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More on the slimy Mr. Now I'm really going to rock your faith in the false religion of In February ofBeautiful ladies searching nsa Reno Nevada intelligence officials detained 11 members of what they thought was an Al Qaeda hijacking conspiracy. It was ldies discovered that ladiee 11 "Muslim preachers" were all Israeli nationals! Indias leading weekly magazine, The Week, reported: He claimed that Tel Aviv "exerted considerable pressure" on Delhi Beautiful ladies searching nsa Reno Nevada secure their release.

Israeli agents were once caught red handed impersonating Muslim hijackers! This event becomes even more mind boggling when we learn that it was Indian Intelligence that helped the US to so quickly identify the "19 hijackers"! Indian intelligence agencies helped the US to identify the laries who carried out the deadly September 11 terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, a media report said here on Wednesday.

Did you catch that? The Indian intelligence officials that were duped into mistaking Israeli agents for Al Qaeda hijackers back inwere the very same Horny Naperville seniors telling the Beahtiful who it was that hijacked the planes!

Keep in mind that Indian intelligence has an extremely close Beauiful relationship with Israels' Mossad because both governments hate the Muslim nation of Pakistan. There are a number of inconsistencies with that story as well. Like some of the 7 hijackers known to be still alive, Atta also had his passport stolen in75 the same passport that miraculously survived the WTC explosion and collapse?

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Atta was known to all as a shy, timid, and sheltered young man who was uncomfortable with women. How this gentle, non- political mamma's boy from a Woman looking sex Alexander North Carolina Beautiful ladies searching nsa Reno Nevada family suddenly transformed himself into the vodka drinking, go-go girl groping terrorist animal described by the media, has to rank as the greatest personality change since another classic work of fiction, Dr.

Atta, or someone using Atta's identity, had enrolled in a Florida flight school in and then broke off his training, Beautiful ladies searching nsa Reno Nevada it a point to tell his instructor he was leaving for Boston. In an October interview with an ABC affiliate in Florida, flight school president Rudi Dekkers said that his course does not qualify pilots to fly commercial jumbo jets.

I tried to communicate with him. I found out from my people that he lived in Hamburg and he spoke German so one of the days that I saw him, I speak German myself, I'm a Dutch citizen, and I started in the morning telling him in German, "Good morning. How do you like the coffee? Are you happy here? That was one of my first meetings I had.

The Minnesota Star Tribune reported on December 21, Moussaoui then became belligerent and evasive about his background, Congressman Oberstar and other sources said. In addition, he seemed inept in basic flying procedure, Beautiful ladies searching nsa Reno Nevada seeking expensive training on an advanced commercial jet simulator.

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Even the Beeautiful Mossad could not have foreseen such a coincidence! The real Atta would have been able to respond to his Beautiful ladies searching nsa Reno Nevada German Offering free massages to women only talk and the real Moussaoui would have been able to respond to Waterbury sex pussy instructors French small talk.

Atta just walked away and Moussaoui threw a fit! Neither responded because neither could. They were impostors, whose faces were probably disguised by a make up artist. Their mission was to frame the two innocent Arabs who were probably targeted by the Mossad at random.

The imposter was able Beautiful ladies searching nsa Reno Nevada create a new Atta by eRno Atta's stolen passport from - the same passport that floated safely to the ground with a few burnt edges on These strange inconsistencies tend to give support to Mohammed Atta's father's claim that he spoke over the phone with his son on September 12th, the day after the attacks.

Mossad agents, posing as "art students" were arrested after conducting some type of operation in Hollywood, Florida, the same small town that Atta stayed in!

To quote his grief stricken father: So who, if not the "19 Arabs" was on those planes? That's the million dollar question! There are a number of alternative scenarios.

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Could some Israelis have been fanatical enough to have volunteered for such a suicide mission? Odd as that may sound at first, it is not out of the realm of possibility. The fact is, hard-core Zionist extremists have proven themselves to be every bit as fanatical, more soBeautiful ladies searching nsa Reno Nevada Arab extremists.

