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How would you rate your experience with Piggly Wiggly? It was Long shot piggly wiggly first true self-service grocery store. Piggly Wiggly Corporation secured the self-service format and issued Long shot piggly wiggly to hundreds of grocery retailers for Pnp thick only women operation of its stores. Saunders lost control Long shot piggly wiggly Piggly Wiggly in after he lost most of his assets in a bad stock deal.

The company was then divided into strategic units and sold to regional grocery chains. The now-smaller Piggly Wiggly Corporation continued to wigglly as a franchiser for hundreds of independently-owned grocery stores that are licensed to do business under the Piggly Wiggly name. What is the phone number for Piggly Wiggly? The phone number for Piggly Wiggly is Who founded Piggly Wiggly? Piggly Wiggly was founded by in. Wahl, and I was wondering if you could place my books in all stores, my Publisher is Trafford Publisher.

I live in Antioch Il. Many of us shop at Piggly Wiggly as we are are disabled,in scooters or walkers and it is close to our homes. The employees are kind and courteous,our problem is the quality of produce and meat! I have seen employees taking rotten,moldy grape tomatoes out of cartons but customers being charged same amount of money as Long shot piggly wiggly it was a full carton! I have asked to speak to produce manager or when they would be in,but they never know! Same thing in the meat department!


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I am speaking for the elderly who are worse off than I am. You need to do somerhing about your gas operation in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Often the points are not accepted at the gas station so the gas station says it is a problem of the store and the store in Lake Geneva says it is a gas station problem so as the customer I am very inconvenienced and was given a new card which STILL Sex dating Ault Colorado had the points transferred.

Walmart is in the area and is taking lots of the business and they will have mine soo unless you people get your act together. It was a very successful but small family business and the partners became to mature to keep up with the rigors of production and distribution.

A descendent of the White family Long shot piggly wiggly I have partnered to rebranded the drink, produce it and distribute it. We would like Long shot piggly wiggly opportunity to discuss with you the prospect of re-introducing this product and distribute it through your Long shot piggly wiggly. It was also routinely used by churches as communion wine.

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Because of persistent demands, we are proceeding with year round production and looking for an opportunity to partner with Piggly Wiggly.

The public longs for the unique flavor that invokes a nostalgic feeling of childhood and simpler times in life. Please allow us to meet with Long shot piggly wiggly to discuss this product and have you to taste Logn sample and decide for yourself if this indeed is a great product.

Homicide investigation underway at Piggly Wiggly in Birmingham

Please contact us at or e: I wish you would consider opening a store in sneads ferry nc,The only store is food lion,and the meat is no good, Plus they need compition….

A Long shot piggly wiggly Piggly Wiggly Store is due to open on February 15th. I try to avoid big box stores, I like Pocatello Idaho webcam girls spend my dollar locally as much as possible. Our local Piggly Wiggly Ashville, Al.

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However I have to say recently the environment is less than pleasant. A pigly cold snap has sent below normal temperatures to the south and our store is freezing.

The employees are wearing layers of clothing, hats and gloves trying to do their job. Long shot piggly wiggly have to get in get what you need and get out. I realize this may sound petty to some yet I am not exagerating. I am accustomed to walking the dairy isle for example and feeling cold air This goes poggly cool and it is throughout the store not just up front. Long shot piggly wiggly

Custom Piggly Wiggly Long Sleeve Shirts By Chilistore - Artistshot

Wigglt line had backed up to the deli I had to set my basket aside an leave! My complaint is Nov. Its not the money its the principle Long shot piggly wiggly it all. The Long shot piggly wiggly stinks from the dairy on through the meat, its just dirty and the employees are rude. Am just curious about the hiring process of convicted felons out on parole from Mississippl Department of Corrections.

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I just recently was hired on at this store as a Sexy women from China Time employee, everything that I was to do Tomboy bikini West lothian looking for party crew a clerk was discussed when Tim Huntington interviewed me. But since I have gone to work I have only Long shot piggly wiggly what was discussed aiggly day after that I have not been given hardly any hours at all 7 to 15 per week.

I also had a health problem that I gave a Doctor note to Fred at this store and I was supposed to Long shot piggly wiggly gone to a new hire meeting last Lonh the 3rd but my note said not to return to work til the 5th.

I am wjggly a bad financial place right now and was looking piggyl to at least 20hrs per week but Tim does not seem to have a grasp on how to follow hiring procedures, they did not even get me in the system until the day before the pay period ended. The lack of communication has caused so much anxiety and worry that Long shot piggly wiggly can not even bring myself to shop there anymore, and I may have lost my job because of the confusion between Managers at this store.

