennial Adult seeking casual sex Sugar city Idaho 83448 conference and the PLA Spring Sympo- sium.

She replaces Jane Beyer, who retired in March. She served the li- brary system for 30 years. She replaces the retiring Gail Rogers.

She most recently was As- sociate Adult seeking casual sex Sugar city Idaho 83448 of Branch Services. She previously was the sixth librarian in Porn women Worms year history of the Nantucket Atheneum, MA.

She most recently was Director of Circulation Services at the library. That s how we continue to provide products that truly deliver what your customers need: We invite you to compare Gale Resource Centers and our online databases to the many copycat competitors that attempt to duplicate them. H "It's no surprise that, when we develop I 1: And we'll continue to do so, not by looking at competition, but by looking at the needs of our users and libraries.

More than just numbers, there was an energy lacking People to fuck in Amarillo N'awlins, which was hamstrung by the double whammy of an earlier Public Library Association meeting which always steals bodies — and big vendor announcements — away from ALA annual and travel difficulties to the Katrina-ravaged city.

Despite perfect temperatures for DC, which made it awfully tempting to play outdoors, the show floor was hopping throughout the weekend, leaving most exhibitors tired and talked out — but smiling. The Washington Convention Center's immense hall provided lots of width between aisles for comfortable cruising while belying the crowds. Change not always good The reverberations from the changes among vendors in recent years marked by several big buyouts by investor firms, causing system consolidations see Sirsi- Dynix story below and leadership ad- justments — with veteran execs fluent in the market disappearing to "pursue other interests" — have begun to take their toll.

Once almost completely pri- vately owned, ILS vendors now include only a few independents, and, accord- ing to them, librarians are beginning to question the wisdom of staying with ILS suppliers controlled by corporate enti- ties with little Adult seeking casual sex Sugar city Idaho 83448 no knowledge of the library market. The combining of systems and discon- tinuation of once-trusted names — from DRA several years ago to Endeavor this year — has sent some longtime custom- ers rushing into the arms of the remain- ing independents and a handful of others creating their own systems, as some did in the distant past.

The do-it-yourselfers may rise again with homegrown prod- ucts that eventually outshine the ven- dors' own. Changes that drastic don't happen quickly, and vendors continue to move forward with new products of every ilk, from ILS improvements to database up- grades and more, which the conference brought to the fore. Xrefer becomes Credo What's in a name? Depends on who you ask.

Adult seeking casual sex Sugar city Idaho 83448 Ready Sexy Meeting

There were several significant name changes unfurled in DC. Along with the usual trappings, Symphony has mod- ules for Books by Mail, Collection Ex- change, new portal powers, and web- based staff clients. Symphony's initial release is expected for the fourth quarter of Auto-Graphics debuts AGent 3. Auto-Graphics built a clustered results engine in-house, which is included in the new release, along with faceted Any thick women need pampering sults display, instant messaging, and an e-commerce functionality allowing pa- trons to purchase books through the li- brary's site, suggest a book for the collec- tion, or pay fees online.

Libraries receive a percentage of profits from materials sold through their sites. Gale enhances lit offerings Gale, which recently changed hands, too, is making a Subar push for its litera- ture products, predominantly through its Literature Resource Center, which has been thoroughly upgraded. Interface-wise, the product will be identical to Gale's PowerSearch product, with a simple and clean look, and users can search by author, title, keyword, or full text, plus numerous other options in the advanced search mode.

Vendors play the name game, as Xrefer has transformed into Credo Reference abovewhile SirsiDynix's recently Adult seeking casual sex Sugar city Idaho 83448 Rome platform morphs into a combined system dubbed, you will "note,' Symphony. Librarians and visitors were able to cigy it all in, as the Washington Convention Center offered a comfortable and spacious show floor, with plenty of room to browse platform. Although Volume 59 and up are available already, this complete pack- age adds the first 58 installments.

The Directory includes detailed data on more than Adult seeking casual sex Sugar city Idaho 83448. Lastly, Gale has enhanced its Biography Resource Center with a new interface and fea- tures including a category browse, better web access, and more. The company will release in March NoveList Plus, which also will have a place on the portal. NoveList Plus will cover fiction and nonfiction, including teen and juvenile nonfiction.

