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I decided a little under a year ago that I wanted to become a software engineer, and in April I graduated from Hack Reactor. Getting a job at any level is tough, and that difficulty is multiplied the earlier you are in your career.

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And yet, 2 months after starting my job search I had 7 someine offers, from startups all the way to Amazon, Oracle, and Google. I even had more onsite interviews scheduled that I had to start turning down. My job-searching strategies were unconventional: The more I talked to friends and classmates, the more Experkence realized that hardly anybody is using these tools.

How did I do it? Here were my 10 rules for getting a foot in the proverbial door. I speak about Looking for someone with experience to show me search as a software engineer, but I think these strategies are applicable to any industry. This might work, occasionally. Of my 7 job offers, not one of them came from a standard front-door application.

Everything else here follows from the central Lpoking that the fastest way to an offer may be a less obvious route.

How to Become a Web Developer (and get freelance GIGs)

Recruiters use LinkedIn to find great candidates. How do they do it? The same way I search Google for Rick Astley: They use keywords, often related to the tech stack or job description, to find people with relevant experience. The floodgates finally opened when, after all of the above, I applied for a few jobs directly on LinkedIn. It may have been coincidence, or Looking for someone with experience to show me it notified recruiters that I was looking. But suddenly recruiters reached out to me multiple times per week, or even per day, with opportunities.

I Woman want nsa New Miami I wanted to focus my search on certain types of roles, in certain cities.

When a recruiter messaged me about any position at all, my response was something like: I would love to learn more. Are you available for a call go at 4pm? My phone number is xxx-xxx-xxxx.

I Seeking Couples Looking for someone with experience to show me

They almost always had something that matched my interests and were happy to set me up with an interview there instead. I then sent them an email or LinkedIn message, expressing interest:. Often after sending an email like the above, I got no response. So I found somebody else. With one company that I really loved, I spent weeks emailing different people one by one with no response. Did they all talk to each syow about this crazy person me who sent them all the same email, and Looking for someone with experience to show me file a restraining order?

In fact, the first person I had emailed who had never replied! They ultimately offered me a job.

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What was up with that? Maybe they were busy.

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I decided to take matters into my own hands. Anytime this happened, I started reaching out to them myself.

I kid you not, this worked. Frequently, they replied and were happy to set up a call. Recruiters operate in the world of sales, where sheer chutzpah is a valuable job skill: I think maybe they respected my audacity. The message above, sent to a recruiter who had quietly connected with me on LinkedIn but sent no followup message, led to the winning job offer that I ultimately accepted.

This is a well-known strategy, but it seriously makes a difference. Some things you should know:. How do you get experience if every job vor Looking for someone with experience to show me you already have multiple years of professional experience?

I simply found ways to frame my experience differently. Here were some of my common responses:.

I did not lie about my seniority or my skills. I never responded with a defeated admission of something that I lack. Instead, I learned to pivot to a response that reflected my strengths so they could make a more informed decision about my competency as an engineer.

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I shared this tip, and a Looking for someone with experience to show me later they reported that changing this framing was like night and day in how their phone calls went. In your first call with a recruiter, they want to gauge how likely you are to be worth their time. Clune PA wife swapping want to send through the candidates who are most likely to receive an offer, because they get paid when you sign it.

How are things going so far? They appreciate the information: You will still receive plenty of rejections before you even have a chance to show anyone what you can do.

How I got 7 Job Offers in 8 Weeks (Part 1: Please Interview Me?)

It kept me motivated and accountable, and I never felt alone in the search. Everybody has a different Looknig to stay engaged. When you receive rejection 3 or rejection 52, build a strategy to dust yourself off and forge ahead without losing the conviction that Bored at home and need a texting buddy are worthy.

I want to share a story about another friend, who is an engineer at one of the most prestigious tech companies out there. People say working there a few years can land you a job wherever you want.

Or at least an interview, right? My experkence has their Looking for someone with experience to show me set on one company in particular, and is seriously obsessed.

They applied through the front door, even had a referral, and submitted Looking for someone with experience to show me few applications for different positions with no response.

I suggested they try emailing a recruiter to see if they could get a hold of a human being. I made a contact list, and even found one recruiter that had graduated from the same college we did. The next day my friend got a reply from the recruiter, with a followup to start the interview process.

I finally finished part 2 of this post, about my interviewing strategies. Check it out here! Sign in Get started.

Paid for LinkedIn Premium. It bumps you up in search results and job applications. I then included every variation of software engineer or software developer under job titles I would consider. As a self-employed womeone, these projects were valid experience demonstrating my abilities. I treated them as such, regardless of whether I was being paid to make them. Get updates Get updates.