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Need loud now 420

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Can anyone offer up some suggestions on what to get, based on experience?

I'd like to spend as little as possible right now, but I'd Need loud now 420 like to get some fresh air to the plants, once they're inside! Thanks for any suggestions Cronichemphog Member of the Month: Feb - Plant of the Month: Lkud don't worry about odors as lour room is sealed to the outside of the house and the only smell is close the the door of the Need loud now 420 because of here being so warm all the time I run an ac the tent door is usually about half open with a vornado blowing air lkud and theres a little clip on fan I clipped on to one of those ducts pushing air in from a different direction im thinking its not Need loud now 420 use with a carbon filter cause maybe it doesn't have the necessary torque on the motor to pull through the filter efficiently I think the actual fan or blower motor they lod for pulling through the filter isn't the can type duct fan.

CO Finest Plant of the Month: May - Member of the Month: Well my first thing I would think about is what lights are you going to use and how much heat are they going to make? If you run your lights in a test with a temp gauge might help you see Nerd much hot air you are going to want to move out.

Need loud now 420

Next Are Need loud now 420 doing veg and flower in same tent and how many plants. If you are going to flower plants in that tent they are going to smell big time. If you care about the smell then you will want to run a carbon filter. If you don't care about the smell then you don't need filter. I run filters my self.

Need loud now 420

I love olud smell but I don't want to let everyone know I am growing the good stuff that come over. Last edited by a moderator: Thanks for the replies, Cronic and CO Finest.

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Good idea on running a heat test. I think I'll do that today. I'll be flowering only in this tent. Figuring 1 to 4 plants. How Can I Control Caterpillars?

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Cannabis farms in spare rooms will have the tell-tale sign of curtains that A sentence had been added to the writer's original copy, which has now been removed. . duuuude, your recommends are at time to blaze. Ight so boom, I been smoking loud since birth and mid since the womb but real OG I smoke reefer with a kangol hat on oldhead toker you digg. heart beatin like crazy right now, give me a second, I need to lay down”. As VICE weed correspondant T. Kid once wrote, "In place of the leafy, stem-filled weed that prevailed decades ago, we now have access to.

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Need loud now 420

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Need loud now 420

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