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Nice Rock Creek West Virginia guy looking for tonight

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We started out in Farmersville and rode to Celeste. The first first five or so miles were great, paved then gravel. Lots of mud after that, we were up for adventure so we pushed forward mud and all. Bikes gears got gummed up pretty good, we were even washing them in the puddles so they would keep moving. I hope to go back after a few weeks of sunshine to see what the rest Horny women in Allston, MA the trail has to offer.

I wish this trail was closer to home. Walked some of this trail to check it out. I've been looking for a good trail to ride my horses up to Caddo. And though this trail doesn't dump there it will take me most of the way. I keep having to move further and further out because URBAN sprawl chomps up farm lands and then the people that move from the city to live a better life in a country setting want to drag the city with them.

So trails like these are paramount to those of us who like to get out into nature and have the ability to hike, bike, horseback ride long distances with out being near busy road ways. Stick to the city unless you have a mountain bike. Gu Rails to Trails are not perfectly paved or graveled. Though they are kept up well. Naked babes in Smyrna South Carolina live in Farmersville near the southern Nice Rock Creek West Virginia guy looking for tonight and ride this trail often with my daughter.

It's a nice trail and I've seen it improve over the years. One drawback is the fact that horses are allowed on it. I have nothing against them nor would I try to deny recreational use of the trail to their riders, but they are tearing up the crushed granite section of the Virgiinia. It Beautiful women seeking sex Spokane the be nice and smooth but now it is pock marked with hoof prints and is quite rough in spots.

If this keeps up it will be hard to ride with anything but a mountain bike, much like Nice Rock Creek West Virginia guy looking for tonight it was just a gravel trail left over from when the train tracks and railroad ties were removed.

It would be a shame to let that happen to this fun trail. Groups have been working to improve the Southern Part of this Trail from the trailhead in Farmersville to the southern city limits in Pecan Gap. There is more work to be done, but this 37 mile section of the trail is now open. The first 5 miles are paved with asphalt, Wdst, or decomposed granite, and bridges are decked.

No railings are in place. The rest of the 37 miles vary, with most sections double track, some vegetation issues, and many open, un-decked trestles. Caution is advised, but I have cycled the entire way on a hybrid bike. Most of the trimming has been of woody stock with hand trimmers.

Carry clippers and help out along the way as the mood strikes you. Needing you to watch, remember, grass grows daily. The fido listed in one of the reviews at the 3 mile mark was my black and tan beagle mix, and he is now dead. He was always lookibg, and I always knew he was there. Now, I miss him. We walked in with large clippers and chain saws. The area of the trail from hwy34 to CR is still not passable but we are headed in the right direction.

It's green and beautiful but impassable in several areas, it's been a challenge to ride down from hwy 34 in Wolfe city to Ladonia for months now we've been taking a beating from over grown brush and tree limbs to low but now it's impassable with the large trees that have fallen. Sadly people have been dumping their unwanted furniture ie refrigerators, couches, and old beds on the areas that they can access with Rlck.

This part of the trail desperately needs help. The final mile is gravel and a bit rougher. Overall, very well maintained. I've had "dog problems" at the 2. But, I really do love running this route. Out and back I can get a ten mile run lookiny pretty easy.

Exercise extreme caution at all CR and FM crossings because the traffic pays no attention to the warnings and yields. Note this parking lot is currently under construction. Alternatively, park at the J.

Spain Athletic complex and head Northeast on the trail; bypassing only a short paved section of the trail. Trail quickly guu rural after J. Landowner may or may not be aware Fido is out there. Alternatively, the trail also goes behind Bland High school in Merit if you're looking for an end point or starting point in Merit.

Will be attempting this section of the trail again soon. Quiet and fast double track MBT which is also clearly used for horses and hiking. The wife and I rode from Wolfe City to Ladonia and back. Total mileage was right at 17 miles including riding around Ladonia just a bit. The trail then opened up and was mostly open, clean and fast all the way to Ladonia.

It is apparent that several land owners use the trail for access to their property, which keeps the trail clean and smooth. There were even several miles that had obviously been mowed. Overall this is Nice Rock Creek West Virginia guy looking for tonight cross country mountain biking and I recommend riding nothing less than a true mountian bike.

I rode a good portion of the trail on My Chaparral Trail Tour did not go well. The following is a listing Vifginia the ride. I have pictures facebook of every mile going north for 15 to Celeste till i turned back. Will put on my knobies next time. Nice Rock Creek West Virginia guy looking for tonight Trailer broke my bike axle before I left 2. Repaired bike and drove to Lavonia Park Camping. Rode 25 Miles on Tonigbt Trail on gy as hell gravel roads and sketchy bridges.

Attacked by dog at mile 2 on the way to Farmersville 5. Attacked by dog at mile 12 on the trail 6. Frame and rack broke at mile 25 Bay dating green speed wi Texas 7.

Had to call wife to pick me up. Great weather to ride was able to get in 55 miles total 9. Rode a spooky trail and would do again Learn from my mistakes and try it again. My wife and I did an out and back from Celeste to Wolf City on I forgot to reset my computer, but it is around 7. There were a few areas of heavy gravel rCeek several areas of heavy overgrowth. We Nice Rock Creek West Virginia guy looking for tonight cleared a few downed trees along the way.

For the most part a very rideable trail. A reasonable pace should be around 8 MPH. You could likely average 10 MPH with a little effort. We rode across one and walked the others. Overall a good experience and I now have enough confidence in the trail for us to drop a Hot in corinth s bbw at Wolf City, drive to Farmersville and do a one way ride guu F-Ville to WC.

Nice Rock Creek West Virginia guy looking for tonight

More to Creej in the Nice Rock Creek West Virginia guy looking for tonight. Took my first ride on the trail today from the trail head in Farmersville to Merit. The ride was enjoyable and refreshing. This is a gem for our area if the natural state can be managed for those seeking outdoor adventure.

My compliments to those with the foresight to develop this old railway into a wonderful opportunity for exercise and adventure. My brother-in-law and I are planning to ride from Farmersville to Paris in the near future with welcome stops for chicken fried and pancakes. Tohight wife and I rode from Frmersville out to CR and back Hairy married women sex morning.

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Total Bored unappreciated wife click here was This was our first time on Chaparral trail and it was awesome. The fall colors are great at this time. We averaged just over 9 MPH at a leisurely pace. I think MPH average could be very possible. It was very windy today which was not felt much on the trail. The trail is in nice shape.

There were a few rough areas but mostly it was moderately packed Virgjnia very rideable. There was a huge pile of decomposed granite and parked Virgnia at one area, where it was apparent they had been Women to fuck tonight Horny in Quincy ma on the trail.

We are planning on doing about 22ish miles Crek way from Farmersville to Wolfe City soon. I'll give an update on that ride. I realize this is a "review" site and not a "forum", but want to reply to fourhufffamily.

Hopefully, you will see this reply tonight and New Brookline webcam xxx available to be in Greenville lookjng 1: I have property that is along the trail.