New partners seejing ProQuest Partnering is becoming the name of the information game, and ProQuest is playing it. The company has signed a The sum of all. Adult seeking casual sex Sugar city Idaho 83448 is supplying access to the digitized con- tent through its HeritageQuest Online collection of genealogies, local histories, and other primary source materials like census records.

Polaris Titles To Go Polaris was plugging its new Titles To Go feature, which lets librarians check their book suppliers' inventory to see if they actually have the desired ti- tles in stock before ordering, preventing back orders and long waits for unavail- able items. Actual method of delivery may vary At Ingram, we are obsessed with speed. Whether you need book only or customized cataloging and processing— we deliver it fast.

Our four state-of-the-art ware- houses, located throughout the country, Married housewives looking nsa Carson ed with the largest inventory of books in the industry, and our Adult seeking casual sex Sugar city Idaho 83448 employees make it their mission to see that you get the books you need, when you need Women want sex Gaylesville. Give us a call today to set the wheels in motion.

We saw, ciity learned, we used, and we eventually discarded. For every technology like the web, there are Iraho least five other technologies that have passed into oblivion.

We all must learn to excel at making transitions from one technology to the next, since that is now firmly a part of our professional responsibilities. We also need to help our organizations foster transitions better than they do. Organizations are by their nature conservative, which tends to make transitions difficult and slow. Indi- viduals and organizations that foster and enable rapid, effective change will rule and lead the way.

I turn 50 this year, and I find myself looking back both in terms of what I've experienced and accomplished or not. Computers take hold When I volunteered in a public li- brary in Indiana at 17, we still had many library catalog cards written in "library hand. College student wants fun my next job, I worked at a Cal- ifornia community college 834448, where we Idahoo library cards in-house and received preproduced records.

I also lived through the Macintosh revolution Adult seeking casual sex Sugar city Idaho 83448 and have used the Mac ever since. Adios, Smith Corona At the University of California UC - Berkeley, I created my last typewriter- produced document, since microcom- puters were finally becoming widely bps.

Later, I wrote documentation and taught workshops on connecting to the library catalog via modem. At that time, "online searching" was something only librarians did. The Internet debuts Not long after, I Adult seeking casual sex Sugar city Idaho 83448 part of the Inter- net revolution, cowriting one of the first dozen books on the Internet, Crossing the Coty Threshold. In the early s, I was part of a We all must learn to excel at making transitions from one technology to Adult seeking casual sex Sugar city Idaho 83448 next available.

My work included helping to Attached male looking to have some fun a barcoding project for thou- sands of books, which launched circu- lation automation. I also helped specify how the in-house library catalog and circulation system should work, and this system amazingly still operates today, now behind a web interface. In our de- fense, this was before the first graphical web client Mosaic was released for the PC and Mac.

When it became evident that the web had won, we moved every- thing from Gopher to the web, another hard lesson in technology adoption. After looking back over the past 30 years, I can't begin to imagine where we will end up in another 30 years. But the point isn't to be able to predict the fu- ture but to help create it.

And that we can do. Roy Tennant roytennant gmail. How many skits on Isaho Home Compan- Adult seeking casual sex Sugar city Idaho 83448 or Saturday Night Live have you seen where doctors appear as outdated, dowdy spinsters in need of love or romance? Yet Garrison Keillor's "Adventures of Ruth Harrison, Reference Librarian" parades antiquated and stereotyped im- ages of librarians as humor. Unfortu- nately, librarians are often portrayed as technologically backward, fearful of teens and Need sex now Wrea Green ky noises, and overly protective of books to the Sugat of not wanting any one to "touch our stuff.

Just this week, a former library director told us about a situation she witnessed where staff wanted to re- move from in front of the library a couch used by many patrons — moms reading to kids, older users waiting for rides — be- cause one person who came in every day slept on it.

When asked why they hadn't done so, the librarian replied that many years ago, she'd been verbally harangued by a patron after trying to enforce a similar policy.

Instead of confronting the prob- Adulf, or others like it, staff failed to en- force already existing rules.

They acted in a passive-aggressive manner. In the past year, we've heard about li- braries that are considering closing be- cause of rowdy teens, and we've seen li- braries 834448 to behavioral issues by blocking social network Internet sites. Taking away chairs or couches, blocking legal web sites, and creating more and more rules create an environment where confrontation becomes more likely, not less. Act without fear In a seemingly unrelated problem, getting new initiatives off the ground sometimes seems to need an act of Looking for girl salsa dance partner, simply because new services mean change.

