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Mobile sex date Millsap Texas

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There are still a few of the old timers around here but most of them that I heard the stories from have long since passed away and it is getting harder MMobile harder to even find anyone here that is from the area. Mobile sex date Millsap Texas father is probably one of the best sources for local history; he was born dwte Millsap in the s and lived in Millsap and Brock most of his life.

Porter Cabin, First Millsap U. Post Office, Photo courtesy Lance Carthen. History in a Pecan Shell It was originally a relay station on the stagecoach route that ran from Weatherford to Palo Pinto.

A Millsap post office opened in In the tracks of the Texas and Pacific Railway reached the area, and three small communities moved to take advantage of the railroad: Mineral City, Peck City, and the Mobile sex date Millsap Texas relay station. By the s Millsap was serving area farmers as a retail and shipping point; within a decade the town had a bank, more than a dozen other businesses, three churches, a ten-grade educational institution called Millsap College, and a weekly newspaper, Mobile sex date Millsap Texas Millsap News.

The community population increased from an estimated in to in Between andhowever, it declined, reaching a low of by It has since increased to it's current after a brief surge to in The sign identifying the historic log cabins in Millsap Photo courtesy Lance Carthen.

An old well Photo courtesy Lance Carthen.

Millsap is a very small town consisting of a few buildings and a convenient store. A very old post office has been preserved in Millsap, it's the large log cabin with a black fence in the middle of it.

Enclosed also is a photo of one of the first houses established in Millsap, a small log cabin. There is also a big red barn on the side of the road as soon as you get into Millsap which I thought was interesting There was also a new post office Mobile sex date Millsap Texas didn't Texxs look worth sending, just a modern post office Millsap, Texas Forum Subject: Her parents were Hilliard and Eva Littlefield, farmers for a time.

Granddad owned the general store during the Great Depression Mobile sex date Millsap Texas helped lots of people with merchandise on credit. He was a leader of the community and an elder at the Church of Christ that my grandmother attended until she died in I visited there at least one week every summer during my childhood.

dats Granny lived just across the street from the train tracks. One of the big events during my time there was the opening of a new hardware store in the 's.

There are nothing for me but good memories of Millsap and the wonderful Mobile sex date Millsap Texas, the Fords, the Whites, the Byrds Texaa owned a turkey farm, Rev. Indian Attacks, and Old Post Office "I was born in Weatherfordwas raised in Millsap and different branches of my family have been in this area since the mid s. There are some old stories about Indian attacks associated with this place and there was a huge old oak tree in what was then its front yard where it was rumored that Fuller hung seven dead Indians killed in one of the fights.

My brother and I, would hunt arrow heads there and imagine scenes of the battles when we would find one. Miklsap cabin you show as the: We could never figure out how people in that time would travel 7 or 8 miles outside of town just for mail.

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