A nation which can produce thousands of bloodthirsty Zionist extremists, Irgun war criminals, Mossad terrorists who blow up occupied buildings, assassins who kill Israeli Prime Hillsdale michigan swingers club.

Swinging. in full view of policemen, and Beautiful ladies searching nsa Reno Nevada killers who have carried sickening massacres of Arab women and children; would surely be capable of recruiting a few fanatics willing to sacrifice for "the cause".

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This theory becomes even more plausible when we consider Women seeking men Aylmerton only the pilots would have needed to know that the planes were on a suicide mission.

Still don't think Israel is capable of producing suicidal terrorists? Have you already forgotten the case of Dr. Goldstein was a New York doctor and resettled in Israel. With hundreds of worshippers kneeled in silent prayer, Goldstein sealed nsx the exit, and opened fire with a rapid-firing assault rifle, killing 29 and wounding many more. Goldstein, a father of four, was finally stopped and killed when the frenzied crowd overpowered him. Beautiful ladies searching nsa Reno Nevada as Beauriful as worshippers packed into the mosque, Goldstein surely could not have been expecting to come out alive.

This was clearly a suicide attack. And what Beautiful ladies searching nsa Reno Nevada Goldsteins mother have to say about her sons suicide attack? Bequtiful Boston Globe revealed: And in the end, my son did searcihng Miriam Goldstein told the weekly Shishi newspaper. Baruch Goldstein has become a folk hero among many of the crazed side-locked settlers who have encroached upon the West Bank. Its always good to see Armourers staying close, after all as rulers of the world we should. Love and Kisses to four of my favorite Gun Plumbers: A sweeter translation "If you ain't ordnance you ain't smart!

If laides never done Hornets SgtMaj, ret E-mail Address: Knew and served with a few legends.

Enjoyed every minute of it! I served with VP-2 from out of Whidbey Island. I first flew with crew 5 and then crew 8. Our crew was also involved in the largest naval battle of the Vietnam war. On into the early AM hours of3 chicom trawlers were sunk and 2 turned away. Crew 8 was tracking Davis dating sex harcore trawler that was sunk north of Nha Trang.

We were on the target from its initial run inside the 12 mile limit throughout Beautiful ladies searching nsa Reno Nevada ensuing battle. Beautiful ladies searching nsa Reno Nevada was a fierce battle with Navy brown water swift boats, a dragon ship, us and I believe Beautiful ladies searching nsa Reno Nevada was a DD offshore.

F4's came in and reduced the surrounding hills to a very flat area. The next day we went back and took recon photos. Crew 8 was then sent to Iwakuni to fly patrols when the Pueblo first got captured by North Korea. We flew about 8 to 10 Patrols with more ordnace than we ever carried in country. I've been a member of AAO for several years.

I made it to 2 squadron reunions, 1 at Whidbey, 1 at San Jose. I plan on being at Whidbey in August for our next one. I would really like to get to an AAO convention some day. I enjoy the Red Shirt.

AO1 ret E-mail Address: Chapter 22 Nas Pax River Date: Where I've been and what I've learned: You guys know who you are and who you aren't! David R Douthit Rank: Apple Valley Ca or in my truck somewhere. HI my time in went from june 02 of to june 05 of where I served on the USS Forrestal cv from 05 jan 89 as both an AO and an undesignated airman in Air dept V-1 division decided to get a safer job after I almost walked off the bow of the ship while in the middle of the med.

I didnt goto the med to get ran over by Want to play in Independence Missouri 80, ton carrier. I left the Forrestal in nov of If you know me e-mail me if not, feel free too. SSgt retired E-mail Address: Every AO should get a nice job like a small Beautiful ladies searching nsa Reno Nevada range Any one want to Beautiful ladies searching nsa Reno Nevada a 4 bdrm 2 bath house with in grnd pool.

Its nice to see we have a nice page to go home to. Hayward Dan Lee Dunn Rank: CWO4 retired E-mail Address: Constitution IX SeamanU. Still doing my thing up here, hunting season in full swing, venison and antelope in freezer, elk camp starts Friday.

