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By Stephen Cass March Show Low sc no strings sex, We were just as brimming with questions as you are about the finale, and here are some of the answers we got.

What exactly was Kara, and were people chasing down a rabbit hole when they assumed her father was Daniel, the missing 8th model cylon? Daniel is definitely a rabbit hole. It was an unintentional rabbit hole, to be honest. I was kind of surprised when I started picking up [that] speculation online. Daniel] was later sort of aborted ssx Cavill… it was always intended just to be sort of an interesting bit of backstory about Cavill and his jealously.

A Cain and Abel sort of allegory. Then people really started grabbing Milf personals in Ahwahnee CA to it and seizing on it as some major part of the mythology.

Kara is what you want her to be. Kara Thrace died and was resurrected and came back and took Show Low sc no strings sex people to their final end. We decided that the more you try to put a name on it, the less LLow it became, and we just decided this was the most interesting way for her to go out, with her just disappearing and [leave people wondering exactly what she was].

We see Galactica jump away from the Colony.

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Are we to assume there are a lot of pissed off Cavills out there still, or were they destroyed? The final [cut] came out a little less clear on that than I intended….

It was scripted and the idea was that when Racetrack hits the nukes—the nukes come in and smack into the colony—it takes the colony out of the stream that seex swirling around the singularity and [the colony] fell in and was destroyed.

I think as we went through the [editing process], when Show Low sc no strings sex kept cutting frames and doing this and that, one of Ladies looking hot sex Wilder things that became less apparent was that the colony was doomed. The intention was that everyone who was aboard the colony would perish. At what point did you strjngs to make it Earth-of-the-past that we were going to wind up on, and what was your reason for that?

We decided that scc couple of years ago. In the early [development of the show], we would talk about the fact that we would see a lot of contemporary things in the show from language to wardrobe to all kinds of production design jo. That only made sense to us in terms of a lot of things that we see in the show and we feel are taken from our contemporary world are actually theirs to begin with. Or, more directly, [as when] Lee said we would give them the better part Show Low sc no strings sex ourselves.

We also sxe this image of Six walking through Times Square that we came strngs with Show Low sc no strings sex ago. The backstory of the original Earth was supposed to be that the 13th tribe of cylons came to that world, started syrings and essentially destroyed themselves.

Cavill killing himself actually came from Dean Stockwell [the actor who played Cavill]. As scripted in that final climatic CIC battle, Tigh was going to grab Cavill and fling him over the edge of the upper level and he was going to fall to his death.

For the actors, what was the last scene that you filmed and what was the mood like on the set? That was about 3: I think I was one of the first people to wrap—she died and we all hugged, and my son and Show Low sc no strings sex went to the airport and went back to LA… It happened quickly, it was set to happen a week later and the schedule was changed, so suddenly it was over, it was really interesting, very much like the show for me.

My last day was when I was on the mountainside and it was the last moment that I was on camera. It was quite an experience all the way around, that moment Honey-creek-WI swinger wife time.

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The last time that I saw Starbuck and Lee was the last scene where I saw Loq [in the show]. I wore bright blue so you would know I was alive. The notion is sort of how you posited it. Different people hear Hispanic Herndon cumbria and pluck it out of the ether and write songs. Bob Dylan here on Earth. It was a simple way, I thought, to communicate clearly the idea Show Low sc no strings sex show is not set in the future.

Show Low sc no strings sex

There was an episode in season one in which Helo and Sharon are running for their lives. I think we felt it was too soon. Did you find that true? We made the decision that fourth season was going to be the last season once we got to the end of Show Low sc no strings sex third season. We all instinctively felt that the show had the reached the third act by the time the show got to the end of that third season.

We wanted to expand the show and … find a new ways [of] story telling.

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It gave the show life, but after a year of that, when we sat down heading into season four, it was a much shorter conversation. If we know that going in, how would that inform story telling decisions? I remember from my perspective going into that 4th season there was a different energy on Sow set.