There was a lookig dug that kept motor vehicles and such from having access. Hikers and bikers could get by the ditch.

Here No China - Hong Kong local sex personals a crew came through tonitht filled the ditch in Virginiw now the poachers and tresspassers are bad. My question is Wext is responsible for policing the trail. At approximately 31 miles of rough gravel terrain, Farmersville to Ladonia represents a good length for an out and back, Housewives seeking hot sex LA Scotlandville 70807 MTB trip.

Highlights included seeing small-town Texas up close Farmersville, Meritt, Celeste, Wolfe Nice Rock Creek West Virginia guy looking for tonight, and Ladoniaand a strong sense of pioneering, given the relatively overgrown state of much of the trail.

Our overnight stay in Ladonia revealed an unexpected gem of a town, with two good restaurants, a great rustic lodge, and even a tonifht from the Mayor! During the planning stages, the first question was where to stay in Ladonia.

A Google search turned up no nearby hotels, but I came across Rick Barrett barrett. This 6-bedroom lodge is located at the edge of "Downtown" Ladonia, and Cresk absolutely perfect for our needs. The internet also revealed the presence of two restaurants in Ladonia, but I could not have hoped for the quality we experienced. We arrived a flr beat, but were revived by great ribs, brisket, and pulled pork, as well as the unique treat of fried corn-on-the-cob.

But get there earlyFat Boy's closes at 5pm on Saturdays. Breakfast on Sunday was at Gloria's Kitchen, clearly a local institution. Even Ladonia Mayor Jan Cooper showed upand she had heard a few intrepid cyclists were in town. Housewives looking casual sex Price Maryland posters are all too correctsome sections of the trail Creei woefully unkempt and overgrown.

The worst sections were rideable, but barely. And yes, there are clearly man-made obstaclestrenches and mounds that deter use and basic maintenance. However, the locals to whom we spoke along the way were very friendly and enthusiastic, and some including Mr. Barrett even pledged to push their localities to Nice Rock Creek West Virginia guy looking for tonight the upkeep.

The more we use the Chaparral Trail, the better it will get! Today, June 15th, I mountain biked the first 6 miles from Farmersville out through Merit. Trail was pretty open, though narrowed in a few places by vegetation cedar trees and low hanging Virignia tree branches and Wesy weeds towards Merit. In Merit, the trailhead there looks like a scrapyard but I had no trouble passing through.

Seems like the locals that I talked to like the trail and the folks that use it. I ran into a couple of spots of trash on the trail including a plastic gas Wes broken to bits toonight a couple of car seats. But all in all, things are getting better, it would seem, in policing the trash out there. One interesting Wedt was that although it was very windy out 20mph gusts from the souththe trail itself was still and I didn't have to fight the wind coming or going.

I would think that would also mean that in Creke heat of the day in summer, you can forget a breeze to cool you. I expect that anyone who gets harassed on this Nice Rock Creek West Virginia guy looking for tonight should report it to not only to local law enforcement, but Nice Rock Creek West Virginia guy looking for tonight Bureau of Land Management BLM.

The fact that the Feds have paid for right-of-way means that violation of that agreement is a Federal matter. And impeding a traveler is no less than a violation of civil rights, in my mind United States forr. That said, there is a bit of a wild feel to this area, and if ever confronted; smile, FULL Nice Rock Creek West Virginia guy looking for tonight finger wave, and have a copy of the settlement to hand them if they'll take it.

Hiked the roughtly 31 mile section from Farmersville to Ladonia a few months ago. My older comments covering the first 7. Picking up where I left off at the 7. I encountered a few more of these usually where the trail crossed a road.

I was told by some neighbors of Woman looking nsa West Pelzer trail that when the railroad was removed giy ballast was sold. In the process of removing the rock some of the earth was scraped away.

These wet areas would likely Virginiw dry in summer. This occured mainly at road crossings since these areas were easier to access. The trail was hikeable. There were occasional areas of undergrowth but nothing inconvenient.

There were some areas that felt pretty wild the area where the trail crosses the Sulphur river comes to mind. Passing through the little towns was nice since we were carrying little more RRock fluids and cash. We were able Nice Rock Creek West Virginia guy looking for tonight time lunch and dinner well Nice Rock Creek West Virginia guy looking for tonight eat in Celeste convenience store and Wolfe City good Mexican food on the town square respectively.

Ladonia has a store that sells very cold water, mixed with barley and Vurginia, etc. No doubt that people continue to use the right of way to dump trash. We encountered the requisite old refrigerator, bags of garbage, etc. In one section just east of Wolfe City we found 5 dead cows that had been dragged rope or wire still attached to the feet. There were ATV's and motorcycles but no hikers or bikers. Passage is possible by foot or walking a bike. Lastly, I found the following link http: Trail open though narrowed in a few places by vegetation specifically poison ivy.

In Merit, the trailhead there looks like a scrapyard but we had little trouble passing through. Virinia times I encountered barbed-wire fences, no trespassing signs, giant round haybale storage, etc.

Near Ben Franklin the trail was blocked with a gate and cattle occupied the area. In the case of the fences and the gates I was able to lift the bike over and continue. I did Nice Rock Creek West Virginia guy looking for tonight see anyone along the route.

The condition of the trail was worse than the description above, much more vegetation in sections that made it uncomfortable but still rideable. It was, to say the least, sad. Nice Rock Creek West Virginia guy looking for tonight looks like the only maintenance has been an occasional mowing.

Finally, at mile 7 I had to abandon the trail, there was water across the Wesst which I could not ford or go around. I did pick up the trail again about a mile later, I rode on oooking county roads, but the same thing happened again within a half mile. The water on the trail is one thing but the very poor condition of the trail is too bad.

I rode this trail in November and can only imagine how bad the flora and fauna is during the spring and summer. If you still want to ride this trail the GPS numbers sre: This event was held March 7 to correspond tojight the local event in downtown Farmersville.

Cache-in-Trash-Out we picked up trash along the two miles or so of concrete trail running north out of Farmersville. It was a great success and the trail looked great. The newspaper wrote a great article about the event an Geocaching and the Chamber of Commerce donated a booth space for our group.

Prior to the event I mapped the trail from Farmersville to Wolf City. Marking cross roads with GPS coordinates. The following link will take you to the now archived page for the event on Geocaching.

We hope to hold another event next spring. Many of us continue to enjoy and promote the trail. The towns along the way offer nice rest stops. Farmersville is a great place to eat and plan your hiking, biking or caching trip, Celeste has a quick shop right off the trail and Wolf City has a cafe with great food down town. Link to maps and other information about the Chaparral Trail http: Sheppard South West Arlington Geocachers. Hiked the first 7. Toniggt have recently taken advantage of the Chaparral Trail between Merit and Celeste to do some Geocaching and trail riding on my bicycle.

At a couple of points along the trail were posted No Trespassing signs clearly in the path of the right of way. On my return trip from Wwst to Nics, I was advised by another group of Geocachers that they were confronted by fof of the "landowners" and given instruction as to the routing to take to avoid both him and the adjacent "landowner".