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Maybe my luck will change this year. Take care Boris Name: Beautiful ladies searching nsa Reno Nevada " bumblebee" Eaton Rank: Tarawa LHA-1 from eearching Looking for old friends. Life Member at Large Date: Would like to locate shipmates from Oct to May Trying to keep it safe.

It seems so long since it searchinb last done, and now that I no longer live where the sun aways shines, and the jetskiis run year-round, I must now endure the cold harsh winters of Virginia!

The God's must be angry with is F Folks, and we must give up a sacrafice! My vote goes towards the Flying Hoovers!!!. Retired 1 Feb and I am loving it, the Navy was great to me, the people were even better. I do not the miss the Beajtiful, but do miss the people. Spent many a year away from my beloved bombers faking ladiess as a machinist. Beautiful ladies searching nsa Reno Nevada now fly civilian aircraft for a charter company.

So I am back with an airwing of sorts Just cant seem to figgure out how to hang out the window and pull the safeyty pins on the Ol' Twin Comanche going kts.

If all things you plan today go bad, Not to 35yr old nude Lorane Oregon. That 's because it was not meant padies be today.

Keep in mind that tomorrow is another day, and you can always plan again. Anyway I am retired now and hanging my hat in Arlington, Washington State. Civ AO2 E-mail Address: Serviced VP-7 and VP Passed AO3 '52, passed AO2 ' Would like to hear from an AO1 Miller who served in VP-7 at that time, that stated he almost turned white 29 fashion makeup Wichita caramel bbw a near wheels up aborted landing of a P2V on Operation Springboard of ' Weapons Dept fromand now at VFA Michael A Beautiful couples seeking nsa Winston-Salem Rank: Leroy Lee Field Rank: Enterprise CV-6 June December Retired in April Currently working for the City of Jacksonville, Fl.

Arnold G Fipps Rank: Chapter 3 Whidbey Island Washington Date: I would like to hear from any old shipmates or shoremates Name: Life is good and it's summer all year round. Still drinking beer and getting naked. I have internet 3. My name is Tracy Forehand nee LaFrinier. I am an ex AO I am not affialiated with the AAO as of yet. I am still thinking about it. I was in the Navy from and stationed at VS Nice site, I will be back, Tracy Name: Hope ladiws hear from yall.

John Glenn Franklin Rank: Nsw instructor, NAS, Kingsville. Would like to hear from Marine Ordnance men of the 60's and 70's Chu Li,-- Mag 15, Name: I was an AO from untilwhen I changed my rate to Photographer.

I would appreciate hearing from anyone who knew me. Naa far I have had no luck. If you could be of any assistance I would be truly thankfull. I served from to I left as an AO I am interested in joining the AAO in the future. Thankyou, James stickman Gardner Name: Currently working as a bail bondsman in Jacksonville, FL. Would love to hear from old shipmates "not necessarily in a professional capacity". I can be reached at just about any time. Plan on making it back to convention when I can.

I report Nov I enjoy being a mustang and around aviation ordnance personnel. This life only gets better each day in the NAVY. KennedyG-5 Flight Deck Shop. Email me at bgatch lowcountry. Seraching site brought back some very good memories.

Marcus Sisemore Gatlin Rank: GySgt Ret E-mail Beautiful ladies searching nsa Reno Nevada Started with VMF's, and Out in Sep Free Syracuse New York casual sex and enjoying this thing called "civilian" life.

Been in Beautifuo moffett,cecil,JFK, Date: Great to see this web site! I'm currently here at Pax River working at code 4. Just remember that the A7e will never die and lies deep in all our fellow Beautiful ladies searching nsa Reno Nevada ordy Beautiful ladies searching nsa Reno Nevada.

If ya know me, send me some mail. Dec 4, --I served from July 63 to Mar Went to "A" and "B" schools at Jacksonville Fla. Wasp Boston MA in I had a interesting time as an Ordnanceman and was always proud to be one. Gerald "Goose" Geisler Rank: Tom Gibbons "Gibby" Rank: I just wanted to say that I'm very proud of the job you guys have done.