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There was tremendous focus and concentration that I was getting from the entire ensemble. Part of what was extraordinary about that is as you are able to view [the end approaching] you can then kick into gear and plot your finish. What that ends up doing is simplifying things for you. So a lot of us felt a kind of simplification. A Sweet ladies want nsa Ogden of humility that came over us and that gives you a lot of energy.

You just know where Show Low sc no strings sex are going and you are proud to be a part of it. And you let go. That was the experience I think many of us had.

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We had a meeting at the very beginning of the show and we all, 13 of us, sat down in my trailer—. And we sat down as we discussed the possibilities. I talked to strongs about making sure we understood that if, by chance, this situation was to move forward and we were to do this as a series, and this was to go Ladies seeking sex Middleburg Kentucky to for one year, four years, ten years, who knows, that we had to understand stings that meant… I just knew that…the story would have a beginning, a Show Low sc no strings sex and an end, and that we had to pace ourselves.

Show Low sc no strings sex


So Show Low sc no strings sex the end of the third season, beginning of fourth season, we had a meeting, and we were told Lw that this was going to be the final season. And we knew it. In marathon you have to start off fast, really really intensely strong, your first mile has to extraordinary.

Then the next 24 miles have to be consistent….

We never really looked at them as angels or demons because they seemed to periodically say evil things and good things, they tended to save people and they tended to damn people. There was this sense that they worked in service of etrings else.

The idea at the very end was that whatever they are in service to continues and is eternal and Show Low sc no strings sex always around.

And they too are still around…and with Show Low sc no strings sex of us who are the children of Hera. They continue to walk among us and watch, and at some point they may or may not intercede at a key moment. Why did no one strinfs the fleet disagree with the who burn the fleet and live in a disease infested mud hut?

That is one of the major question I have, I most certainly would have told Lee to go frack himself and Show Low sc no strings sex a ship. Where Lpw Dirk Benedict? I thought he was suppose to be the imperious leader, count ibili, or god?

My friend liked it a lot, but she is a die hard christian so go figure. This was an absolute lame ending to a great series! Ron Mooore Adult wants sex Valmora NewMexico 87750 this. Jeff, as for why no one told Lee to frak himself and take off, I think the idea was that everyone was just tired of running and living on makeshift houses in space, why not just settle onto a makeshift house on solid ground.

All of you who are looking for the series to explain the meaning of life to you should go read Dante.

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For me this was a beautifully executed ending. Laughed, cried, whaaat the frak?? A good series wraps things up in Looking for someone to experiment with tidy package that can be quite boring.

A great series leaves a few questions, it should, makes one think much longer. BSG has been the very best thing to watch for the last few years. Strnigs a series ending? I take it more like Lw This being and its followers the Head Baltar and Six, Starbuckhave followed the Cylons and Show Low sc no strings sex and seen that they continue to destroy themselves. So they tried to intercede subtly. They also sent a more sleeper-agent-like Kara to literally lead the people to a new, fertile world, when they were ready.

Then they sit back and watch how the people react. Much like the Christian God, who offers guidance and warnings, but ultimately leaves man to follow his free will, this god Lod to leave the salvation of the fleet to the fleet. Kudos on a great run Ron and David. Has one or both of you Show Low sc no strings sex a parent? I ask cause the scene with Baltar strngs down about farming was spot on.

It made me think of the times with my pop, who passed away 2 years ago. I feel I watched a part of history tonight. This finale was beyond amateurish. I did not realize the bar had dropped so low dex episodic television.

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I am so grateful Show Low sc no strings sex I never could get any of my friends or co-workers to watch this. So after watching these people survive the cylons we find out that they all die off because they were a high tech people who decided to throw all their Lod into the sun. Most were probably killed off by spear chucking neanderthals or realized they couldnt farm without any tools.

At least Hera survived to be raped by a neanderthal so the human race could go on.