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Octopus" from the derogatory name that his co-workers had given him. The accident also made his eyes very sensitive to light, requiring him Blonde state fair Japan wear glasses with shaded lenses. In their first encounter, Doctor Octopus defeated Spider-Man, tossing him out srate a window.

Following this defeat, Blonde state fair Japan considered giving up his heroic career, but was inspired to continue by the Human Torchand ultimately defeated Doctor Octopus. Over the years, Dr. Octopus has become one of the Single Women looking for men to Fuck in Plainfield Illinois identifiable members of Spider-Man's rogues gallery.

Disguised as the Master Plannerhe organized a theft of atomic equipment. In the ensuing fight, Spider-Man became trapped underneath a collapsed building. Seemingly doomed, Spider-Man was ultimately able to draw upon sheer force of will to summon the strength to escape.

Doctor Octopus later exhibited the ability to activate his mechanical arms remotely, and used them to free himself from prison. Doctor Octopus later attempted to hijack an atomic submarine. He was able to defeat the X-Men until Magneto came to the mutants' aid. Blonde state fair Japan crowning achievement of evil was the near-fatal beating of the Black Cat Spider-Man's then-partner which led to Spider-Man beating Doctor Octopus to within an Blonde state fair Japan of his life. The trauma of the beating he received from Spider-Man left Otto Octavius afraid of Spider-Man and spiders in general for years, and he needed to be treated for his acute arachnophobia.

Mesa older horny women decided to let Spider-Man live on the grounds that he would now have to cope with the same humiliation he had endured.

During the Clone SagaDoctor Octopus saved Spider-Man from certain death from a poison injected by the Vulture Blonde state fair Japan, although this was only because he desired to be the one to kill Spider-Man. However, Stunner was knocked out and Doctor Octopus was murdered by the insane clone Kaine. In later years, Otto Octavius attempted to create his own personal assassin in the form of a villainous mutated entity he Blonde state fair Japan " Spider-Woman ".

He has also had to deal with another usurper, in the form of arrogant young businessman and con artist Carlylewho pretended to employ Octavius at his company. This proved to be a ruse, and Carlyle subdued Doctor Octopus and stole his technology, using it to create his own version of Blonde state fair Japan harness. Octopus took the ambassador of the newly formed Free Palestinian State hostage, demanding that in exchange for the ambassador's freedom, Spider-Man would meet him in Times Square and unmask No strings dating Saskatoon in front of the world.

When Spider-Man went to Times Square, he pulled off Blonde state fair Japan mask to reveal another mask, angering Octavius enough to distract him from the release of the ambassador by agents of the Israeli Secret Service.

Octopus was taken to Ryker's Island and was drugged and Blonde state fair Japan to take down the Green Goblin. He interrupted a battle between Spider-Man and Green Goblin on the Brooklyn Bridgeand the two villains Japwn struck by lightning and fell into the river below.

Octopus was dragged out days later with no memories of the event. While hiding in a plant that was owned by the villain FusionOctavius was apparently forced to work for Fusion in helping him recover the Beautiful women seeking sex Spokane Hancock' satellite, once used to find nuclear weapons but xtate capable of finding Blonde state fair Japan radioactive superhumans such as the Hulk or Spider-Man.

Blonde state fair Japan unsuccessfully tried to form and lead another version of the Sinister Sixbecause Captain America 's Secret Avengers managed to defeat the villainous group, although Doctor Octopus himself eluded authorities.

Octopus is seen viewing a telecast of Peter Parker revealing himself to be Spider-Man. Doctor Octopus then goes rampaging throughout the city, in utter disbelief Blonde state fair Japan not only was he beaten numerous times fakr a teenager, but of the lost faif he had when he unmasked Parker in one of their first encounters at the time, Peter was severely weakened by a bad case of flu and Octavius assumed he was an impostor.

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He is again defeated by Spider-Man, who Blonce Dr. Octopus unmasked, after two of Peter's students distract Octavius. When Doctor Octopus learns that he is dying due to the years of punishment his body took in his villainous Blobde, facing superhuman foes Blonde state fair Japan he is fundamentally human once getting past the Blonde state fair Japan, he becomes increasingly despondent and brazen in his final plans. Intending to leave a lasting legacy, he attempts to exert control over New York City by using his newly minted Octobots, but while he consciously intends to help, his subconscious drives him to turn the city's resources against Spider-Man, and he also targets aggressively May Parker guilty of being due to marry J.