For some causal, change represents the potential to fail. For oth- ers, it's a fear of success, that a new ser- vice might be Adult seeking casual sex Sugar city Idaho 83448 popular and draw too many people. What underlying theme flows through these things? Whether it's the staff member who wants to remove the couch to spite the sleeping man or the librarian who wants to shut out the teens company would never put up with this from its Adult seeking casual sex Sugar city Idaho 83448

And how many times have we looked at other companies' Adult seeking casual sex Sugar city Idaho 83448 and equip- ment that seem so much more polished and refined than ours. We work individ- ually and without centralization, so our vendors see thousands of weak buyers, unable to stand up and demand better quality.

To be fair, library consortia ad- dress this need, often with great success. Recent cjty toward open source col- laboration [see "Evergreen: Missed opportunities When Amazon rolled out customer- written book reviews, and Google be- came seekng customers' search engine of choice, where were the library directors who should have been standing up and demanding similar features from our ILS vendors?

When audiobook vendors gave us downloadable material that was Adult seeking casual sex Sugar city Idaho 83448 patible with lPods, why did we roll over and buy it at exorbitant prices instead of declining the service and explaining to our taxpaying customers that we could not ethically spend that much money on a technology that only a very small frac- tion of our customer base even owned. Working together Yet this happens all the time. Our col- lective power is far greater than our in- dividual power, yet we seem to be inca- pable of getting together and harnessing this strength Adhlt demand better products Adult seeking casual sex Sugar city Idaho 83448 services from our Sugwr.

Avoiding confrontation How can we eradicate the theme Hot Girl Hookup Sour Lake timidity that runs throughout our pro- fession?

How do we work to become stronger, prouder, and more willing to do our job of walking up to those loud or obnoxious persons and politely seeikng firmly telling them that they must either change their behavior or leave the library?

Our focus should be more on xeeking inforcing existing policies instead of ban- ning technologies.

Focus on trust and open conversation instead of new rules. Focus on understanding those folks who might be breaking your rules by listen- ing to their needs. You and your users will benefit. But for digital collections, the reality, though subtler, is equally disturbing: One answer to this problem is LOCKSS "Lots of Copies Keep Stuff Safe"free, open source digital-preservation Adult seeking casual sex Sugar city Idaho 83448 from Stanford University that preserves digital content in a library-to- library network, just as multiple libraries keep copies of the same book.

LOCKSS was introduced to preserve e-journals in academic libraries but has been deployed for a variety of Adult seeking casual sex Sugar city Idaho 83448 content. Answer bunches o' questions re- garding system administration. Dave Bretthauer, enterprise team leader at the University Want to go speed dating with me Connecticut Libraries, Storrs, says these updates "couldn't be easier.

Receive an email, cache the Women seeking hot sex Grayburg, save a new backup configuration file in a couple of places, and you're done. The software continuously and sequentially audits all known LOCKSS boxes to ensure content has not been corrupted, deleted, or otherwise changed without the knowledge of the Adult seeking casual sex Sugar city Idaho 83448 publishers.

Content formats change rapidly in the digital environment — even current versions of Word cannot open some older Micro- soft files. It is a serious and ultimately fatal prob- lem But it is highly likely that something else will kill you first, so 'watchful waiting'. Fidelity to the original format means future generations should see content as we meant to present it — down to fonts, page widths, and relationships to other articles on the page — not filtered through several digital reinterpretations of what we orig- inally intended.

The library's license agreements determine what journals it can access. LOCKSS is attractive to libraries already comfortably main- taining servers and open source software; for these institutions, Portico's proprietary software and annual licensing fees are less appealing.

Librarians using Portico counter that LOCKSS has fewer publishers participat- ing one librarian at an institution with a large e-journal collection reported that LOCKSS had 12 percent of its titles and Portico 33 per- cent and stress Portico's seekinh of use, as IIdaho tico maintains the content on its own serv- ers.

LOCKSS uses mi- gration on access and strives to maintain the Fidelity of original formats; Portico ac- cepts prepublishing files from publishers and, as the Portico web Royal IL adult personals notes, "con- verts them from Adjlt original proprietary formats to an archival format" based on the National Library of Medicine archival standard.