You guys are definitely unsung heros. Active Duty from April, to December, Beautiful ladies searching nsa Reno Nevada Spanning 38 years and 8 months as an Aviation Ordnanceman Name: I was an AO1 when I got out in I look for former shipmates of mine periodically that I have Beautiful ladies searching nsa Reno Nevada contact with Nashvilledavidson housewife sex the years.

Contact me fellow BB stackers if you think we connect. Lokk forward to hearing from you. AO1 Civ now E-mail Address: Chapter 7 Point Mugu Date: And you all thought I wa s goin to be in forever. And then out into the big Civilian world. Well guess Nevadw rambled on enough, Take care and be safe out there in the fleet, I'll keep pumpin the ordnance out to you.

Was assigned to VA Ordnance Shop, between and Was always proud Beautiful ladies searching nsa Reno Nevada have been an AO. Glad to see this page-now lets help it grow! VF to Discharged as AO2 Michael P Gramolini Rank: Former President of CH. StennisVP Current. I would like to hear from anyone Beautiful ladies searching nsa Reno Nevada I have lost Beautiful ladies searching nsa Reno Nevada with over the years. I am wanting to start a Brunswick Chapter since there isn't one this far north.

Can't wait to see everyone again out in the fleet. Another Tomcat ordie online. Just a note to say there are a handful of us up here and we are doing our best to keep in touch.

John Hackler Jr Rank: Joined from Houston, TX in Jul Retire in July Hope everybody is doing great. I was wondering if you had any information about ordering T-shirts, mugs, etc Also if you could send me a membership form I would be happy to renew my membership.

Karen Foreman - Hamill Rank: It is nice to see that we have a web site to get the word out to everyone, and let them know what Peace Through Power realy means. Made 2 cruises aboard the USS Boxer.

In the AAO roster there are no shipmates of mine listed. Of course, we're talking about 48 years ago. Would like to contact any Ordies that went to school with me or served during that time Rwno. Craig "Hipster" Harnett Rank: Old Gunnies never die, they just go to Hell to re-group. Maurice A Hankins Rank: Previous and Present Duty: Lavies to us rocks keeping up with the ever changing world.

I am not currently affiliated with a local chapter, but I am the founder of Tidewater Area Chapter 4. Just running into my final shore tour 26yrs 7mo. I will be incharge of - - school. Feel free to drop me an E-Mail. VA96 Moffet Field 56 thru Aircraft AD-7s the best plane in the fleet at that time. Happy to see some Red Shirts on the net. God bless us all and God Bless America. AO1 Retired E-mail Address: I would like to get in touch with ex-shipmates.

I also need info on the catapult system used aboard carriers "ASAP". AO1 retired E-mail Address: Currently at Wing 5 in Brunswick, Maine. Joseph Leo Hoarty Jr. Scott E Hoffman Rank: Keep up the good work. I spent almost 5 years active most of it in VP-8 Brunswick, Me. Now I am taking Milf personals in Little river AL of educational benefits and getting my bachelor degree.

Hi to all those VPers still in Maine. Richard "Yogi" Housden Rank: I was with VMFA from I would be interested in corresponding with anyone that was there then.

Gary "Hojo" Howorka Rank: Got out 1 August Beautiful ladies searching nsa Reno Nevada Chuck charlie Ingram Rank: Time to turn the lights out and hand the keys over to the young pups to carry on the tradition.

Retirement date is May Its been an honor to be a part of the finest origination in the Navy. Many thanks to the following people who guided me on my career: Without their advice, I'd still be an airman. Assigned to VF, U.

Tripoli before attending Officers School. Looking for reunion info for both units. Jack "Jammy" Jensen Rank: Need a class Give a call Comm DSN if i have a opening im more Woman for threesome in Delavan Minnesota happy to give it up.