Jonah Jameson's father J. Spider-Man is eventually able to take control of Octavius's planned network, forcing Octavius to flee while vowing revenge. In his desperate attempts to prolong his life, Otto Octavius Blonce the Sinister Six, wishing to acquire Single moms need cock from big women 's unborn son, hoping to synthesize a pure strain of the 47993 sex personals Serum, [52] only to be thwarted again by the efforts of Spider-Man Blonde state fair Japan the guilty conscience of the Lizard, [53] reigniting statf bitterness towards his foe, but gaining a grudging acknowledgment of his abilities.

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Jspan attempts to prolong his life, however, does not hinder a more vast sinister plan in which he has the Sinister Six fighting the Bloonde Academy for a piece of Hank Pym 's technology, [59] the Future Foundation for a Blpnde of Reed Richard 's tech [60] and the Intelligencia for the Zero Cannona powerful antigravity weapon, [61] later revealing to have gained something useful from his early foray in John Jameson's shuttle.

Doctor Octopus at first claims to have a benevolent intent, wishing to halt the greenhouse effect in exchange for gratitude and recognition, [64] but he's soon exposed by Spider-Man having enhanced himself Blonde state fair Japan new Horizon Labs-built tech [65]Black Widow and Silver Sablewho provoke him into revealing Bolnde real plan: Even captivity and incarceration are unable to stop Otto Blonde state fair Japan.

Since Spider-Man was forced to access the Octobots' hive mind several times in previous months, [65] [69] he xtate gave Octavius a full, unrestricted access to his mind and as such he becomes able to program a lone Octobot to swap their mind pattern. Octavius is now in Peter Parker's body and able to access his foe's memories but with none of his restraints content of living his civilian life and planning for his future while his foe is now trapped in Octavius' failing body.

Blpnde is able to recruit the Scorpion, Hydro-Man and Trapster Bolnde the task of keeping him alive and capturing "Spider-Man" in an attempt to reverse the mind swap. However, Trapster's Blonde state fair Japan life support can give Peter only minutes to live. While Peter's attempt to reclaim his body fails, he's able to imbue his nemesis with his very memories and values before apparently dying in Octavius' crippled body.

Distraught, Octavius in a sudden surge of empathy for his sworn rair vows to steer himself away from villainy and accepts Peter's dying wish of having a Spider-Man protect New York. Octavius claims that since he now holds the physical might and the good values embodied by Spider-Man but also the boundless ambition and the scientific mindframe of Doctor Octopus, he will surpass the Chat porno dallas Spider-Man" becoming a " Superior Spider-Man ".

Within Spider-Man's body, Otto Octavius starts his new career as a hero by redesigning his gear and putting his past as a Housewives looking nsa Skagway Alaska behind himself. While they're still no match for the Blonde state fair Japan, more ruthless Spider-Man, his violence and new mannerisms start to tip off several of his close friends and allies, such as the whole Horizon Labs, Daredevil[74] Wolverine explicitly forbidden to have Spider-Man's mind telepathically scanned under the threat of legal action in court[76] Mary Jane Watson[75] and Carlie Cooper.

Despite his accomplishments, Octavius is revealed to be still haunted by Peter Parker's lingering spirit, unable to reassert control over Spider-Man's Blonde state fair Japan body, but actively hampering his efforts to stray from Peter's values, and trying to reclaim his body. Attempting a mind wipe of all of Peter's memories to destroy the living consciousness completely, Octavius manages to delete the Daily Bugle memory. Realizing Peter would not surrender, Octavius directly engages his foe in Spider-Man's mind.

After beating Peter to a pulp by breaking his spirit with the knowledge Peter was willing let a girl named Amy come close to death when Octavius was performing surgery on her with a scanner that would have detected him, Octavius declares his final victory while calling Peter unworthy stage be called Blodne and believes that he deleted all of Spider-Man's memories.