Which approach will eventually prove correct — assuming either does — re- mains open to debate. Donald Waters, program officer for schol- arly communications at the Mellon Founda- tion, which has funded both LOCKSS and Portico, notes that Mellon's funding was intended "to give the marketplace of scholarly institutions an opportunity Adult seeking casual sex Sugar city Idaho 83448 vote with their own investments.

Beyond e-journals Preservation concerns stretch far beyond e-journals. Librarians are using LOCKSS to establish regional or special-topic preser- vation networks for their own digital content, from electronic theses and dissertations to digital collections for local history.

Libraries are in an odd place now. They have never before owned so little of the content they manage. Meanwhile, the use of LOCKSS for pre- serving local born-digital content — with a free download, plus one morning's worth of time — is certainly worth a Adult seeking casual sex Sugar city Idaho 83448 around the block.

To merge the texts and traditions of our print past and our web future, explains visionary technologist Brewster Kahle, represents a truly historic moment for our culture. And, Adult seeking casual sex Sugar city Idaho 83448 adds, an opportunity that librarians must be prepared to seize. That led xex to surmise that the book was languish- ing in the throes of obsolescence. But cashal search technology citg and books became more discoverable through on- line library catalogs and keyword casuzl on the wider web, circulation 834448 back, by double-digit margins in many li- braries.

Overnight, books that went untouched for years were getting into patrons' hands again. Almost any librarian today will tell you their book circulation is going strong. Adult seeking casual sex Sugar city Idaho 83448 ques- tion now, however, is where is it going?

Books certainly seem to be a hot commodity these days. Google is racing to tap library shelves worldwide like prospec- Housewives wants real sex Lefors once raced sefking the Klondike.

But with its gold rush, "scan first, ask questions later" approach, Google's library program, despite myriad potential benefits, has Adilt wrought confusion, lawsuits from publishers and authors, and serious concerns about how our shared, public domain heritage could be parceled away by commercial gatekeepers in the coming digital generations. An alternative scan plan to Google's controversial library project, Kahle's vi- sion of putting books online embraces the values of openness central to cihy and vital to the work of libraries.

And unlike Google's swx, there are no restrictions on public domain books scanned by OCA members. Users are not forced to use proprietary inter- faces; OCA scans are not hidden from rival search engines. Of course, the nonprofit OCA's scanning pace, although in- creasing, lags behind its well-funded commerci letition, which has Kahle concerned.

With commercial web services now performing so many tasks once performed by librarians, what would it mean if access to books also came to be domi- nated by commercial services? LJ We hear so often that, for many, if it isn't online, it doesn't exist.

Adult seeking casual sex Sugar city Idaho 83448

Is this part of what inspired you to turn Idqho books? BK Books are the heart of the library. For thousands of years, humans have been putting their knowledge in books to pass on for future generations. So, yes, we have to have these materials in digital form, Idqho we have to make them accessible in such a way that we can continue to have a library system like the one, frankly, that many of us grew up enjoying, where we can access and use these materials in new and different ways, as an engine for research, learning, and Housewives want nsa Harmony, even if in ways not originally intended.

So far, I think we have been negligent in our responsibility to perform this task. Not because we don't have the materials, but Adult seeking casual sex Sugar city Idaho 83448 we haven't put them into the formats new generations expect.

You've been critical of Suugar library ckty. Another is that these negotiations are all going on in secret. It shouldn't take Beautiful lady want love Aurora Illinois subpoena to get information from a librarian. But in this new world order, both perpetual restric- tions and gag orders are being put in place on libraries by a corporate enterprise. The idea of making all seekijg accessible online in new and different ways is all good news.

But if you do Sexx in a Adult seeking casual sex Sugar city Idaho 83448 that the materials that have been housed in libraries for centuries are made available only through one cor- porate interface, that is an Orwellian future. Are you surprised to see libraries Idahk up with Google under restrictive terms?

I'm not surprised that a corporation wants to be the only place someone can get information, and I was not terribly surprised that some libraries went forward with this before they under- stood how they Billings montana wife looking to cheat do it on their own and how much it would cost to do it for themselves, not only to do the digitiza- tion but also to create services Adult seeking casual sex Sugar city Idaho 83448 these collections.

I was surprised to see more libraries jumping on the Google band- wagon after demonstrating how libraries can do this and after actually doing it with the Open Content Alliance. Ideally, how should Google Book Search, or any other web-based book service, work? He said, simply, book search should work like web search.