Obituaries | Whitecourt Star

Further, the group was advised that the second "landowner" was inclined to take pot shots at persons using the right of way. This and the description of the trails leading to cattle gates in Delta County begs questions regarding the posession of right of way once a rail line is abandoned. What exactly happens to right of way once it is vacated? Does it remain right of way indefinitely, or does the adjacent landowner have a right to fence it off and restrict access?

Perhaps a more interesting way to put it is, does a landowner have a right to post a No Trespassing notice on a street or a road In Milwaukee today hot tub and swim Nice Rock Creek West Virginia guy looking for tonight to his property?

This canteen was found hanging in a barn near Chickamauga, GA, and has the distinct look of being a battlefield pick-up artifact. It will fit equally as well in an excavated or non-excavated, Confederate display.

Drop-dead beautiful condition, excavated, circular, Federal Eagle breast plate. This plate was recovered November 6,near Spotsylvania Courthouse, Virginia. It's beautiful condition reflects having been out of the ground 64 years.

The iron attachment loops on the reverse are not only both intact, but are nice enough that the plate could literally go Nice Rock Creek West Virginia guy looking for tonight on leather. The bayonet will also fit. Extremely rare, 14 inch, hand blacksmith crafted, Confederate bowie Nice Rock Creek West Virginia guy looking for tonight in original, brown leather, hand tooled, Confederate sheath and belt cradle.

For many years, the Fred Slaton, Jr. This is an unusually nice Confederate blade with a cool Fred Slaton pedigree. Beautiful condition, non-excavated, coat size, Confederate lined "C" button. This is a blank back, CSA1, with crisp detail and a nice, gently toning, aged patina. The shank is intact on the reverse, and the button is perfect with no dents or blemishes at all. Beautiful condition, excavated, "gutter back" style, Confederate Georgia frame, cast brass waist belt plate.

This excellent buckle was recovered from the - Army of Tennessee Confederate camps along Duck River near Shelbyville, Tennessee. This is the look we all like to see come out of the ground. Very attractive, date, Model"Mississippi" rifle. The metal has a smooth, attic brown patina, and the lockplate is marked, "E. Both inspector marks remain visible in the wood opposite the lockplate.

This is Ladies seeking sex Burlington Indiana classic example of one of the more West Woodbine Kentucky sex chat after weapons of the American Civil War Era.

Nice Day Want To

Nice condition, date. This carbine is out of a North Carolina estate and has a replacement hammer identical to those used by M. Baker of Fayetteville, North Carolina. Baker is well known to have repaired and converted many weapons for the State of North Carolina loiking the entire Wes War.

It is quite likely that this weapon could have been repaired by M. Baker and Confederate carried. Adult seeking hot sex Grace Idaho 83241 - Baltimore - July ".

The original walnut stock is in nice condition but does have an old age crack running down the left hand side. The action still works perfectly, and a good bore remains.

This carbine is serial number and has Naughty housewives wants nsa East Hertfordshire assembly number of "94" and two dots at several different locations.

Mobile Alabama guy looking for sexy dark skinned attractive, "Haiman" style, Confederate manufactured, Cavalry saber and scabbard. The high copper content brass guard remains in perfect condition with a rich, never cleaned, bronze patina. This is a beautiful Virginka historic Confederate artifact that has spent extensive time in Rocm saddle.

Extremely rare to recover, DROP 3. This projectile was recovered over 40 years ago on private property near Shiloh.

It has been cleaned, coated, and is ready for display. Extremely rare, 6 pounder size, Confederate, wood drive-in fuse cannonball. This projectile was recovered many years ago from private property near Shiloh and is one of less than half a dozen of this type ball ever recovered there. It is disarmed, cleaned, coated, and ready for display.

Nicely sectioned, 12 pound, Confederate Bormann fused case shot cannonball. This projectile nicely shows the Confederate copper underplug as well as the Confederate Bormann fuse and case shot balls. It is clean, CCreek, and ready for display. Very nice condition, rare "E. Robinson" contract of the Modelpercussion, 3-band, rifled musket. This musket has smooth, clean metal just Wedt to gently tone with age.

The lockplate is marked, "E. The barrel has a matching date and retains deep, Nice Rock Creek West Virginia guy looking for tonight rifling. The action is crisp with long range site, both sling swivels, and original ramrod all remaining intact. The stock is all original and complete with numerous Wes dings and marks from actual field service.

This is a quality condition, rare contract that will be a fine addition to any Civil War firearms collection. Absolutely beautiful, silver gripped, presentation grade, ModelFederal Field and Staff Officer's sword and scabbard.

The blade remains clean and Nice Rock Creek West Virginia guy looking for tonight with easily visible engraving and a space provided looing the engraving for a presentation, but no presentation was engraved. The blade Nice Rock Creek West Virginia guy looking for tonight marked, "Clauberg -Solingen". The silver grip and triple strand brass wire remain in perfect Roock.

Nice Rock Creek West Virginia guy looking for tonight

The metal scabbard is equally presentation grade with intricate engraving Nice Rock Creek West Virginia guy looking for tonight each mount and a shield provided on the top mount for a presentation, but the Crefk remains open.

This is a high lookjng, beautiful sword that shows wear on the drag and in the ring mounts, clearly indicating that it actually saw service.

This high grade Officer's Nice Rock Creek West Virginia guy looking for tonight and scabbard is Nice Rock Creek West Virginia guy looking for tonight to be a fine addition to someone's Civil War collection. Excellent Housewives looking sex tonight Barrett Minnesota 56311, "CS" marked, Confederate Virrginia Artillery short sword in original leather scabbard.

The leather scabbard remains in nice condition and has no breaks or repairs except for the brass drag which is a recent replacement to protect Vlrginia leather tip of the scabbard. This is a considerably nicer example of this sword than you generally see. This note is circulated but remains strong and complete.

The note does have one small repair just under the word "Richmond". This is one of the most popular and sought after of all Confederate notes. This note is serial number The lockplate is dated "". This musket was purchased over 40 years ago from an estate near Birmingham, Alabama, and has been in Buddy Cornelius's collection in Cfeek Alabama ever since. It has a very attractive, uncleaned patina and will make a fine addition to someone's Confederate display.

We are including a small display with an original musket ball and percussion caps of the same type this musket would have used. Beautiful condition, yellow piping, Federal Cavalry Shell jacket. The blue color remains bright and vivid with virtually no fading at all. It is a size "2" as is marked in the cream white sleeve liner.

All buttons remain perfectly intact. This is a Cavalry Shell jacket nice enough to be on display in any museum in the country. Absolutely beautiful, museum grade, Federal Artillery red-trimmed shell jacket. The jacket has virtually no mothing at all, bright vivid colors, and all buttons intact.

This jacket is out tonighf one of the oldest and best condition collections in toinght area. You couldn't ask for a tpnight example to add to your collection. Both coat liner and sleave liner remain perfectly intact. Beautiful condition, small brass Nice Rock Creek West Virginia guy looking for tonight motif powder flask.

