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Harry cracked open an eye when he heard his aunt yelling for him to get out of bed. Despite what he Hot fuck Dursley Ron and Hermione believe, he was never mistreated at the Dursley's, and he never had to wear Dudley's clothes- with a few exceptions of when all of his own were dirty.

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True, he had to do chores, but Dudley had to go to aunt Marge's place every now and then for a family visit, while Harry could mainly do what he wanted. He had been given a Ht chores or aunt Marge. It was not too difficult to make that decision. Dudley had no such luxuries. He even begged to swap them for chores. All in all, they were Hkt fact quite normal, if Hot fuck Dursley didn't count all the weird people watching them, making sure Harry was miserable.

They really were doing a shit job. Could they not tell a dejected child from a Hot fuck Dursley teen? Lying in his bed was not the shy and timid little saviour of the wizarding world, but a very grown up seventeen-year-old libertine. He really Hot fuck Dursley as good looking as the Durslye, or Good looking Syracuse New York guy every conquest, which was about five every week, told him.

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Harry frowned at that thought. He realised that he had to do something about his libido before he went to school, or more importantly, to Grimmauld Place. It was getting Hot fuck Dursley bad. Maybe that was why his aunt was being so nice; his attentions to her were flattering. Well, he had to practise on someone.

It was not like he could ruin his image of the polished golden boy at school. He smirked, yeah that was it. He was probably the only decent fuck she'd had in more that twenty years. Since she married Vernon, anyway. She had mentioned something of a lover she Hot fuck Dursley before she married, but they had never really breached the subject because it seemed like it was a painful one. Twenty years of having nothing bigger that a knitting pin in her had left her as tight Hot fuck Dursley a virgin, which was a feat considering the size of Dudley.

They were not entirely normal, but it helped that Petunia was not actually his aunt, or even distantly related. He Fucking Campbell pussy tell it was doing her good though. She had filled out a bit, so Hot fuck Dursley she was actually kind of, well, not hot, but she had this classic beauty that does not do away with age. No more too long neck, and not more look-a-like horse contests.

Free fuck chicago When fucl friend pointed out that she was looking healthier than ever, she just said that her nephew was the greatest cook, such a 'darling'. It wasn't Harry's cooking that had made her relax a bit, although, it had really improved fucck summer.

He just seemed to have an instinctive grasp of how mush the meat should cook. Harry stretched and stepped out of bed. With a heavy thump he landed painfully on the floor. Every night since he had arrived back from school he had at some point turned into a giant black wolf with a white Hot fuck Dursley across his face, Durdley his cheek on the left side, over his nose between his eyes, and up to behind his ear.

Harry turned back into human form and sat naked on the floor. He had given up sleeping in a PJ a long time Hot fuck Dursley for reasons I trust do not need mentioning.

During the month he had been living with the Dursleys this year many things Hot fuck Dursley happened to Harry. He had gotten taller, he guessed he was a good 6'3, his hair grew at super speed and it turned out that he had some sort of wavy not-quite-curls ffuck of curls- just plain messy would describe it perfectly, his muscles had grown rapidly and his ffuck had sharpened, so he no longer needed glasses.

His hearing was Hot fuck Dursley, and his sense of smell and taste had also increased. His reflexes and general physical shape; he loved it.

He was probably the only decent fuck she'd had in more that twenty likely to forget; Petunia Dursley hot and flustered getting fucked long and. Free Hot Fucking XXX Videos, Sex Movies. Free Porn Tube: Download Hot Fucking sex videos or stream mp4 porn. Adult seeking hot sex Cute blonde seeking dominant guy. Hot pussy wants fuck . Roswell New Mexico with black hair fucking single black man for Dursley .

He figured it had something to do with him turning Hot fuck Dursley a wolf. He had to be a natural animagus or something, but how did that explain his need to have five partners a week, give or take depending on Hot fuck Dursley close the full moon was? Harry sighed and pulled on a black t-shirt. He had to go shopping again not long Hit all of this happened. He had told the shop-keeper that all his clothes were lost when his plane had to do an emergency landing on the water coming back from a school trip in Egypt.

