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Ontario fun is surrounded on the north, west, and ffun by the Canadian province of Ontarioand on the south and east Ontario fun the American state of New Yorkwhose water boundaries meet in the middle of the lake. Lake Ontario is the 14th largest lake in the world in terms of surface area.

Ontario fun Lake Ontario has a retention time the measurement of time that water spends in a particular lake of about 6 years. The Ontario fun basin covers 64, square kilometers 24, square miles. There are a number of island s on the lake, including the Thousand Islands region [photo below], which is an archipelago of 1, islands that line the U.

While many of the islands are small Ontario fun even uninhabitable, the largest is Wolfe Islandwhich, at square kilometers 48 square miles. Baymouth bars built by prevailing winds and Ontario fun have created a significant number of lagoons and sheltered harbors.

Its primary inlet Ontario fun the Niagara River from Lake Erie. Niagara River meets Lake Ontario]. As with all the Great Lakes, water levels change both within the year owing to seasonal changes in water input and among Ontario fun owing to longer term trends in precipitation.

Like the other Great Lakes, Lake Ontario used to have an important commercial fishery. Ontario fun has been largely destroyed, mostly by over-fishing and also by Ontario fun pollution and invasive species. Today only fum fishery activities exist. Lake Ontario is host to a number of migratory birds.

Swansloons, ducksgeeseOntarik and other water fowl are among the wildlife that inhabit Lake Ontario. Birds Ontario fun prey such as hawks and Ontario fun are also common in the area.

Lake Ontario has completely frozen over on five recorded occasions: Ice glaciers melting at the end of the latest Ontzrio Age were responsible for the formation of Lake Ontario fun and all of the other Great Lakes. Ontario fun and Huron First Nations lived on the lake for thousands of years before Europeans arrived.

As ofabout 50 people have successfully swum across the Ontario fun. The first person who accomplished the feat was Marilyn Bell, who did it in at the age of InOntario fun hunter Ed Burtt manage to find it.

It landed in Lake Ontario and is believed to still be there. Prev Article Next Article. You may also like.

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