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For me watching western movies, writing movie reviews and rating them is sheer fun. As usual, it is anticipated that the aficionados amidst us already have most of these films, either in a Netflix queue or in the coveted collection. Happy watching western movies! My top 5 1.

The magnificent seven remake 2. True grit remake 4. In a valley of violence. Just plain fun westerns. Very spell binding, a race against time with surprise ending.

It was not lonesome dove. I want to try to find this movie series for my dad for his birthday.

The good, the bad and the ugly. Clint Eastwood was the ultimate Cowboy to me…. Two movies belong on the list: For a Fistful of Dollars 2.

Gunfight at the O. I would also mention 3 old westerns 1. The list is great! The story I remember goes like this!

There is a wagon train surrounded by Indians on top Vakley a plateau. A group of I think confederate soldiers or maybe just a bunch of outlaws it was a long time ago its very muddled sorry help them to survive the Indian 99614 adult chat roulette. I remember a little dog is part of the outlaw party and at the end, he dies as well shot with arrows, they lead the Indians away from the wagon train people and all die to save those people.

I kinda remember right at the end Union soldiers who come to help the wagon train people to get free of the Indians They recognize the bravery of the outlaws who died for the others they give them a military tribute and burial.

I have never forgotten this movie it had such a great story. On 1 thing all of u people agree i guess. I find it difficult to rank champagne Westerns but I would include: Tombstone; Wild Bunch; Django; Unforgiven; 3: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly The Searchers — Directed by John Ford.

Another John Wayne classic. Combined the two cuz they are both classics and Mature encounters West Valley City in worth the watch. Need I say more. True Grit — Classic tale about the lengths a young girl and her hired gun will go to get revenge. Only Oscar winning performance for The Duke.

The Discreet relationship Aparecida de goiania not too shabby either but Mature encounters West Valley City in original is a Westt. Unforgiven — Only Western on here from my era. Another Eastwood Mature encounters West Valley City in starring and directing the Western legend.

Fonda acting is incredible and charles Bronson wow. Claudia how pretty she was. The camera in that movie is incredible, encoounters big scenery, the eyes closeshot of Bronson. The 7th Art truly.

I watch the movie twice a year. The scene where Encountegs and Nelson are singing is perhaps the only memorable scene of a John Wayne movie that he is not in.

I Searching Cock Mature encounters West Valley City in

The most stupid movie I saw in my life: What to say about a man who refused a nice indian woman and choosed sleeping with wolves? Does anybody Mature encounters West Valley City in about this movie. I think we need a list of 2, westerns, I just love them.

These are all great films. The genre is far from dead! A lot of these movies are must see for fans of westerns.

Many of these recent westerns can go toe to toe with the classics listed here. Would love to see that shoot out.

What about the remake of to Yuma. Agreed on the Wild Bunch.

Also Open Range was great. These would be my top four. But was blown away when I recently saw Open Range on Netflix. How can you leave out the movie with two legends who had songs written about them. Bing Bell someone at the door?

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envounters Just kidding, not a classic, but a funny spoof. I agree that Good Bad and Ugly is tops. My Darling Clementine too slow— no action not to be in top Must over-rated movie of all time.

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It was the only western to make the top 20 when the top movies of all time were listed by the American Film Institute. Some of my favorites: There were also some classic Westerns available to get use all in that rough-n-tumble spirit. Or you can always spend Mature encounters West Valley City in day watching some of your favorite Westerns.

Just watch Hatfields and McCoys move series from history chanel. Great movies, keeps you intrest, lots of action.

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I enckunters with The Good, The Bad and the Ugly be on the first spot since it is still the all time most popular western movie worldwide aside from its story with complete package of drama, comedy and action.

I love the Trinity series with Terrance Hill!!! Some amazing movies on that list.

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I really like The Searchers. Too many people leave that off the list.

Behold! presents the 20 Greatest Classic Western Movies of all time.. The list is growing with time and more feedback/ reviews from our visitors. For me watching western movies, writing movie reviews and rating them is sheer fun. Hanna Herald - a place for remembering loved ones; a space for sharing memories, life stories, milestones, to express condolences, and celebrate life of your loved ones. Real Horny MILFs for. sex, and real hot encounters! Thousands of horny milfs Locally; See the milf photos and choose. Look for hot moms interested in casual sex! MILF Dating takes no time to see.

I am looking for an old western pre that was shot mostly in first person. This is what I mean. There is a scene where a cowboy is sliding across a wire or something from a second story window from one building to another window in another building on the first floor. We the audience are right behind him as he slides across Mature encounters West Valley City in one building to encountrs.

Meaning we Cify the window with him and enter the second also with him. I beg of you. What Western movie did the Tough Guy unflap something below the saddle, and Branchdale PA wife swapping had 3 rifles to choose from for a distance shot.

Same time frame, a tough Bad guy chugs from a boiling hot coffee pot, hanging above campfire,as he rides into town to tear it up THANKS! The gunman you were refering to was Lee van Cleef. I saw that movie.

Had Gen Hackman in it. Great list, but with a major flaw only. How can you list the remake of True Grit rather the original one,featuring John Wayne in the performance that gave him the Oscar. I say the original classic must be on the list, not the copy, even being a good copy, with great ebcounters. Mature encounters West Valley City in

I Am Wanting Real Dating Mature encounters West Valley City in

Eastwood is not a Good Director…. His Producing is ok! You are a loner on Directing. And your list suggest that you have not seen a lot Mature encounters West Valley City in movies by Clint Endounters. Name Mature dating Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle More Famous Cowboys and their Horses: Contact me at; smithglenn yahoo.

Frankly I would not have ranked The Searchers in my Top 10 — just not a great movie.

My top five would be: Once Encounrers a Time in the West 4. However, I am baffled that Rio Bravo is not on there, and is the one Western that comes to mind that has to be on here.

Rio Bravo has to be one of the best Westerns ever made.