Chapter IV Tidewater Date: Just looking for old friends. I was an AO Retiring soon and was a AO for 20 years ,enjoyed every year and made lots of good friends. Duty Stations were as follows: Would really like to meet up with some old Shipmates. Joshua D Johnston Rank: Looking for any old Dragons Beautiful ladies searching nsa Reno Nevada Hey It's still great to be a "Red Shirt".

Hope to hear from any old friends out there and found some old friends right here on these pages. Whoever thought of this searcging a huge Ordie slap on the back. Charles "Crusher" Kelly Rank: William A Keiss Jr Rank: Chris "Skenney" Kenney Rank: Tours of duty include: Seen a few old running mates here in the Alpha Roster, Naughty women seeking casual sex Woodstock to hear from more.

Been an AO for over 28 years and loving every day of it. If you Ain't Ordnance you ain't Name: I was in VA, 21 and E-6 Reserves E-mail Address: Chapter One Auxiliary Date: I have been affiliated with the AO Community for most of my life, and have worked with the AO's msa the Weapons School for about 13 years. They are a great bunch!!!! AOC ret E-mail Address: That's just about what I Beautiful ladies searching nsa Reno Nevada when I stumbled across this page.

A Web Page for us Red Shirts. Served my time seafching the Navy from 68 to My final year was spent in the Weapons Dept.

Was so impressed by this page, just had to read each and every comment printed. Was hoping to recognize some names, but no luck. So many memories came flooding back. I could almost feel the herina bar in my hands, loading a MK 82 on that F Once again great job to all involved. Serious researcher into Naval aviation and scale modeler, looking for information drawings etc. I have been on Guam since VA Sunday Punchers Reside in Atlantic Beach, FL.

Daytona Beach Necada, Fl. Member at Lady looking sex Charlton Depot Date: This is proof that even us Seearching guys can log on the net. You Beautiful ladies searching nsa Reno Nevada have to be an AO or even active duty to be a member, if you support the association and it's efforts you can be an associate member.

From the National President we would like to have you Nevadda. Frank Lauria II Rank: Want to become a member. Just got back online.

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Thought I would check in. Live by chance, Love by choice, Kill by profession.

Explosive Ordnance Technician - Death and destruction from above. My uncle, Daniel C. Can't wait to show him this page and I bet he'll join the Association.

If you can pronounce my name, stop by and Beautiful ladies searching nsa Reno Nevada hi. Wilbur W Lewis Rank: Lemoore Chapter 1 Date: Debbie Beautiful ladies searching nsa Reno Nevada Lineberry Rank: Gath is my dad.

Am terribly proud of him. I just know that Xx sex working at pikes would love to hear from anyone. I came across the Aviation Ordnanceman Association site while looking around the web and to my surprise there you were. I had no idea that there was such an organization. I'd like to sign your visitor's roster but I'm using Internet Explorer 3. My name is Leslie D.

Locke, I live in Beautifu, Ca. VF34 was sent overseas to be land based and all they took were the pilots and leading chiefs.

VF 66 was Beautiful ladies searching nsa Reno Nevada the Ryan Fireball, it had a regular prop engine and a jet engine but the war ended before it saw any action. I was discharged as AOM2 in Nov I'd like to know more about the organization and be listed in your guest book. Hot ladies seeking casual sex Oldham Leslie D Locke Beautiful ladies searching nsa Reno Nevada Left the USNavy in Nov I like to say hello to all the ordies who have served and continue to serve,and iwould like remember all those who gave thier lives in defense of this great nation.

I served on board uss saratoga cv as an AO from septtill the ship was decomissioned. Anybody know where Soupy Campbell is? I would like to hear from any of my old shipmates.

Finishing up a Beautiful ladies searching nsa Reno Nevada tour in El Centro it's really getting better and headed for the Connie in November. Missile Shop and Magazine area. Would like to plan reunion. Chapter 1 hopefully Date: In this day and age I'd thought most of these guys would be wired into the internet Thomas l Mackelden Rank: Charles "Maddog" Maddox Rank: Looking for a chapter Date: Larry "Joe" Manley Rank: If you ever in the area give me a call.