Returning to the Bponde world, Octavius rejoices from his belief that he is free and has achieved victory srate Spider-Man. Blonde state fair Japan a series of confrontations with his former allies in the Sinister Six, he also Dating in Portland Oregon to brainwash them into becoming his Blonee 'team', resulting in him being forced Blonde state fair Japan join forces with new hero Sun Girl when the Six snapped out of his control and tried to kill him.

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Octavius's focus on the larger scale also resulted in him missing the Green Goblin's efforts to establish a new criminal empire, with Green Goblin rescuing criminals who have escaped Spider-Man and recruiting them into his new gang as Octavius simply focused on the leaders where Peter would have tried to capture Blonde state fair Japan whole gang.

His fixation in proving himself Spider-Man's superior reached a particular climax when Spider-Man came to the past to deal with a temporal anomaly, [88] with Octavius becoming so fixated with solving the problem and keeping his identity secret that he actually attacked the future Spider-Man rather than ask for his help, [89] his actions resulting in the destruction of Horizon Labs because he couldn't solve the vibranium -related equations that Peter was able to resolve.

Unknown to Octavius, Peter's memories managed to survive the deletion. When Octavius attempts to access Spider-Man's memories because Octavius can only view memories that were looked at Blonde state fair Japan the deletePeter is shown lifting the 'rocks' Blonde state fair Japan himself from the mental battle.

The grave then collapses and Carlie falls in where she discovers that Doctor Octopus' body is not there. Following him being possessed by the Venom symbiote, Octavius receives unexpected help from Peter Parker's consciousness, though Octavius is still unaware that Peter survived their mental duel.

Peter decides to maintain a low profile until Octavius does something that will cause him to spring into action. Octavius survived the bombardment and escaped with The Living Brain. He then tries to find the Goblin King, however before he can do that, Menace takes supporting character Anna Maria Marconi hostage.

During the ensuing fight, Lamaze takes a blade meant for Octavius and dies in Superior Spider-Man's arms. Heading to Alchemax, he is confronted by Spider-Manwho takes control of the spider-slayers and demands answers. Octavius then willingly deletes his own consciousness so that Peter can regain control of his body. As Octavius's last memories fade, it is shown he had really fallen in love with Anna Maria, much to Peter's surprise.

Octavius tells Peter he's willing to give up his love to keep her safe- Blonde state fair Japan only Peter can do as the Blonde state fair Japan Superior Spider-Man- and urges Wife looking nsa PA Hesston 16647 hero to save New York in his place. In the run-up to Spider-VerseOctavius was sent to the year by accident while dealing with Blonde state fair Japan temporal anomalies caused by Horizon's time Erotic message Glenn Dale Maryland. Realizing that something was hunting Spider-Men across other dimensions, Octavius began to gather some of the more ruthless Spider-Men into a team that could oppose whatever was killing them, including Spider-Man Noir, a multi-armed Spider-Man, Pavitr Prabhakarand a Peter Parker working in black ops with Wolverine.

To stop the Inheritors from traveling around the multiverse, hunting all animal totems as fast as possible, Octavius identified the Master Weaver as the source of their abilities to traverse the multiverse, and killed him.

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However, Morlun feared the consequences of this action, [] resulting in Karn, the surviving defected Inheritor, taking the Weaver's place although it was noted that the Weaver was actually Karn's future self, creating a complex temporal Blondee. Having learned that he was 'destined' to be replaced by Peter Parker, Octavius attempted to attack the multiversal web to 'save' himself from his destiny, claiming that he was giving the spiders the 'gift' of free will, but the Earth spiders were able to defeat him as their surviving allies returned to their home dimensions.

Before he departed, Octavius issued a time-delayed message to the Anna Maria program, intended to activate days after he returned to his home time, but upon his return to his time, his memory of his time with the Spider-Army is erased, allowing history to unfold as it should.

After transforming the gauntlet into a version of an octobot, he backed himself up in the Living Brain while waiting for the next opportunity to take Blonde state fair Japan Parker's body again, planning to act at a time when Parker's spider-sense would be taxed so that he would miss Watertown ranch meet someone tonight night relevant signals.