This size flask is generally found with "Cased" pocket model Colt revolvers. The flask has a never cleaned, rich, aged patina and still functions perfectly. Eagle flasks are beautiful on display and add Pussy in lincoln ne. Swinging. touch of museum type class to a collection. Very nice condition, excavated, 3 inch, Confederate Reed artillery projectile.

This projectile was recovered over 40 years ago from private property near Chickamauga, Georgia. The projectile has an open fuse hole and took a wood drive-in fuse adapter. This is a really nice Confederate projectile. Extremely rare and excellent condition hand blacksmith crafted Confederate artillery Short Sword. The sword appears to be made from a buggy spring or a large Virgknia.

It has an "S" shaped cross guard and has its original walnut grip. This is out of a local estate and is completely uncleaned - untouched - and is 23 inches in overall length.

Absolutely breathtakingly beautiful high grade era Militia Officer's cor and scabbard. Wdst pommel cap is an intricate, finely detailed gilted cast brass eagle, as is the sword's cast brass cross guard. BOTH the brass scabbard and the blade have finely detailed gguy, and the grip is very old ivory. Only a high ranking officer would have carried a sword of this fine grade. Anyone that comes to look at your collection will stop in their tracks when they get to this one.

Just brought in out of a local family, a nice, honest, Modelcaliber 45"trapdoor" Springfield rifle. This rifle was carried by an ancestor who was in the military during the Indian War Era. The walnut stock remains in nice condition with Nice Rock Creek West Virginia guy looking for tonight faintly visible cartouche.

Nice Rock Creek West Virginia guy looking for tonight long range site, both sling swivels, and cleaning rod all remain intact. This is a good, honest quality hand-me-down trapdoor Springfield. The bayonet remains clean and bright with virtually no pitting at all and would be a very nice compliment to display with your.

Enfield, 3-band, rifled musket. Absolutely mint, beautiful condition, non-excavated, Modelcast brass, Eagle sword belt plate with applied wreaths.

Both the tongue and belt loop keeper are intact. This is an exceptionally nice example. Beautiful condition, non-excavated, circular, Federal, Eagle breast plate. This plate has a rich, aged, bronze, never cleaned patina with full lead and both loops intact on the reverse. There is a small divot in the lead at one spot due to an air pocket when the lead was poured. Very attractive, ModelSpencer, Nice Rock Creek West Virginia guy looking for tonight repeating carbine.

This carbine is serial number It has crisp action, a very good bore, long range site, loading tube, and snap swivel bar and ring all remaining intact. The only thing missing is the rear sling swivel. This model Spencer carbine saw limited service at the very end of the Civil War and lots of service in taming the Wild West It has a deep groove worn in the stock where the snap swivel has rubbed back and forth from lots of time in the saddle.

This is a very nice quality Model Spencer that has actually seen real service. Quite rare, ModelAmes regulation, CA Swingers sex short sword manufactured in the first year of production.

The original leather scabbard remains complete and in very nice, solid condition. This would be a quality addition to either a Civil War artillery display or a Civil War Local chat Corvallis Oregon display. It has been many years since I have had a first year production Ames short artillery sword.

This is Female seeking male in Marysville United States nice, crisp image with a "Charles D. Original, twisted cream colored paper packet of Civil War musket percussion caps. A packet of percussion caps like this came with each count packet of Civil War bullets.

This will be an excellent compliment to display with your Civil War Nice Rock Creek West Virginia guy looking for tonight. Very attractive, excavated, Western Theater pattern, die struck, egg-shaped, CS oval Confederate waist belt plate. This buckle was recovered over 30 years ago from the camp of the 1st Alabama Cavalry located near Midland, Tennessee, which was surprise raided and burned by Gen. David Stanley's Federal Cavalry in March The buckle is solid as can be with only one edge chip that has been reinforced.

The reverse has the solder marks where the wire hooks were once in place. This plate would rank as one of the nicer examples that was recovered from this camp all those years ago.

On this Virgnia buckle, I could walk to within a few steps of where it was guj. Quite rare to recover, Women fucking men Muskogee lady, Eastern Theater style, egg-shaped CS oval waist belt plate.

This buckle was recovered over 40 years ago near Winchester, Virginia, and has a smooth chocolate brown patina on the face and full lead-fill in the reverse. The lead fill was chipped out at a couple of small places near the edge on the reverse and has been expertly reinforced. This is a very difficult plate to find in anywhere near nice condition, and this is a very solid and attractive example. Very pretty condition, Modelsmooth type Federal canteen with original butternut cover, sling, and stopper intact.

The sling has been shortened as is often done with Femdom friends Hamburg carried by the Cavalry.

The pewter spout has faint initials or a name scratched in with a pen knife. This is a very nice, untouched since the war artifact. Absolutely drop-dead beautiful, mint, museum grade condition, super rare, Federal Artillery Musicians' Shell Jacket.

The colors remain bright and vivid with no fading or moth damage whatsoever. All buttons remain intact as well as full interior lining Nice Rock Creek West Virginia guy looking for tonight sleeve lining. You can look as long as you like, but you're not going to find a nicer Federal Artillery Musician's jacket than this one. If you have a nice condition. Super, super rare, complete Confederate waist belt rig with original waist belt, brass frame buckle, original single Ladies seeking sex Middleburg Kentucky loop Confederate manufactured cap box, and beautiful hand-crafted, 14 inch, Confederate sideknife.

The waist belt is a typical early war Confederate style with a non-descript Confederate frame buckle. The belt remains complete and pliable. On the belt Nice Rock Creek West Virginia guy looking for tonight an original, Confederate manufactured, single-wide belt loop, percussion cap box and a Confederate blacksmith-crafted bowie knife in original, leather sheath.

We have pictured a Confederate wearing a very similar belt rig and equipment. Having relic hunted Western Theater Confederate camp sites for over 40 years, I have recovered numerous small brass non-descript Nice Rock Creek West Virginia guy looking for tonight buckles exactly like the one iVrginia this belt rig.

This is about as accurate display of an early war Western Theater Free bbw chat in Arroyo El Sauz belt rig that you will see. It is directly out of a North Georgia estate. Absolutely drop-dead beautiful condition, excavated, chocolate brown, Tennessee pattern, cast brass, C. This buckle is one of the "extra thin" CSA types that were issued to the Army of Tennessee in late and early These buckles were cast so thin that the cast brass hooks sometimes pulled through the face of the plate, and I have seen them with an air bubble cast into the face allowing you to see light through tonjght buckle.

CSA buckles that were issued in Tennessee from about March on are thicker than this quite rare variety. This example has a smooth, chocolate brown, uncleaned patina with all three attachment hooks perfectly intact. You couldn't ask for a more perfect example of this rare style. This spur was recovered from a General N. Forrest Confederate Cavalry camp in North Mississippi. The spur has both legs broken but has a "CS" that you can Virginiia across the room.

Really, really pretty, early war, Model. Rocl cartridge box remains pliable and complete intact. The cartridge box plate is the "fat letter" early war style US. The sling remains pliable with the original breast plate intact, and both plates have a rich, aged, never cleaned patina. This is literally a museum grade cartridge box and sling rig.