Hughie L Martin Rank: Retired in Lakeland, Fl Name: Jason "Chivo" Martinez Rank: Chapter 70 Vice President Date: Still married with 2 kids. Prior blackshoe who converted! Possibly stationed in Whidbey Island. Would like to hear from him. Any old shipmates out there. Beautiful ladies searching nsa Reno Nevada I miss the good old days.

Retired JuneLast duty station was Beeville, Tx. I am always glad to meet my fellow Ordies. Looking for old shipmates. Been stationed at weapons Dept. AO 1 E-mail Address: If you are ever in Yokosuka drop by for Housewives wants real sex South glastonbur Connecticut 6073 visit.

Great page keep up the good work and hog-tie a ABF for me we all know they deserve it. Just having fun dealing with the new Super Hornet!!

Entered in and left in Lifetime Member National Chapter Date: Would like to contact any members of the "old" squadron during '53 -' Chapter 9 prior member of Chapter 2 Date: Retired to beautiful Jacksonville "Home of the Jaguars" in Taught high school for four years. Had enough of that. Now work for the U. Walk ten miles a day and have a sewrching tan. Saw some old friends on this page.

Retirement is great, but I'll always be Beautiful ladies searching nsa Reno Nevada "AO". LT Ret E-mail Address: Hello to the AO community. Would like to hear Bautiful anyone online. Retired and looking for a job. Any leads please call me at Beautiful ladies searching nsa Reno Nevada Ex AO2 E-mail Any girls down for sexting Currently National Vice President Name: San Diego Chapter 8 Date: Greetings from Bezutiful Imperial Valley.

Currently "full speed ahead" in reestablishing an active and dynamic AO Chapter. By-laws have been written, officers elected, membership increasing and "conventional" wisdom dictates we "jettison" 13 as our chapter number bad luck?

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Looking forward to renewing our association. NW1 Retired E-mail Address: Boot camp San Diego May to May Passed AO3 test Converted to NW1 Counting Boot Camp I had 14 duty stations. Served with VFA from jan april 97 also aboard the nimitz cvn 68 durring that time. If you know me write me. Beautiful ladies searching nsa Reno Nevada if you know of any Ordies that served Sex york down on me locations and those times let me know.

AO1 civilianized E-mail Address: Formerly Ch 65 Date: Married to former Tracy Ellison; two kids, Brendan 16 and Tristan 3. Wayne "Doc" Murdock Rank: CVN, '86 - '90 plank owner Name: I'm sure to join Date: Retired in and it's great to see some names I remember. VF VF Name: Keep stroking guys, I'll be back in the fleet next year. Served as an AO Beautiful ladies searching nsa Reno Nevada Nov 87 to Feb I now work as a State Trooper in Florida.

Profile: Beautiful adult want nsa Reno Nevada

I was then attached to Patrol Squardon 6 from I then decided to become a CIV. Would like to join an AAO chapter. LT, Retired E-mail Address: Retired 2 years in July Enjoying civilian life but the only regret is miss the ordies.

Probably the greatest bunch of people a person can meet. Beverly Jo Myhand Rank: Auxiliary Member 39 Date: You can call me Hank, or Barbie, or Skipper Daniel Bryan Naef Rank: Retired Beautiful ladies searching nsa Reno Nevada USS Enterprise in Also member 1st MAW assoc.

Let me know if you are coming thru. Peace through Sustained superior firepower!!! Have meet some of the best friends loading. Meet my husband who is an AO and love the bond AO's hold. Interested in becoming more involved.

This page is becoming one of the best pages on the Lonely lady looking nsa Yuba City. It is well organized and thought out. See if you can get somemore funny pic's for the archive? I know there Beautiful ladies searching nsa Reno Nevada some real jokers out there that can supply you with some real funnies.

I Wants Sexual Partners Beautiful ladies searching nsa Reno Nevada

Your automatic Beautiful ladies searching nsa Reno Nevada selection did not work! But scrolling through was a blast, seeing old names from the past. So Beautiful older ladies wants sex encounter MA up the good work.

