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Cortes woman want to fuck

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Note:this will be somewhat of a secret until I'm comfortable with him knowing. Nothing romantic or sexual.

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Every day presents a fresh opportunity for a man online to tell women how he feels about them, and without fail, there Ckrtes always a man who takes this liberty in the worst way.

Today's culprit is none other than Alexander J. Cortes, the speaker and writer who boasts the ability to "optimize your life.

In case you're not familiar with his past Cortes woman want to fuck, he once went viral for mansplaining why women shouldn't dye their hairand now he's back with a fresh axe to grind. In Cortes' latest piece of performance art which is unfortunately just his real personalityhe unironically laid out Sex dating in Kamuela bonkers explainer list on how to be a Beautiful Woman.

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Coftes This is truly the apex of flaming trash no one asked for, and yet, here we are swimming in this overheated dumpster. Before the backlash poured out in its full and vivacious glory, Cortes followed his ambitious list up with disclaimers stating that any women who disagree with it are "undersexed" and angry.

You can learn more about how to be a feminine and beautiful woman that men want on my newsletter remember, only a man can tell a woman Cortes woman want to fuck to act https: You can use this list to vet women If you show them this list and they become angry, that lets you know that they are harpies that you never want to breed with and that they would be terrible mothers stay woke kings.

He even laid out his exhaustingly cliche and heteronormative expectations of women as indicators of their Women want sex Canon value," which is a fictional currency men in the Red Pill community created Cortes woman want to fuck devalue women that scare them.

One day you might want to get married Your wife value will matter There is a roadmap for this as well https: His fat-shaming and bonkers beauty expectations would suggest he views himself as a sort of modern day Gaston, traipsing about the village with Cortes woman want to fuck impossible neck, waiting for his Belle.

After doubling down on his cartoonish brand of misogyny, Cortes dedicated another selfie to all the women that want to "hate fuck" him.

Unsurprisingly, his unbelievable existence and wildly outdated views on women and relationships ushered in a proper dragging. You are genuinely, and I mean this truthfully and sincerely, not remotely physically attractive to me.

Well I for one am absolutely shattered that my dream of having a man who looks like he uses his own tears as lubricant love me will never come to fruition. This is truly a dark day. The guy Cortes woman want to fuck high school who still begs you to get Cortse band back together so eant can play the bass; he still shows up to high school parties and touches teenage girl's neck and hair.

People truly cannot believe he's real, but if you dive into his social media, he seems to be genuinely drinking the Koolaid.

Lets play who wore it best pic. Alex is this how you would write womam novel?

Honestly, it's mildly terrifying and deeply depressing that Cortes actually walks around the world with these alien ideals about women. However, in the very least, he has given the internet so many Single lady seeking nsa Dubbo in the process. Feb 22, 6: You can use this list to vet women If you show them this list and they become angry, that lets you know that they are harpies that you never want to Cortes woman want to fuck with and that they would be terrible mothers stay woke kings — Alexander J.

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I legitimately wat there was going to be a punchline in that tweet. At first I thought he HAD to be a joke I'm like 7 of those things.

Guess I'm a beautiful woman. Damn and here I was thinking my wife was beautiful without like any of these — Efran EfranManzz February 21, How to be a tool - Write womann like this The End — ghost dog.

JeetoCheesus February 22,