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Looking to have a little fun early friday

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Don't love the cold weather at all.

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Please take care of yourself.

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A favorite blogger of mine, Exiled In Portales, passed away a while back because he kept ignoring his shortness of breath and other signs, as did my father Bob, Thank You Sir! I knew something was wrong so I listened litt,e a friend and my wife. Good for you to listen to good advice.

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Now you'll be fine. You have fu be here Odie and make us laugh and other silly things. Well, your Saturdays aren't all that great for me, but I keep hoping for some male eye candy.

Have a great day my friend. It sucks, but you'll be better.

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Wifey discovered hers one week after she retired. Oh, stop being such a gurl, Odie.

Looking to have a little fun early friday Look For Nsa

Pain is your friend. Actually, I had two mini-strokes following some dental surgery last year that scared the hell out of me.

Damn doctor kept trying to tell me I wasn't gonna live forever. I just went out of my way to renew my cable TV for two years, just to spite the bastard.

Get back to work. Take care of yourself, dude, you're one of the good guys actually, one of the best guys.

PS The "He won" one is right on the money. PPS Yeah, dogs do think like that.

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Kelly Coker, I'm planning on getting better starting right now I'm glad you went to the Dr! Getting sick isn't for the old! Just continue to take care of yourself!

It's always been very appreciated. Really glad you're ok, Odie. I hope you can be back on the long walks fridzy. That kind of activity is a blessing, especially in such a beautiful place. You know, I've been having the same problem. I guess it might be prudent fridat stop by the hospital and have it checked out.

Since I already have cancer that we've been fighting for almost three years, it might not be a bad idea.

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Woodsterman: A little Fun For A Friday

First-time visitor to your blog. It's a lot of fun. Grunt, I am home now and on Xeralto and Oxygen. Trailbee, We're both doing well and looking forward to taking it easy for a few days. Are they doing anything for your multiple personality syndrome??

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Seriously, take care of yourselfold timer! I'm too old to break in any new friends! Solaratov, Welcome to Woodsterman.

This has been a labor of love and I hope to hear more from you. Well dammit, now I have to find someone else to send that blow up dolly to. Thank goodness you have a good neighbor, and with medication you will be able to q on keeping on.

GymbaROO / KindyROO lays the foundations for sporting prowess and success, FREE PLAY Time to have some fun & explore equipment; MAT TIME Sing, . Enjoy watching some of the fun and loving movement activities involved in our. some one help, ive been having this lyric line in my head for about two years and i cant .. I'm looking for an older song, probably from the the 60s or early 70s. I love hunting, fishing, everything, so we're just looking for some good deals,” Kerry McInstosh of Waynesville went to the Kohl's early Friday morning, finding.

Suggest you keep the "babes" to a minimum, you know, they tend to spike the heart rate, respiration rate, body temp, etc.! Brig, is that dolly something we share? I should be able to attempt that in a couple weeks Got the Xeralto right here LetsPlay, cut down on the babes?

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I just have to find the ones that are turned on by air hoses for a bit. Doggone Odie, thank the Lord you looked into that. If you're not feeling well, tell the doc.

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Remember I said old age is not for sissies? I walk everyday for two miles with my neighbor. This week my breathing started to become labored out the door.

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Today we cut it short and my neighbor shamed me into submission After testing all afternoon it was discovered I have many small blood clots in my lungs. I'm on blood thinners for the rest of my life and I should be going home tomorrow. Life is good, and I have laptop on my lap with great WiFi. Posted by Woodsterman Odie at 1: Newer Post Older Post Home.