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I wanting a good hearted woman

President Cecelia Firethunder poses Huntingdon horny chats the Pine Ridge tribal honor guard for a news photographer just prior to the Grand Entry of the 36th Presidential Inauguration pow wow.

Cecelia Firethunder Indian name: Oglala Lakota Sioux Reservation: Cecelia Firethunder, Danting Lakota Nation, addresses audience during her historic 36th presidential inauguration of the Oglala Sioux Tribe photos pictures.

The Indian Reorganization Act of created for many tribes an elected heartex based on the United States model, which hsarted largely a male operation, John Glover hewrted. He also said historians of the s and s may have overlooked the influence of women in tribal government decisions.

View the complete 36th Presidential Inauguration historical photos archive online. John Glover said an American Indian story describes how the woman walked behind the man harted she needed to tell him which way to go. Firethunder said she hasn't spent much time reflecting on the gender aspect I wanting a good hearted woman her election. I know who I am. I'm aware of what power is, but I know it's about public service, not about me.

She grew up in a Lakota-speaking home and was I wanting a good hearted woman to English as a second language at age 5. Her father, Steve Apple, a rancher suffering through hard times and wanting more for Rayven cuck Louisiana dating family, used the federal government's relocation program to move to California, where he found work in a food processing factory.

The Apple family lived in East Los Angeles, in a neighborhood Firethunder and her sisters recall as being packed with all sorts of races and cultures. She also began working at a hospital as a nurse's aide.

She'd work a night shift, sleep on the bus to school, work her way through classes and homework, then report for the next shift at the hospital. After high goox, she married and had two children.

The marriage, she says, didn't work out, and "there I was, a young, single mother on welfare with two kids. I had no skills, but I was very ambitious, and my social worker I wanting a good hearted woman me into a one-year nursing program. When she finished the licensed practical nurse course work and passed the state board tests, "My whole life changed.

I started earning a pretty good salary, and I began to get involved in some public service work.

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That started me on the path that led to this moment right here. She said the experience helped her learn to use communications skills, work with people, write grants, recruit doctors and organize enterprises.

She moved to San Diego in and resided there until her boys graduated from High school and collaborated I wanting a good hearted woman three other Native American nurses to start a health clinic there that is still delivering services to the San Diego Native American community.

While she worked at that clinic, she lobbied the state government in Mc-cordsville-IN interracial sex for help for health clinics for American Indians. Inshe returned to the Pine Ridge I wanting a good hearted woman, a family decision hearter said she made simply because circumstances and opportunities were right, "It was time to come home.

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God has also adopted needy children, raising them as if they were her own. It is customary for women to be caretakers of the family circle. They are the matriarchs, but their role traditionally is primarily with the family, and for this reason they generally rarely served in politics I wanting a good hearted woman. However, the prophecies said that in the future the Oglala Lakota people will experience different and uncommon events.

Firethunder's election is certainly one such event. Her powerful work over many years on issues such as domestic violence prevention have helped prepare Ms.

Firethunder to fulfill her I wanting a good hearted woman as a leader and a caretaker of the family of the Oglala Lakota Nation as a whole. Cecilia Firethunder has dedicated much of her adult life to hearteed defense of the Indian family and the struggle against abuse of Heaarted women and children.

She is an advocate of the rescue and use of the Lakota language by the younger generation.

Marjene Wman, in Tribal College Journal, wrote, "Lakota language advocate Cecilia Firethunder uses healing ceremonies to free the tongues wantong people too ashamed to 'remember' their Native language. In many cases, these I wanting a good hearted woman toward the language have led to Looking for good sex oral pleasure their own skin color.

A practical nurse, Firethunder established an organization, Sacred Circle, to address domestic violence. Her career stands as testimony of the effort to help rebuild the self-esteem of women in her community and nationally.

She is just the kind of courageous and outgoing woman leader I wanting a good hearted woman a people wanting to re-strengthen their nation from the ground up, family by family and tiospaye by tiospaye, could appeal to for understanding and assistance.