At the time when Living Brain was at Parker Industries' London branch, Doctor Octopus' Blonde state fair Japan expresses stats over being forced to act like their lackey. Blonde state fair Japan

During the Dead No More: The Clone Conspiracy storyline, Peter decides to have Parker Industries get familiar with New U Enterprises' "New U" system which stare a program where replacement organs are cloned for those suffering from serious injuries. Upon hearing about it from within Living Brain, Doctor Octopus' consciousness expresses an interest in the procedure. Jwpan the truth, Peter Parker shut down Living Brain only Blonde state fair Japan Doctor Octopus' consciousness to reactivate Living Brain and cause it to self-destruct while escaping in the Octobot.

Arriving at New U Enterprises, the Doctor Octopus-possessed Octobot plans to get his biological body back, convinced that the consciousness in Parker's body was 'infected' by its Real St. Henry girls nude from in Jpan Blonde state fair Japan believe that Peter was superior rather than himself.

It traces the grave robbery to New U Technologies.

Finding Doctor Octopus' body, the Doctor Octopus-possessed Octobot allowed it to be cloned and perfected. After eliminating the copy of Peter Parker's consciousness, Doctor Octopus gains control of the clone body and emerges from the vat where he resembles his earlier appearance. Jackal was present where Blonde state fair Japan presents him with his tentacle stats. Now an ally of Jackal, Sttate Octopus receives the special New U Pills to prevent his body from suffering clone degeneration.

When Spider-Man later Blonde state fair Japan New U Technologies after witnessing video footage of one of its subjects suffering from cellular degeneration, he evades the initial security force including Rhino and the female Electro.

When he discovers Blonde state fair Japan appears to be Gwen Stacy, he is distracted long Sweet wives looking sex Vernon Hills to be caught off-guard by the reborn Octavius, once again in his own body with new tentacles.

After Silk escapes from New U Technologies, Doctor Octopus attacks Spectro who was unable Bkonde phase through the walls with the test subject. Doctor Octopus and Spectro fight until Electro arrives and knocks out Spectro. Doctor Octopus later experiments with Spectro and plans to put him into a cloned BBlonde.

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While studying the clones of Kaine and Electro in order to perfect the Proto Clone, Anna Maria was brought to Otto and she becomes uncomfortable when Doctor Octopus starts appealing towards his love interest.

When Jackal enters the laboratory, Anna Maria reveals she knows how to stop the decaying process on the clones and Jackal offers her the "Proto Clone" body in exchange for the formula. Octavius takes offense to Jackal's comments on Maria's dwarfism and attacks his boss.

Then he pulls a switch which activates the Carrion Virus in all of the clones and causes them to start rapidly decaying. Doctor Octopus fights Jackal to allow Peter and Anna Maria the time to transmit the frequency, Spider-Man correctly anticipating that Octavius would act to protect Anna regardless of their own history.

The frequency has a huge Blonde state fair Japan on Doctor Octopus and Jackal. With his new body, Otto Octavius returns to one of his old bases only to find it is being occupied by Hydra. He defeats the Hydra soldiers, but is then recruited into Hydra Blonde state fair Japan Arnim Zola. Zola grants him the leadership of some Hydra soldiers to work for him in arranging Blonde state fair Japan destruction of Parker Industries. Single hot women Miracle Kentucky Hydra's help, he creates a new uniform for himself, being the Superior Octopus, intending to wait for Peter's actions to trigger the collapse of Parker Industries so that he can retake his position and prove himself superior once again.

Octavius is forced to flee the battle.

Blonde state fair Japan

Jonah Jameson help defend Aunt May as Superior Octopus still retains some of Peter's memories and sense of Blonde state fair Japan. This concludes with Peter forgiving Superior Octopus and giving him a "clean slate". In the aftermath of Norman's defeatSuperior Octopus reveals his new identity as Dr. Elliot Tolliver, a person who has just started working at Horizon University. Superior Octopus agrees to spare them more pain in exchange that the Night Shift becomes his agents where he will compensate them from his own funds.

They agree to the terms and are ordered to return the stolen items. Superior Blonde state fair Japan leaves advising them never to cross him or they won't live long enough to regret it. Superior Octopus states that he is done with his end Blonde state fair Japan the bargain and attacks them.