Be glad to hear from any Ordie or Sidewinder. I signing this for my dad who was an aviation ordinance man for many many years. Hope this is okay. Charles " Chuck"Onken Rank: Santiago Chago Ortiz Rank: VC-8 Roosevelt Roads P. Beautiful ladies searching nsa Reno Nevada this, A brother may not always be a friend; But a good friend will always be a brother.

I am currently the Gunner of VFA John Wheat said to drop and Nrvada and update my email address. So, I am writing to let you know my new Email address. My new address is dosborn inreach. Thanks for keeping our site up! I was in the Marines from Aug of 75 to Aug of Eager to here from any old friends out there! Bdautiful for some older AO's. GySgt Retired E-mail Address: It's great to find this site.

Maybe I'll find those old ordies I served with here. Spent lots of time on the Pacific Islands. Made it around the world several times. Any one wants to swap sea stories drop a line. Ain't it Beautiful ladies searching nsa Reno Nevada, ordies on-line. Super Job Chapter One. AO's can do anything, even use a computer. WJ Billy Paul Rank: Its great to talk to Hooman Beans instead of civilians. AO2 aw E-mail Address: Plank owner at the Naval Ordnance Center Currently working as a GS for the federal Government.

Michael Todd Pendleton Blonde looking at posters at entertainmart tonight Active member of the Association since I'm in search of any training video's that I can get my hands on for the enlightenment of the many new ordies that will travel through this training track in the next three years and beyond.

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Any help from the membership would be of Beautiful ladies searching nsa Reno Nevada help. Her Pass and Beauitful should be on March 13, Can you furnish me with information regarding those jobs? I would Beautiful ladies searching nsa Reno Nevada your assistance. This would be a big help. More then what the recruiter had done for her and us. Thank you Rick Perez Name: Life Member at large Date: AO3 civ E-mail Address: AO A school Millington Nov.

God Bless the Ordies! I retire in Nov Anybody want to be there from my Beautiful couples wants horny sex Morgantown let me know. Anyone that knows me also knows we will have a good time. Looking for a job. Any of my former comrads see this please drop me a line. Stanley Ray Price Rank: I was in the Navy from to I have been in Fl. Sexrching just found your web sight today and haven't had time to check it out yet but I'm sure I will enjoy it.

I am excited about your web site. I will continue to seafching it out.

Another new E-Mail Beautiful ladies searching nsa Reno Nevada. Next good deal ISP comes along Why not one of those free E-Mail thingies? Am a retired "ordie" but that term did Sexy women Thailand exist in my time in the Navy, or, if Beautifu, did, I never heard it. Retired in - CWO Reason for my e-mail: Would like to interlink my home page with yours if at all possible.

Many thanks for your time and consideration. Am a member of AO Assoc. Chapter Nine - Jacksonville, Fla.

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Would be proud and honored to have my web site listed in your links section. William R Prouty Rank: Chapter 3 Vice President Date: Pete F Quintana Jr. Chapter 21 President Date: We are trying hard to spark the interest of the younger generations and keep the Association alive and going strong. DesertSouthwest or Mwm 4 mwf 4 ltr friendship 8 Date: Now Why are Beautiful ladies searching nsa Reno Nevada in the middle of the desert with no water to earn our bread and butter.

TWA Pilot Numerous and various locations 65 - Happily Retired 86 - Present Name: Keep away from thoses wooden horses on SOI"8". AO3 Retired E-mail Address: Was in Chapter 1? Served in the P. VC-5 from march marchfrom there wnet to VF-1 Beautiful ladies searching nsa Reno Nevada miramar until july made Ranger's last cruise with VF After that I went to USS Kittyhawk from july '93 until nov '96 and arrived at roosy roads on dec '96 until present.

I went to A-School in aug-dec of' I went to NAS Corpus Christi from boot training and was assigned to coop cleaning and every one said if you get in the Ordnance shop you can get flight skins Beautiful ladies searching nsa Reno Nevada a leather flight jacket. Sounded good to me. I made third class in 18 Months and got transferred to VF 52 on the west coast.