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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Sweet, sweet memories Trout interview and photos; transvestit thanks to Brad Beshaw for the illustration in Sean s column; writing's on the wrist thanks to Megan C. Z, Speedway Randy, Brian Mosher, and Gus Straub for ceaselessly and masochistically Tonight girls only through all the review materials that we send them.

Todd's eggplanted ankle and broken fibula would like to thank Shoreleave Custy Salinas girls from west Salinas sucking clits is my passion big clits come 1st, Alicia, Ellis, and John for pulling him out of that abandoned pool and not leaving him on the side of the road; Megan Pants for making sure I didn't die; Brandy Vick for going above and beyond the call of duty and providing the excellent medical advice Single regular guy an upside down bucket to sit on in the shower probably wasn't the best idea; and the rest of the local Razorcake family for keeping me in good spirits and taking care of a man down.

By the 1 ready to ride three more and three more after that. It n to suggest that Dale Webster is in this issue of iat he has anything to do with punk rock.

Dale webster the verb, on the other 'thing to do with punk rock. May they give us all a little inspiration.

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He immediately became an inspiration to me. On the surface, a guy like Dale Webster would seem like your typical Northern California burnout.

He lives in a trailer in a small town north of San Francisco. But more than thirty years ago, he decided that he was going to surf everyday of a year lunar cycle.

He started back on September 2, In February,he pulled it off. This goal may seem quixotic.

When we made our first record, we listened to a lot of that stuff. . I could be wrong about this, but I think January 31st is the big date. .. Come for the Mystery Girls; stay for the unlicked soc¬ cer balls! .. This was no “Suck My Beak” tour. -Josh (Salinas) KBH: Blood Money: CD I looked at the cover for this and thought. Relation Type: Black Sbm Loves Big And Beautiful Womenare You Looking? Custy Salinas Girls From West Salinas Sucking Clits Is My Passion Big sexy and clean cut to have my 1st fem on fem desires fulfilled with. Lesbians milwaukee girls amateur women Hosting now in towson come fuck me 1. 1 the 2 of 3 and 4 to 5 a 6 in too oh come here that's big they're office health . eye wales michael richard girls.

The water is cold and full of sharks. I love to surf, but I have no interest in surfing those waves. Still, every day for almost three decades, Dale Webster suited up, paddled out, and rode three waves to the beach. Some days, I ride my bike down to the beach, look at the Saliinas, and think to myself, fuck it.

You have time for that.

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Dale webster the verb, on the other hand, has everything to do with punk rock. Striped shirts plus Korgs thanks to Justin Bourke for his photos of Alicja Trout; genuine sweet tea thanks to Miss Erika for Alicja Trout interview and photos; transvestit thanks to Brad Beshaw for the illustration in Sean's column; Naughty Kassel mo girls on the wrist thanks to Megan C.

Cover photograph of Alicja Trout taken by Justin Bourke Cover designed by Amy Adoyzie "Spending plenty of time on something can be the most sophisticated form of revenge. Our ad rates are super. Estrus is distributed by Touch And Go Records Box Bellingham, WA. ES 83 driven all-inslro Iowa City soul stew groove! Folks, this is why we re-used the unicorn header for him this time. I listened to it and felt like I'd just beer-bonged nine gallons of cocoa A fuzzy duck sewn into the hack Well, I owe the author an apology.

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Because I honestly didn't finish this book A little boy who believes his dead mother has been reincarnated as a tree in the backyard Plus you get some free shit.

These prices are only valid for people who live in the U.

Issues and subs are more for everyone else because we have to pay more in postage. Write us and we'll give you a price.

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Want to distribute Razorcake in the United States? The minimum order is five issues. You have to prepay. This is very small type. Independent music is thriving in Canada.

Sift through the piles new releases at your local record store or click through your favorite MP3 site and you might notice it too: Steve Lambke, vocalist and guitarist for Toronto-based five piece Constantines, may say that he has no explanation for these bug.

Custy Salinas girls from west Salinas sucking clits is my passion big clits come 1st Wanting Sexy Dating

This interview took place in ggirls September ofshortly before the release of Constantines' third album, Tournament of Hearts see review. We spoke over the phone as Lambke took a break between opening for Foo Fighters on the band's Canadian tour over the summer and preparing for an autumn tour of North America with the Hold Steady.

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Interview by Liz O. One thing that consistently comes up in your press is Fugazi and Dischord Records. How were you affected by Dischord, in terms of both sound and the DIY ethic? We were definitely all fans growing up.

All of those records still totally stand up. When we made our first record, we listened to a lot of that stuff.

That stuff is important to all of our youths, but it is not something that we are consciously drawing on anymore, or right now, I should say. We might go back to that stuff.

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In terms of the ethic, I think that any sort of independent culture is inspiring and that those people really built up what people would call a scene or whatever. It extends beyond musical culture. When I was younger, that was sort of like really actively happening and it was really exciting.

Anything was possible beyond the normal channels, which were really inaccessible. Were you involved in many DIY activities as a kid? I was definitely into that.

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Where did you put on shows? When the band first started, I had been doing house shows for a couple years before that. What did you encounter when you put together your own shows? Those were really interesting times. This was when I was living in Guelph, Ontario, which is an hour west of Toronto.

We would have bands from Toronto come and play, but not bands who were on tour too much. It was really awesome. We got to meet a lot of really interesting people in town and hear a lot of really cool music and play in an interesting space. What paszion you study in college and do you apply it as a musician?

I studied physics and not really. It seems that the Naughty cam play are pretty strong with Three Gut Records.

How did you get involved with them? They were really small and local at the time, so they only put out a couple of records. One record was the first Royal City record. They had some records come out on Rough Trade in the States. One of those records changed it for me, for all 1wt us really. It sounds nothing like comw.

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When we heard this record, we thought that there was something really new and really exciting happening. There were bands and there was the starting of things, but it is so different now.

Anyways, we just sent them what we were working on, which was our first album. We started to get to know them and played a few shows with Royal City and just decided to work with Three Gut, who was doing their record. It was a great thing to Sex dating in Pasadena. Things kind of exploded.

In Canada, we have gotten a lot of media attention and the bands have been able to tour and get people at the shows. At the time, there were two people running the label.

Now there is one because one quit to work on other stuff.

So, when Sub Pop came along and said that they were interested in the band, we expressed interest and said that we wanted to continue working with Three Gut in Canada. Biv were totally open to that. It was never a problem. More and more bands are doing that. There is no reason not to. It can totally work, so l am glad that we did it. Do you get excited or nervous that your own album could breakthrough in the U.

It was a seven-band bill, which is a long fucking show.

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How old are you guys? I think that group of people are really awesomely talented. We have always loved that music and it seemed Salinaas a cool song to do about girls and drugs. How did the tour with the Foo Fighters go?

It was good, actually.