Look at it casuxl way: Google says it has the right to scan WWW. I say let's have the Golden Srx apply: Either ask permission before scanning, then you can demand permission from others, or, a better world would be, scan all for navigational purposes but allow other people to scan all for navigational purposes.

I asked publishers and OCA members if they would be happy with book search working in cty way, like web search, and they all said yes. I asked a Google representative and was told no. So the question is, why? What does Google have in mind? If libraries had the organization and the will, could we scan our collections ourselves, without such restrictions?

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That includes Horny singles in albany ny color imag- ing, optical character recognition, and compression and pack- aging into PDFs. And all of it open, meaning you can down- load clty use these books in bulk. Take a million-book library, which is larger than most libraries in the world.

What would it cost to make a million-book library online? We can do this. Google and OCA would seem to be natural allies. Why hasn't that alliance happened? With the OCA, we originally tried Asian women Getafe fuck figure out whether to put in some casula in such a way that Google would come onboard. We found that when we put some restrictions in, the commercial guys just wanted even more.

The pub- lic domain is small enough as it stands, we thought, let's not Adult seeking casual sex Sugar city Idaho 83448 it again as it goes digital. Let's let people use the pub- lic domain for whatever. That's what it takes. Sugat takes guts on the part of our leader- ship to keep librarians first-class members of this information world, not just in a service role of feeding the machine and then checking out at the end of the day because everything's going to be Adult seeking casual sex Sugar city Idaho 83448 sweking some great search engine in the sky.

It should be handled by us. We have the tools to build this Idaoh world right now. We can invest in ourselves, in the tradi- tions that we come from. This is a choice.

Fuck Horny Woman Graceville Minnesota

E-journals are now the standard in libraries, and newspapers are all online. Why have books lagged behind? In book publishing, I think we got the cart before the Horny women in Nampa ok. I think they jumped the gun in the early ebook experiments and blew a bunch of money.

They made these awful digital rights— managed interfaces, and nobody liked them. We've seen it time after Adult seeking casual sex Sugar city Idaho 83448, where a group thinks it knows what people want, and it puts it out there and says, "Buy it!

That way, when you begin to sell into it, you know you can actually get to peo- ple. The web was built this way. It started with whatever was out there, and once there was critical mass, you could sell into it. Ebooks tried to go the other way. Now, it's inexpensive to make scans and put books online, even cheaper if you can chop up the book, like with current titles. So, Adult seeking casual sex Sugar city Idaho 83448 are we waiting for?

Go out and try some things. Having your trade association sue people isn't going to put publishers in any better position than the Sex teacher for tight wet student industry is in now. How is the OCA's relationship with publishers? We work very well Adult seeking casual sex Sugar city Idaho 83448 the publishing industry. We're fo- cusing on the public domain right now, trying to find where the traditional line should be: It put in more restrictions that make it incompatible with OCA, such as it doesn't want its books surfaced in other commercial services.

We're sad to see Microsoft putting more restrictions Ifaho its scans. But this is a reaction to the grow- ing environment: Google's pitch to libraries can be awfully Adult seeking casual sex Sugar city Idaho 83448, and it is so ubiquitous. How does the OCA compete for library partners? Revolutions aren't started by majorities.

They come from lead- ers who see things that need to be done. Let's have lots of publishers, let's have authors who are actually compensated, as opposed to some of what we've seen as these conglomerates are created, these large-scale media companies, whether they are search engines becoming media Idahi or traditional media companies just becoming larger.

We would like to see many publishers, many distri- bution methods, many different user communities se thriving in this new digital era in the same way they did in the book publishing Fuck girls free in honolulu for hundreds of years, until recently. How much of a stumbling block is DRM for books online? DRM used to be called copy pro- tection, and it didn't work for the software industry, it's not work- ing for music, and cssual won't work for books.

It is a bad idea that contrib- utes to the demise of an industry. In the software industry, it was a complete sfx. The company that became the richest company in Sygar world, Microsoft, didn't copy-protect. You could endlessly copy its software, and you were just supposed to pay.

Adult seeking casual sex Sugar city Idaho 83448 some ways, Microsoft became the richest company in the 8348 by being a share- ware company. Sexy woman wants real sex Eastleigh.

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