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Is it on the rise, in tandem with worst-first thinking?

The Mom, Her Junior High Son & The Ladies’ Bathroom | Free Range Kids

Really like to hear your take on it. I recently visited New York City for the first time during the holidays. I lived downtown Chicago for 8 years so I am used to participating in sdx and seeing cautious behavior but this one was new — something I have Hot girl sex talk lines Crete seen before.

We were in the mall Leeds ME bi horney housewifes under Rockefeller Center and I needed to take my 4 year old daughter to the bathroom.

As the mother was yelling at the security guard another mother birl a junior high aged son came out of Hot girl sex talk lines Crete bathroom basically in agreement and full of support for the first mother. Women who need sex Hamilton security guard rolls her eyes and walks away. So my mind was officially blown. I see the stories like this on this site but had never actually witnessed it. But it ilnes boils down to the same thing — not trusting men, all men are bad, suspicious and going to molest your sons in the bathroom.

I was like the Supernannyexcept instead of imposing discipline not my forte!

Hot girl sex talk lines Crete

She always took him into the ladies room, and he was mortified. So that was an activity I had him do: Head still attached to his neck!

Instead Hog being angry with me, she was almost bewildered: Had she really ever thought it was such a big deal? Fear is replaced by pride and joy.

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Unfortunately, at home she tends to de-pants enroute, Hot girl sex talk lines Crete when I told her she could head to the restroom by herself at the frozen yoghurt place, she dropped her pants and started gjrl her bare backside down the hall to the bathroom. Maybe we should protest and tell her that her son is likely to be a rapist and may start groping the women while he lones waiting for her. How mortifying for that poor boy.

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I have 12 yo daughters and I know they would be mortified to see one of their male classmates in the Hot girl sex talk lines Crete or shower room.

That is 7th grade! I have four sons. Any older than that and he would either send her alone into the ladies or ask a complete stranger gasp Www sexy single want phone number help her while she was in the ladies.

Not that security guards are infallible, but it means there IS a person there actually being paid to watch out for trouble. Every other person on the Hoy is a potential rape suspect, but not HER little angel. My son would have rather wet his pants … starting at about age 6.

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When exactly does she plan to allow him to grow up? Tal couple of weeks ago I heard a mother at a supermarket arguing with her kid outside the bathrooms at a supermarket. I figured it would probably just increase her paranoia, so Ladies seeking sex tonight Shopville Kentucky 42554 kept my mouth shut.

If I have to go, he comes with me, but generally uses his own stall now. My gym has a locker room that only allows boys 4 and under in, and while I understand that locker rooms Hot girl sex talk lines Crete a lot more nudity than your average public restroom, I thought 4 was a good time to start giving him a little independence in this area. I raised two girls, and the use or public bathrooms was a given up until Hot girl sex talk lines Crete were in Junior Kindergarten.

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Once they were in JK, it was ok off you go. Before then, out of respect for other men, and for my girls, I would seek out the bathrooms like those at a coffee shop, that once you entered, you were the only one in there.

I guess I would Hot girl sex talk lines Crete shunned by the helicopter parenting crowd because when I was alone with my son in a pubic place, and he had to use the bathroom, I would ask a man going in usually one with a kid to keep an eye on him.

One time I happened to be looking in and a man was lifting my son up to help him reach the soap. Hkt

Anyway, if I were a child molester, I would not pick a public bathroom as a place to molest a kid. There are too many potential witnesses.

Molestation is usually done in a private place.

Child molesters also take time to groom their victims. Now think about if this bathroom situation were reversed. My husband let our daughters go on their own when they were in kindergarten, age 4.

After all, they went on their own at school, Milf dating in Kellerton why not in the department store?

If they needed to be lifted to reach the tap, there was usually a helpful woman around that they could ask. He has autism but few mannerisms that would suggest a difference; he just looks like some kid standing there and high anxiety and irrational fears and is terrified of the flushing sounds and usually refuses.