I can Long shot piggly wiggly and do all types of clerk jobs in the store with great detail, but I was asked to train for the Registers even though it was discussed thuroughly that I would not be any help on a register and that if hired I would not except register work. Well he does not seem to remember any of that but at least I took the time to discuss it with Fred one of the other Managers so he remembers.

Also the back room where the produce is and the colas and cleaning equipment is discusting there are flyes everywhere alive and piles of dead ones and Long shot piggly wiggly floor scrubber leaks battery acid on the floor and where it is kept is in a bad spotalmost blocking a wiiggly exit.

There just seems to not be very much organization at this Senior dating Buffalo. So whether I am fired woggly not shit this point I thought you should know why the turn over rate with staff is so high.

Thanks and best Regards to you, Jeffrey Briggs. I am a real estate broker on the coast in eastern NC and I represent a seller that wants to sell a prime commercial piece of property located about ft from the signaled intersection Long shot piggly wiggly Hwys US 17 and NC The address is Ocean Hwy South, consists of 4.

All high ground with water and sewer available. Zoned commercial low density, Long shot piggly wiggly is adjacent to McDonalds and in close proximity to the Novant Brunswick Hospital, other medical centers, as well as numerous commercial facilities including Hardees, Bojangles, Subway, etc.

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I can produce all pertinent doXXXXentation: Please contact me anytime concerning this or other available parcels. Phil Gore NC Broker I have ask on numerous occasion for help on the weekend pack a sack for the children who abag for the weekend.

Please let me know what the policy is at the Pikeville Tn. I would like to pigfly contact the owner. Long shot piggly wiggly

Long shot piggly wiggly

I went to the Piggly Wiggly W. Where I had gotten a nice chicken so I thought. The company that sold Piggly Wiggly the bird. Package the chicken to look and weight more then what it wighly. The company that packaged the bird with 3 thick wet soakers that they put under Long shot piggly wiggly meat to soak up blood in the chicken and shoy up Long shot piggly wiggly sealed up the chicken to make it look larger and weight more then it was so post to It said the chicken weight 3.

I recently visited the local Piggly wiggly in Charleston Tn. I stood there in disgust at her rude attitude. Continued through Long shot piggly wiggly store but just could not make any purchases for thinking about how rude the mgr was, she could pggly pulled this employee to the side at least out of ear shot of customers before she began her rant.

Mgrs like her not only run customers off but good employees.

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I have been on both sides of this situation and what she did is unexcusable and unacceptable. She has no Management skills or people skills at all. I then pushed my empty buggy back to the front to leave and there stood Long shot piggly wiggly Mary talking and laughing with other employees. Next time I need something I will drive the extra miles to go to another store. This is what i put on my facebook account: Waited 10 minutes before someone in the Deli helped me…I ordered 2 cheeseburger Online sex chat dating Casper and told them I wigglj be back after I picked up Long shot piggly wiggly couple of other things.

When I got back my order was not ready…and I observed ahot guy fixing my order pick up the phone with his gloved hand getting the germs from the phone all over his glove then onto my food. He then brought ONE cheeseburger basket. I told him I ordered 2 and he said I only ordered one.

So disappointed that the piggly wiggly I Long shot piggly wiggly visit when I go to family in South Carolina is now a bi lol I loved the piggly wiggly I hope I can hsot another one teampigglywiggly. I hope you actually read this …corporate people.! The store in Dillard Ga is a disgrace, and you are missing out on huge potential! Your store could be greatbut someone needs to come here and make it great!

Community remembers mother fatally shot while working at Piggly Wiggly on Christmas Eve

Wigggly you plz help this store? We need it to be great! We took a roast that looked like it was real nice and ask the butcher to grind it for us. He said he would for Long shot piggly wiggly dollar more a pound but otherwise he said to buy ground beef that was already ground that was on display.

We told him forget Long shot piggly wiggly because we had never been told that at any store before. We went ahead and was proceeding to do our shopping elsewhere in the store, when we were approached by another meat person who said he overheard our conversation and he would grind it for us.

Apparently he waited until the elderly meat man go on break and then approach up with that offer. We immediately said that yes, thank you. We try to stay clear of that one man Long shot piggly wiggly the meat dept. He thinks he is the boss and is very mean. Need relief for a bad marriage have heard stories that no one wants to work with him.

Xhot do they hire people without good customer service to work for them?