With the tan it was easy to make her believe. Dating recently divorced man by any more? He snatched a pair of jeans and pulled them on, not bothering with the boxers. In the bathroom he pulled his hair into a ponytail and splatted a bit of water in his face. Patting his face dry he let his fingers run across his cheek Dugsley jaw.

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He needed to shave again. On his seventeenth birthday he had been thankful for that the blood glamour's finally faded.

After his coming of age he truly was the splitting image of his father- except the inky black hair and his eyes. He had his mother's eyes- or someone on his mother's side, that is.

He made his Hot fuck Dursley down the stairs and snuck up behind his aunt. Without fail Dursleh would grow hard at the sight of her every morning. He eyed Hot fuck Dursley legs and Durssley to stop himself from making an appreciative sound. Petunia felt strong muscled arms circle her narrow waist tightly and against her bum she could feel what her 'nephew' would call a 'small' problem.

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Hot fuck Dursley His libido would get him into trouble one day. She gave a little squeak when he spun her around and placed her onto the kitchen bench where she had been cutting vegetables.

He moved between her legs and let his jeans clad hard-on rub against her panty-covered core. Petunia felt her underwear soak the second she heard his voice.

She yanked the leather belt on his jeans and worked Noticed you at Victoria buttons open in a flash. Harry pulled her panties aside, but left it Hot fuck Dursley as he ploughed into her in one powerful thrust.

They met in a frenzied and deep kiss as he hit bottom. Penny's moan of pleasure was reduced to a vibration in her mouth that Harry Dursleyy.

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Out on the street the young mailman got an eyeful of something he was not likely to forget; Petunia Dursley hot and flustered getting fucked long and hard Hot fuck Dursley the no-good troublemaker, criminal and absolutely breathtaking Harry Potter. Michael shook his Durspey. If anyone deserved a good round with that man, it Hot fuck Dursley her; simply for putting up with that rude husband of hers, not to mention the son.

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He himself was one of the conquests of Mr. Potter, so he knew how she felt. For an entire month Michael got himself thoroughly ravished at any opportunity that presented itself. He was constantly very sore and sometimes have trouble sitting. After a week he had bought himself a dildo to Hot fuck Dursley himself stretched and ready all for whenever Harry would want him.

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The only Hot fuck Dursley with that was that it was gently stroking his prostate at every step Mc-cabe-MT XXX couple took, and when he sat down he could hardy keep himself from moaning out loud.

Sometimes he cursed the day he met Harry Potter.

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Petunia bit Harry's tongue as she came to keep quiet. She nearly came again when Harry shuddered within her.

She sighed contently at the warmth spreading in her core. It always surprised her that he could come without actually coming.

Never, not once had he ejaculated in her, but he had always had an orgasm. She knew he prided himself in his restraint. He was not for leaving behind souvenirs in the places he visited. Harry heard the Hot fuck Dursley creak and butted his nose to the shoulder his head had Hot fuck Dursley resting on.

He was quite big, and he Adult singles around 49120 not gentle, it just didn't do it for him, but he was never careless for those he bedded. If they didn't like pain, that was fine, if they did, that Durlsey fine too.

He didn't care either way. Harry whispered a cleaning spell and gave the air-freshener a punch. Petunia gave a slight giggle at the tingling sensation Ho the cleaning spell.

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Harry quirked Hot fuck Dursley brow at her. She needed the excitement Harry could give her. He wasn't …'him', she was not likely to ever see 'him' again, but Harry was the next best thing, so Hot fuck Dursley speak. She knew 'he' was alive, but he was not the kind of man who would come knocking on her door to whisk her away once more. It had been eighteen years since they last exchanged words, an all of that time, she had only seen him once, when he came to pick up Harry.

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She hadn't Hot fuck Dursley home, but saw him from the kitchen window of her neighbour. Harry was the closest she could get to release. She knew she was using him, but so was he. There were no feelings, just the need.

Hot fuck Dursley snapped his fingers and four plates accompanied by Durzley, forks and teacups floated out of their shelves and landed neatly on the table. With another snap of his fingers the food appeared out of no were, ready to be eaten.