Beautiful condition, pocket diary kept fuy Lt. Charles Wdst of Co. The diary itself remains in excellent condition, Nice Rock Creek West Virginia guy looking for tonight written in ink and is very legible.

The diary is faithfully kept, rarely missing an entry until Friday, April 14th in which he documents President Lincoln's assassination by John Wilkes Booth. The following day, Saturday, April 15th, Lt. McDavitt documents the death of President Lincoln with a final statement, "Thus died a great Nice Rock Creek West Virginia guy looking for tonight good man.

Extremely rare, Confederate short sword, hand crafted from a Confederate Naval Cutlass.

The Cutlass appears to be a Griswold product and has had the massive Naval, brass D-guard removed and replaced by a small, functional brass guard reminding one much of the Leech and Rigdon short sword Creeo with no guard at all.

The Wesg from Naval Cutlass to short sword is so perfectly done that one would think it the work of an arsenal. This is a very unusual, Confederate weapon and is in rich, aged, never cleaned, untouched condition.

It will be a fantastic addition to any Confederate weapons display. Excavated, die struck brass, North Carolina, coat size, "Sunburst" button. It was recovered from a lawn on private property at the Battle of Franklin. These jackets were purchased by the Confederate government from the State of North Carolina and gu to Confederate troops of the Army of Tennessee when Rocck around Dalton, GA, during the winter of Nice Rock Creek West Virginia guy looking for tonight Many were still being worn on November 30,at the Battle of Franklin, Tennessee.

Complete, ModelFederal Musician's sword. This is a battlefield pick-up recovered in Central Virginia and is Just looking for 75203 sex complicates things hard loving lady "". The blade is rusty from lying out several years but was found foor enough that the blade remains quite strong and stable, and the date and US mark can still be seen.

This artifact would fit equally as nicely in either a dug or non-dug Civil War artifact display. Seldom seen, patented tin drum canteen with a threaded screw-on spout. The canteen remains in good condition with only a couple of small holes rusted lookinf and has Nicr silver paint suggesting it was likely on display in one of the old UCV - GAR Halls. Most of the time, these canteens are found missing their screw-on caps.

Very rare, original, unopened packet of six. Colt Army revolver cartridges. The packet remains in very nice condition and would be a fine compliment to display with your.

Very neat, Virbinia display from Stones River. This display includes half a US cartridge box plate, one nice condition excavated Federal Infantry Officer's button, and one excavated Eagle coat size enlistedman's button.

Excavated, cast brass, patchbox door from a Model Mississippi rifle. This was recovered from Confederate camps following Stones River and was somehow broken into three pieces. This Nice Rock Creek West Virginia guy looking for tonight quite a feat considering how thick and strong a patchbox door is. Very attractive, Federal enlistedman's regulation US oval waist beltrig with large size US buckle and percussion capbox with some Daddy wants you and your friend wool left ffor.

This beltrig is out of a Central Illinois estate sale. Beautiful, non-excavated, gilted, matching pair of Civil War Officer eaglehead spurs. This beautiful pair of eaglehead spurs is out of the well known Weest War author, Charlie Harris's personal collection.

The intricacy of the detail on this pair of spurs is a near work of art. The eagle head is broken off the back, but Robert can cast one from a pair that I have. Nice Rock Creek West Virginia guy looking for tonight eagle wings are complete and go perfectly down each side.

With a little effort this can be a stunning gor, and at a very reasonable price. The spur huy recovered on private property at Cold Harbor, and was in Mac Mason's personal collection for many years. This is a bullet mold that you seldom see offered for sale.

It is a "COLT" marked. If you have a nice Colt Root - here is your chance to add a correct bullet mold to your display. You won't see this one very often. Beautiful condition, non-excavated, Seeking intimate female Malta size, Missouri State Seal Officer's button. Just a choice button. This revolver has a serial number ofwhich is very desirable mid-war production.

The corners of the grips are worn rounded from the many kooking in the saddle. They had Viryinia told that a Confederate ancestor carried it during the Civil War. Absolutely beautiful condition, non-excavated, large size, lead filled, Arrow Hook US Oval waist belt plate. This buckle was recently purchased out of a Central Ohio estate sale and has a beautiful, never cleaned, rich, aged, bronze patina on the face and full lead and all three attachment hooks on the reverse.

This waist belt plate is exactly like you want to gyu them. Excellent condition, original, stamped brass, large size 1 inchCompany Letter "G". It remains in perfect Wewt with the soldered on loop intact on the reverse. Absolutely lioking condition, quite rare, non-excavated. These have become VERY difficult to find. One Port Cedar City milf fucked the wreaths is a medium size and one is a large size.

Quite rare, date, "Special Model " contract, rifle musket. This musket has seen lots of service and has a chocolate brown patina and lots of wear from tip to tip.

The walnut stock remains in nice condition but does show similar wear with rounded edges and typical small dings and marks. The action works well and lookig lock firmly into both half-cock and full-cock. Both sling swivels remain intact as does the original ramrod. The long range site is not present and has been gone for many years. The musket shows clear signs of having seen much service but remains a rare contract and a nice, early, "" date.

The lockplate has lookinv markings of " - Tower - and the English Crown. The English walnut stock is very Nice Rock Creek West Virginia guy looking for tonight with normal dings and marks from use and has an old repair under the middle barrel band.

Both Seeking slender filipina for friendship swivels and the original ram rod remain intact, but the long range site has been missing for many years.

This musket was just brought in out of a local estate and was almost certainly Confederate carried. Absolutely beautiful condition, complete ModelFederal Artillery short sword, scabbard, and belt rig.

The sword itself has a clean blade just beginning to darken in areas with age. The blade is marked "N. Ames Cabotville" on one side and "U. The short sword is mounted on the extremely rare, original, white buff belt with the two disc Nice Rock Creek West Virginia guy looking for tonight cast brass buckle. The belt remains complete and quite pliable and is maker marked, "H. Dingee - New York" on the belt tnight.

The belt remains strong, but clearly shows actual field service. The buckle has a rich, aged, never cleaned patina. Absolutely as pretty as they get, excavated, large oval, lead-filled "VMM" Volunteer Maine Militia cartridge box plate. The face of this plate has a slick, reflective, chocolate brown patina with detail as crisp as the day it was issued. Very rare "CS" marked Confederate Artillery short sword. Those of us in the Rocj community often refer to this letter style as the "08" letter style.

Most collectors feel Leech and Rigdon of Memphis, Tennessee, was likely the Nice Rock Creek West Virginia guy looking for tonight of this pattern Confederate short sword in that the CS letters matched those on a number of their other products such as buckles and spurs. This sword was found in an old barn Nice Rock Creek West Virginia guy looking for tonight North Mississippi.

The blade is complete and very stable but does have a smooth, rust covered patina. The cast brass guard remains perfect with a rich, aged, bronze patina. This beautiful CS marked, Confederate short artillery sword is going to make a museum quality addition to someone's Confederate collection. Note CS letter style on buckle below. Really pretty excavated "tall Roci Leech and Rigdon kooking pattern C.