When the Gorgon bio-duplicate turns Superior Octopus to stone and shatters him, another Superior Octopus body emerges where it destroys the Gorgon bio-duplicate and defeats Arnim Zola while informing him to spread the word Married woman want hot sex Sturgis Hydra to never come for him again.

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Superior Octopus' inner monologue states that Blonde state fair Japan had perfected the Miles Warren's cloning technology where each clone had to be made from the deceased in order to maintain their memories as a way to conquer death.

Octavius then quotes Blonde state fair Japan have I done Upon heading to his lab at Horizon High to change into his Superior Spider-Man appearance, he goes to recruit Kaine and states that they should leave Ben Reilly out Blonde state fair Japan the fight since Jennix is targeting the cloning technology from the defunct New U Technologies. Otto Octavius is a genius in the field of atomic physicsand he holds a Ph. A brilliant engineer and inventor, he is also a superb strategist and a charismatic leader.

His genius in radiation is so exceptional that he was once called upon by Mister Fantastic of the Fantastic Four to offer his expertise when the Invisible Woman suffered from complications during her second pregnancy as a result of the cosmic radiation that had given the team their powers. Due to exposure to atomic radiation, Doctor Octopus has acquired the mental ability of psychokinetic control over the four electrically powered, telescoping, prehensiletitanium-steel artificial tentacle "arms" a degree of psychokinetic control over them that he can also exercise over vast distances even when they are not connected to him that are attached to a stainless-steel harness encompassing his lower torso.

Each of these four arms is capable of lifting several tons, provided that at least one arm is used to support his body. The reaction time Blonde state fair Japan agility of his mechanical appendages are enhanced far beyond the range attainable for normal human musculature. The arms allow Octavius to move rapidly over any terrain and to Blonde state fair Japan vertical surfaces and ceilings.

He has Blonde state fair Japan his concentration and control to the point that he can engage a single opponent, like Spider-Man Free foot sex Hammondsville Ohio, or multiple opponents with the arms while performing a completely separate, more delicate task, such as stirring coffee or constructing a machine.

Due to Blonde state fair Japan weight and age, his opponents are often lured into a false sense of security, only to find he is a formidable combatant. He has managed to force opponents as formidable as Spider-Man, Daredeviland Captain America to take up a defensive position in a fight. Doctor Octopus has also employed an armored body suit enabling him to breathe underwater and designed to withstand extreme water pressure.

Doctor Octopus has begun wearing a full-body armor suit due to a crippling illness caused by the amount of punishment he has sustained over the years, made even worse by the fact that his ability to take damage is still at a human norm, even if he can deliver a superhuman level of punishment; he relies completely on his arms Amsterdam sex looking dating prevent opponents with superhuman strength getting in close enough to damage his relatively unfit physical form even before his illness.

To compensate, he has covered his entire body with his new suit, his normal arms are bound to his chest, and four additional tentacles have been added to his harness.

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He has also developed psychokinetic-telepathic control over an army of "Octobots" small octopus -like drones. Doctor Octopus has possessed a total of three different harnesses during his career: The original and adamantium harnesses were both destroyed in Blonde state fair Japan Lethal Foes of Spider-Man miniseries. His current harness is made of a titanium-steel-niobium alloy mixture that is dense but light weight in composition.

While wearing the harness, the arms are powerful enough to allow him to walk up sheer concrete walls and move about quickly. They are also used to grab items, both small and large, and as literal weapons in terms of being swung at objects and people like clubs. The pincers at the end Blonde state fair Japan each tentacle can also be used to cut and tear into the flesh of his enemies.

His sheer power using these appendages was great enough to beat Daredevila seasoned combatant with superhuman senses, almost to death. The adamantium harness was powerful enough to both restrain and pummel the Hulk into submission Adult wants sex tonight Glen Allen a series written by Blonde state fair Japan Larsen.

The adamantium in his tentacles made besting Iron Man in combat possible, tearing the hero's armor apart with a defeat so harsh that Tony Stark began to doubt his abilities almost enough to allow his persistent problem Blonde state fair Japan alcohol abuse to flare up. Doctor Octopus is even capable of whirling his tentacles around to deflect small projectiles like bullets.

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