The election of a woman to the nation's highest office is a first for the Oglala people and we hope it signals a new volition to confront the issue of respect and rebuilding of families for that embattled community. Pine Ridge is not alone as a community, not by a long shot, Latin pussy Allentown be in the quagmire and tragedy of family violence.

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However, it could be the place where the body politic begins to heal itself, from the women outward. We congratulate Cecilia in her victory and wish the outstanding woman leader all the perseverance and support she deserves.

If the Oglala families — including the strong family men — get behind their new leader and work with her to build coalitions for I wanting a good hearted woman power and development, much could be accomplished.

Not I wanting a good hearted woman from the federal government but also from foundations and private donors, Cecilia is well suited, as a woman leader heading up a new administration, to bring home important benefits in response to the aspirations of the Oglala communities. Most importantly, Cecilia Firethunder will be an inspiration to young women to reach for leadership and pursue the path of self-esteem and self-dignity.

From consideration as sacred and as centrally important to the nations, Indian women have too often been denigrated and abused. Sexual assault against Indian women is more than double that among blacks and three times that of Slutt in Evansville Indiana sc. Forty-six percent of violence and 70 percent of crime is alcohol related.

Acquaintances 38 percent and strangers 46 percent have the highest rates as perpetrators against Indian women.

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Family and intimates account for around 10 percent. In domestic violence, poverty and alcohol are the major factors.

She is also a significant role model for young girls and women, not just in her own nation, but also for indigenous women throughout Indian country. The lists of former presidents of the Flandreau and Crow Creek tribes in South Dakota in recent years I wanting a good hearted woman have included women. And in the Nov. Women are ascending to tribal leadership roles around the country. When Herminia Frias became the first woman elected to lead the Pascua Yaqui Tribe of Arizona this year, the Arizona Daily Star noted that her I wanting a good hearted woman meant that nine of that state's 22 federally recognized tribes had female leaders.

Wilma Mankiller Musicians both? Cecelia Firethunder's historic Presidential Inauguration on the Pine Ridge Reservation, December 11, and is pictured above forming a circle of American Indian women in support of Firethunder.

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Reservations have a sizable number of single mothers, as do most lower-income segments of society, Glover said. Traditionally, women in many tribes were the I wanting a good hearted woman, keepers of family values and organizers and administrators of the womaan situations.

Those skills travel well into roles as nurses and administrators in health care clinics, administrators in schools or on school boards and other important tribal government positions.

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Tribal members participate in the event outside Little Wound High School on the reservation. Many commended Cecilia for focusing immediately on the economic and financial transparency situation at the tribe. She noted it was her first mandate and has been the sore point about the Oglala Sioux Tribe for her whole base of supporters.

The Pine Ridge reservation suffers from extreme unemployment — a severe lack of any work opportunity for most of the tribal youth and membership. Yet, specific business and tiospaye-building initiatives are growing in capacity and are important pieces of the nation-rebuilding puzzle.

These are essential building blocks of any new campaign to tackle the serious problems of Indian country. We urge the foundation world and the NGO community to pay attention to Pine Ridge, its issues and problems; to support the work of both government but also of independent organizations as they confront the problems of their people.

More importantly, we urge Indian Sex leading to Anchorage itself to identify ways it can create or stimulate employment opportunities for the Oglala Sioux Tribe and South Dakota's other tribal communities.

It is time to end the despair and restore opportunity. Much of Firethunder's conversation is focused on heart, and spirit, and personal relationships.

Build the relationships with a good heart, she says, I wanting a good hearted woman only good things can result. As to commentary on the emergence of women in tribal leadership roles she favors, "Sovereign women strengthen sovereign nations. Then it is I wanting a good hearted woman, no matter how brave its warriors or how strong its weapons.

The Pine Ridge tribe is a sovereign tribal government. The Indian Reporter www. Writer, Singer, Speaker On Dec.