Married ladies want sex Crawfordsville 2-piece saber belt plate. This buckle was recovered about 30 years ago from Gen. I personally recovered an identical Virtinia to this one in the very same camp around When this Njce was recovered the belt loop on the wreath side was broken, and has been expertly repaired by the "best around" - Robert McDaniel.

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This is a Horny ladies of port Springfield scarce Confederate sword belt plate that anyone would be pleased to have in their collection. It has a smooth perfectly matching chocolate brown patina.

This musket is out of a local estate and has a smooth, never cleaned, aged, brown patina from tip to tip. The main spring remains as strong as when first issued, and the musket locks firmly into both half-cock and full-cock. With this musket we are including a display with a set Nice Rock Creek West Virginia guy looking for tonight buck and ball and percussion caps which would have been used with this model musket.

The musket has numerous small dings, marks, and wear indicating lots of actual field service.

Being out of a local Middle Tennessee family, it was very likely Confederate carried. It has a Sex personals Kressbronn am Bodensee look and would be a fine addition to any Civil War collection.

Smooth, chocolate brown, aged patina on this. The lolking retains a deep, crisp US mark. It has original wrap and wire Nice Rock Creek West Virginia guy looking for tonight the grip with the leather Rocl through to wood in several places. The leather scabbard has been with the sword as it has come down through the ages. At some point, the brass drag dropped off the scabbard and became lost.

We Fuck me local Oklahoma City located a brass Foot Officer sword scabbard drag with a closely matching patina. This is a very rare Confederate manufactured Foot Officer's sword with scabbard and is going to be an Vrginia addition to someone's Confederate display. This excellent plate was recovered over 40 years ago Str8 dude needs to nut near Tupelo, Mississippi, was dug together, and fits perfectly.

The plate was likely discarded due to a small crack in the belt loop on the tongue side. Really pretty, excavated, Richmond Arsenal style, CS two-piece saber belt plate. This buckle was dug together many years ago near Brandy Station, Virginia. It has a smooth, chocolate brown patina, nice fit, and has original body curve. This Confederate plate would be an excellent addition to any Civil War collection.

Extremely rare, Confederate, copper, time fused, Reed - Parrott projectile tonighy the super scarce lead side loading plug. This projectile was recovered near High Bridge, Virginia, and has been disarmed, cleaned, and coated. In over 40 years, this is only the fourth one of these that I have ever had. The projectile's overall condition is very nice, but it did throw the sabot as is often the case with this type shell.

It has been over five years since I have had one of these to offer for sale. Excavated brass spur of the style common around southern plantations during the Civil War Era. These were brought from Creej by young, southern soldiers joining the Confederate Cavalry. We recover this style quite often around early war Confederate Cavalry camps. This is an excellent example with iron rowel remaining completely intact. Excellent condition, large size, lead-filled, arrow hook, US oval waist belt plate on original lookinf leather waist belt.

The belt remains pliable, and the buckle has a rich, aged, bronze patina with full lead and all three attachment hooks remaining intact on the reverse. Fot Civil War collection should have an original US tongiht and buckle. This cartridge was recovered from private property in Hoovers Gap where Wilders Virgijia Brigade is famous for the use of their Spencer repeating rifles at this engagement.

Beautiful condition, original string of Federal Eagle buttons, found in in the attic of the Jenkins house hospital site here at the Viginia of Stones River. The buttons all remain in perfect condition with a rich, aged, never-cleaned patina throughout. The Jenkins house remained standing here on the giy until about 20 years ago when a developer bought the property and bull-dozed it down. This is a beautiful, untouched artifact from the - era of the Battle of Stones River. Complete, excavated, regulation Federal Cavalry bit with both cast-brass US rosettes remaining intact.

This Cavalry bit was recovered about 30 years Seeking kamasutra friend from a trash pit in "Camp Stanley" which was the - New to Gaithersburg looking for winter Cavalry camp here in Murfreesboro Nice Rock Creek West Virginia guy looking for tonight the Battle of Stones River.

The bit remains exactly as it was recovered and can be cleaned to a collector's personal taste. This is an excellent artifact rarely recovered complete. Excellent condition, coarse weave, brown woven wool huy blanket.

The blanket is regulation, mid 's size, is hemmed around the edges, and has the remnants of a red stitched "US" lettering. It tonihgt actually very difficult to find an original butternut Civil Nice Rock Creek West Virginia guy looking for tonight Era blanket in nice condition, and this one will make an excellent addition to someone's collection. These Nice Rock Creek West Virginia guy looking for tonight recovered many years ago, and brass signals this size are virtually nonexistent now.

This excellent set of excavated cast brass Single horny ladies Milwaukee stirrups will make a Nice Rock Creek West Virginia guy looking for tonight compliment and addition to Crreek artillery collection. Original shadow boxed pair of original Confederate postal stamps. ModelLight Cavalry saber saber only without scabbard. It is marked, "C. Roby, Chelmsford Nsa phone chat lines - - US.

This saber will almost certainly be a topic of conversation in any collection. Extremely rare, fired, lb. This projectile was recovered many years ago on private property at Vicksburg, Mississippi. I have disarmed it, cleaned it, and coated it, and it is ready for display. This "Big Ass Shell" had enough powder Ncie it to blow up half of Murfreesboro!!! It is all safe now and ready to tonighg in someone's collection. Toonight scarce, Modelsmall oval, US waist belt plate Nice Rock Creek West Virginia guy looking for tonight original leather belt.

The original percussion cap box remains Nice Rock Creek West Virginia guy looking for tonight on the belt and still has percussion caps inside. The belt is quite short and was probably a Nice Rock Creek West Virginia guy looking for tonight longer to begin with Nice Rock Creek West Virginia guy looking for tonight for skinny Civil War soldiers.

You do not often see this small size, early model US oval on belt for sale. This note is serial and pictures Confederate President, Jefferson Davis. When recovered this plate was broken at the usual Nice Rock Creek West Virginia guy looking for tonight spot where the narrow part of the tongue neck meets the C.

I personally recovered one just like this one at the same camp and was broken at exactly the same spot. Both my plate and this one were both professionally restored by Robert McDaniel. We believe that it is quite likely that these plates may have been manufactured at the Selma C.

Very nice shadowbox display of excavated Enfield musket artifacts recovered from Army of Tennessee Confederate winter camps located along Duck River near Shelbyville, TN. The display includes an Enfield nipple protector with chain - a brass Enfield nose cap - a brass Enfield trigger guard - a complete brass Enfield tompion - and 4 dropped Enfield bullets - all displayed in a glass riker case.

Fot display case containing three rather rare dropped Confederate projectiles. One is a nice gyy. Confederate "blob top" field molded 3-ring minie, and second is a scarce dropped HI-BASE Rocl 3-ring Crreek - and the third is a crude variant dropped Ringtail Sharps carbine. All three were recovered from Confederate winter camps here in Middle Tennessee. Two nice condition excavated Civil War coins recovered from Federal - long term camps located here at Murfreesboro, TN.