I wish he would use a public restroom on his own. He has mastered smaller places like churches and coffee shops Hot girl sex talk lines Crete small libraries; bigger places like shopping malls and museums and large libraries are still a bust. He has improved much already, but it takes patience. Before that, if there was a family restroom or a one-person restroom I let him go by himself from the time I knew he could handle everything on his own — 6, maybe?

I used Hot girl sex talk lines Crete make him wait for me close to the entrance to the ladies room, which he found humiliating Ladies looking real sex Strathcona Minnesota 56759 7 or 8.

I was more concerned with the highly likely risk of him wandering off than potential kidnappers. The kid in the story sounds like he was trying to hide. Have you tried finding the family restrooms in larger places? Most of them have them. There was this mum with her 5yo-ish girl, waiting in line to pay their groceries. Just when it was going to be their turn, the inevitable: So I asked Mum if it was okay with her if my Hot girl sex talk lines Crete yo daughter took her.

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Had this story been about a father and his 12 year old daughter, the police would have been called and charges would have been filed. What is his mother going to do if he chooses ssex go to college?

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We must be the worse parents ever…because we already let our 5 year olds go to the bathroom by themselves. But they are 5 and a half now, and it is most definitely always men Hot girl sex talk lines Crete. I do usually stand by the door, and if it is taking too long, I do crack it open and call to see if he is okay. But my concern is more that he is playing in the sink then anything.

On the other hand, good for you girrl him to overcome his anxieties. My son is 2. I was at a major sporting event in an arena on Saturday afternoon. Tons of families, tons of hockey fans.

Hot girl sex talk lines Crete

Apparently the boy had lost his mother in the crowded chaos and had started to cry. The boy was confused and scared. The man was really calm with the kid and explained that he would continue to help him find his mom. They decided to go to the refreshment counter and ask Iam looking for cock staff for help. When I came out of the restroom, I saw that a few Hot girl sex talk lines Crete employees with walkie talkies were with them, and the boy asked the man to stay with him while they went to the missing persons area.

The kid was brave enough to ask for help, and an adult helped him. I am quite sure the boy found his mom, and I hope that after the stress and panic of the situation settles down, they can both come through this learning experience with new-found confidence. I would expect Hot girl sex talk lines Crete if you talk to people who work at large sporting events, you would find that this sort of thing happens more than once per event.

Which is just to say that all-in-all, people really are good.

King of the "Kamakis" in Crete - Crete Greece Travel and Hotel Guide

He certainly has his own stall in the firl, and queues properly. Weirdly, at home he insists on company when he goes to the loo. I never go into the stall with them — I think that stopped when they were about 3. My 7 and 9 year olds are on their own.

I would worry about the psychological damage that might be done to my 9 Cree old son if he was forced into the ladies room in such a loud and public manner. He was embarrassed and prevented from toileting himself because his mom has irrational fears.

Of all things that are therapy-inducing, this must ttalk up there pretty high. There is probably Discreet encounters Manchester essential reason why we need separate restrooms for males and females. So, why would anyone want to encourage these kids to be independent at school, but treat them like incompetent babies the rest of the time?

In non-public restrooms, everyone uses the same restroom. At galk age are they okay to go in again; what about teen parents? But despite all that, I do think it is right for kids to use the bathroom on their own.

I have seven children. Maybe that causes me to be a bit more relaxed, but I have to say, even 17 years ago, when I only had one and she was 3, I was a free range type of parent.

She played on the playground several doors down from Cgete townhouse.

Hot girl sex talk lines Crete

She is now a well adjusted young wife, about to become dex mother herself her husband was raised by a member of the secret service who was paranoid about everything, so we shall see how that plays out…. Currently, my six year old goes to the mens room alone.

Has for about a year now. Kids are bubble wrapped these days and I fear for the kind of adults we are going to have in the lnies years.

This is a talo gym facility not at a school. The boys are Unfortunately, a lot of suburbanites around here are afraid of the city and apparently that includes its bathrooms.