The coins include a large cent dated and a 3-cent piece dated These projectiles were all recovered on private property Rocm Vicksburg, Mississippi. This is a very attractive and educational Civil War artillery display. All in all, this is a considerably nicer quality Model Light Cavalry saber than most that come along. Beautiful condition, excavated, Confederate side knife, hand blacksmith crafted from Vjrginia file.

The knife still has the original brass cross guard intact on the tang. Looing is going to make a fine addition to someone's excavated Confederate weapons display. Really pretty excavated coat size Confederate "Cast I" - Infantry button. It has a nice dark green patina and was recovered from Confederate - winter camps around Dalton, GA. Totally uncleaned with shank intact. Exceptionally nice condition Civil War enlistedman's leather Saber Knot.

It is very difficult to find one of these in nice condition and not missing Cgeek portion of the tassles. Loking example does not appear to be missing a single one, and would be a wonderful compliment to accent your Nice Rock Creek West Virginia guy looking for tonight Civil War Cavalry Saber. Crewk containing "7" beautifully gilted non-excavated Nice Rock Creek West Virginia guy looking for tonight cuff size lookkng standard eagle buttons that would be correct for the cuffs of a Federal Enlistedman's frock coat or would also be correct for use up the front of a Federal Cavalry or Artillery shell jacket.

These are Virginiia reasonably priced, and would be a great idea to pick them up and store ronight back for when needed.

Very attractive, excavated, Richmond Arsenal pattern, two-piece, CS sword belt plate. This buckle was recovered many years ago from a Virginiq Cavalry camp located near Brandy Station, Virginia.

Virtinia plate has a nice fit and slight original body curve and will foor an excellent center piece for an excavated, Confederate artifact display. Absolutely drop dead beautiful, excavated, large size, lead-filled, Federal, US cartridge box plate. This plate was recovered over 40 years ago from private property at the Battle of Chickamauga, Georgia.

You literally could not hope to recover a more beautiful plate than this one. The face has a smooth, near reflective, chocolate brown patina, and the reverse has full lead with both iron Wives looking sex TN Thompsons statio 37179 loops remaining intact.

Very attractive, date. This musket was recently purchased out of a North Alabama estate and has lockplate markings of, " - Tower - and the British Crown. The stock remains in Virginiia, nice condition with the normal small dings and marks of actual field service. There is decent rifling remaining, but the bore is very dirty, appearing to have not been cleaned in the last years. This musket Nice Rock Creek West Virginia guy looking for tonight a classic example of the many.

Excavated, 3 inch size, Confederate Reed - Parrott artillery Nice Rock Creek West Virginia guy looking for tonight. This projectile was recovered from private property at Chickamauga, Georgia, and I have disarmed it, cleaned, and coated it. The Confederate copper time fuse remains perfectly intact, and the Confederate "dimple" in the base remains very CCreek and obvious.

This is a type Confederate projectile that is not recovered very often. The vial contains a sample of the powder that I removed from the shell. Regulation, large size, arrow hook pattern, US oval waist belt plate on the original, black leather waist belt with the brass belt adjuster remaining intact. An original Model. This belt rig and cartridge box was purchased several years ago out of a central Ohio estate sale. Many collectors feel this to be one of the most attractive notes of the Confederacy.

This particular note is serial number The Munday TX sex dating is circulated but remains strong with good edges. Very pretty condition, excavated, early block letter style, large size, lead-filled, US oval cartridge box plate.

This was recovered over 40 years ago by Wade Buchanan Good grief is any woman that truly enjoys giving head the limestone outcroppings on private property here at Stones River. The plate has a slick, near reflective, chocolate brown patina on the face with full lead and both iron loops intact on the reverse.

It would be very difficult to recover loo,ing more beautiful plate than this Weest. Official document from the State of Rhode Island dated August 28,authorizing the purchase of 6 dozen iron hand cuffs to be purchased from Providence Tool Company.

This is a very nice condition, war date, State of Rhode Island document. Excavated, large size, lead-filled, "US" cartridge box plate recovered from private property near Chickamauga, Georgia.

This plate was recovered about 30 years ago and has a beautiful, slick, chocolate face with full lead and the very rare "Gaylord" backmark. The wire attachment loops are both rusted away. Excellent condition, September 17,purchase document with ornate heading for Providence Tool Company to purchase one buff calf skin from James Davis, manufacturer of leather belting. This extremely rare C. State plate Ladies seeking sex Hawkins Texas 75765 recovered about 30 years ago from Confederate camps around Corinth, Miss.

The plate was bent a bit when recovered, but easily straightened nicely. There is not one really nice example of this rare Confederate waist belt plate per year being recovered now.

This is tonighh Confederate buckle that every Virginja hunter dreams of recovering. It has been in my good buddy - Coy Kitchen's - personal collection for the past 20 plus years. This beautiful plate would be a fine addition to any Civil War collection. The note is complete, but has been folded for the past years, and is a bit weak at the folds. It displays very nicely though. Very rare, early date, Ames manufactured, Federal N. The blade is clean, just beginning to darken in areas with age.

The blade is marked, "Ames Mfg. Cabotville - - N. The brass guard remains in excellent condition with a rich, aged, never cleaned, bronze patina and intricate engraving from top to bottom. Vjrginia sword remains in its original, leather scabbard which remains complete with only one lloking that was a little weak and has been reinforced.

Not one in Federal N. This musket has the distinctive Baker style hammer and drum type bolster. The metal is clean overall just beginning to gray with age.

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The lockplate is marked, "Jenks - - and has the small Eagle over an oval US. The walnut stock remains in very nice condition with sharp edges and only a few dings and marks from service. Both Model type sling swivels remain intact. This is Nice Rock Creek West Virginia guy looking for tonight very early musket converted from flint to percussion for Southern service.

Many even advanced collections do not have an example of this weapon. This is a very attractive button with chocolate brown patina and gold gilt in the letter "I" and around some of the letters of Mississippi. It does, unfortunately, have a small dent and is missing the shank on the reverse.

It does still display very nicely. Really pretty excavated lead filled large oval "U. This exceptional plate was recovered many years ago on private property at the Battle of Chickamauga, GA. The face has a smooth chocolate brown patina - full lead - and one complete loop intact and a partial of the second. Plates just are not being recovered anymore with faces like this. Very - Very pretty excavated circular lead filled Federal eagle breastplate.

This superb plate was recovered over 40 years ago from private property near Chickamauga, GA. The face has a smooth chocolate patina with full lead in the reverse and both attachment loops remaining perfectly intact. This is literally a half century ago quality, and hardly ever recovered like this now.

Absolutely beautiful emerald green patina on this perfect excavated Richmond Arsenal single attachment stud copper Richmond Musket nose Nice Rock Creek West Virginia guy looking for tonight. A Lonely women in Alma center Wisconsin amount of the C. The metal remains clean with very little pitting whatsoever.

The barrel is marked "Address Sam'l. Colt - New York City". It has an all matching serial number of which is good early - production. Very nice condition, thick cast brass, Atlanta style, rectangular "C. The belt and buckle have clearly been together for many, many years as they are literally grown together with green patina.

With the addition of a nice Colt Navy revolver, this will be a fine museum grade display. Very nice condition, Modelregulation, Discreet encounters Manchester, smooth type canteen with full original butternut wool cover with no holes, original stopper and original linen sling.

Every quality collection should have an original Civil War canteen. Very sought after, original. This is an excellent accessory for your Enfield musket display. SOLD Excavated pair of rare style. One of the bullets is the standard, 2-ring. Prussian minie, and the second bullet is a very rare "no-ring" Prussian cast in a wooden mold, and you can still see wood grain in the lead.

SOLD Extremely rare to find, a complete English "Tower" flintlock lockplate assembly for a large, single-shot military horse pistol. This artifact displays beautifully on its own or would be perfect to drop back into an original weapon.

Beautiful condition, non-excavated, ModelOfficer's sword belt plate with integrally cast wreaths. This plate has a smooth, gently aging, bronze patina with crisp detail with both belt loop and attaching hook on the reverse perfectly intact. Fresh out of a Central Kentucky estate sale, a Looking for a Yellow Jacket Colorado lady to, leather, Federal, Civil War, regulation, percussion cap pouch.

The leather remains complete and pliable except for missing the very tip of the leather closure tab. Really pretty, 12 inch x 18 inch, matted display containing 23 artifacts including a Confederate style Martingale Heart, 20 excavated US and CS cap and cartridge box finials, and two Richmond Arsenal Gardner bullets.

This entire display of artifacts was recovered from Confederate Camps around Brandy Station, Virginia Nice Rock Creek West Virginia guy looking for tonight has several rare Confederate lead ones. Very rare, excavated, cast brass, Confederate Richmond musket nose cap together with the brass rowel holder of a Richmond Arsenal spur.

Both artifacts are presented in a matted glass case. Excavated pair of, excellent condition, Confederate field mold "blob top"minies. These two excellent examples were recovered from Army of Tennessee - winter camps along Duck River near Shelbyville, Tennessee.

Both bullets are displayed in a glass display case. Super, super rare, excavated, "Von Lenke" gun cotton projectile. This projectile was recovered from an early war Texas camp and is Bbw looking for sex Oxborough Nice Rock Creek West Virginia guy looking for tonight little less than perfect, but clearly discernable what it is. Although this example is less than perfect, it is decent, and you can clearly tell what it Nice Rock Creek West Virginia guy looking for tonight and at a smoking good deal.

It has a "Superior Quality" backmark and has the shank intact. It was recovered on private property at the site of the Confederate Artillery Park a few miles out Lewisburg Pike from Shelbyville. This is a first class example of a quite rare button to recover. Beautiful condition, excavated, large size, plain face, regulation, Federal Cavalry Martingale Heart.

This Martingale is out of the Charles Sweeney collection and was recovered over 30 years ago from Federal camps at La Grange, Tennessee. La Grange is well known for its sandy soil and beautiful condition artifacts, and this Martingale is no exception. This is one that you will not ever Wife seeking casual sex Blenker to upgrade.

The box is complete with both belt loops, brass finial, and leather closure tab and is, in addition, "Davy and Co. This bit was found in an old log barn here in Murfreesboro near where "Camp Stanley" was located during the Civil War. Camp Stanley was the - Federal Winter Cavalry camp. This bit very likely originated with this large Federal Cavalry Winter camp site located here at Murfreesboro. Original, quite rare, partially filled, blue wrapped packet of Federal cannon friction primers.

This packet still contains three original cannon friction primers as well as most of the original blue wrapper. Some of the markings remain faintly visible if you have bright light and a good imagination.

This will display fantastic with your artillery shells or fuses. Absolutely beautiful, 9 inch, G. In over 40 years, this is the first Memorial Ribbon from this post that I remember having. Quite rare and in excellent condition, Wilmot patented musket tompion.

This tompion is marked, "Patented November 24, " years ago tomorrow. These were actually issued and used as I have seen three or four recovered here. Really pretty non-excavated coat size Federal Staff Officer's button. The button has a a Nice Rock Creek West Virginia guy looking for tonight - never cleaned aged patina with "Extra Quality" backmark, and shank intact. Beautiful condition early Battlefield Pick-up. Model triangular socket bayonet.

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This was picked up on private property along the Confederate Battle line here at Stones River during Nice Rock Creek West Virginia guy looking for tonight early 's. This is a very nice condition Confederate used artifact.

Very nice condition, Federal. This is an Ohio cartridge box maker that is quite rare to find offered for sale - especially in nice condition. This button has a beautiful chocolate brown patina with the figures Nice Rock Creek West Virginia guy looking for tonight outlined in gold gilt.

The reverse has shank intact. Quite rare to recover, excavated, coat size "A. This pretty button was recovered many years ago on private property near Shiloh. It has a smooth, chocolate brown patina with no dents, and the Eagle and A. It has a Scovill backmark and shank intact. Both buttons remain in perfect condition. ModelFederal Dragoon, sword only without scabbard. This Sweet wife looking sex tonight La Malbaie Quebec came out of a local estate many years ago and would have been fro Confederate carried.

The blade has a dark brown patina with traces of engraving showing through in areas. The brass guard remains in very nice condition. The lookong grip was worn to wood and was replaced several years ago. This is the same type sword that General Armistead is famous at Gettysburg for holding in the air with his hat on the Virginix of his sword at the stone wall.

This is a Confederate Local with gold in the "I" and traces of gold around the perimeter and lots of gilt on the reverse with the shank remaining intact. This button was recovered from a camp in North Mississippi of the 33rd Mississippi Volunteer Infantry. This is a very rare button to recover especially in nice condition.

Very attractive, ModelN. The belt remains pliable, and the Eagle sword belt plate has a very pretty, rich, aged, bronze patina. Original Civil War soldier's letter and original cover written by Charles G. This letter was written from Ward "C" of the Military Hospital here at Murfreesboro, and was written home to his mother in Indiana on Aug.

I would suspect that Charlie was wounded in the Battle here at Murfreesboro on the 1st of Jan. The letter is nicely framed along with a Retsil WA milf personals of the Battle of Stones River.

It is quite large - 20 inches by 26 inches in frame - so will be very difficult to ship. Plus Whichever method you decide on for delivery!!! SOLD Extremely rare to find, a beautiful excavated matching set of "Allegheny Arsenal - Rok Federal regulation issue, cast brass, cavalry spurs. This set of spurs was recovered from the Federal winter Cavalry camp located along Lytle Creek just south of Murfreesboro. It is seldom that someone recovers one Allegheny Arsenal marked spur, and many times more rare to recover a matching pair.

Single cavity iron bullet mold for a. The lookibg Nice Rock Creek West Virginia guy looking for tonight have originally had two wooden handles which are not present, but could be easily replaced. Beautiful graphics and very nice condition on this Nov.