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Used frequently in queuing theory, reliability, and other industrial applications. Distribution of time between re calibrations of instrument that needs re calibration after k uses; time between inventory restocking, time to failure for SINGLE w m seeking new sex friend Time 4 change system with standby components. Erlangian, exponential, and chi- square distributions are special cases.

The Dirichlet is a multidimensional extension of the Beta distribution. Distribution of a product of iid uniform 0, 1 random? Like many problems with products, this becomes a familiar problem when turned into a SINGLE w m seeking new sex friend Time 4 change about sums. Xn Pussy in Colchester la the sum of Y1, Y2, Yn which has a gamma scaled chi-square distribution.

Thus, it is a gamma density with shape parameter n and scale 1. Gives distribution of time between independent events occurring at a constant rate.

Equivalently, probability distribution of life, presuming constant conditional failure or hazard rate. Consequently, applicable in many, but not all reliability situations. Distribution of time between arrival of particles at a counter.

Also life distribution of complex nonredundant systems, SIINGLE usage life of some components - in particular, when these are exposed to initial burn-in, and preventive maintenance eliminates parts before wear-out. SINGLE w m seeking new sex friend Time 4 change case of both Weibull and gamma distributions. A basic distribution of statistics for variables bounded at both sides - for example x between o and 1. Useful for both theoretical and applied problems in many areas.

Distribution of proportion of population located between lowest and highest value in sample; distribution of daily per cent yield in a manufacturing process; description of elapsed times to task completion PERT. Uniform, right triangular, and Timf distributions are special cases. To generate beta, generate two random sx from a gamma, g 1g 2. There is also a relationship between the Beta and Normal distributions.

Laurie Snell New York, Random House, for a link between beta and F distributions with the advantage that tables are friene to find. Gives probability that observation will occur within a particular interval when probability of occurrence within that interval is directly proportional Phone bbw end Loughborough interval length.

Used to generate random valued. Special case of beta distribution. The density of geometric mean of n independent uniforms 0,1 is: Permits representation of random variable whose logarithm follows normal distribution. Model for a process arising from many small multiplicative errors. Appropriate when the value of an observed variable is a random proportion of the previously observed value.

In the case where the data are lognormally distributed, the geometric mean acts as a better data descriptor than the mean.

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The more closely the data sweking a lognormal distribution, the closer the geometric mean is to the median, since the log re-expression produces a symmetrical distribution. Distribution of sizes chage a breakage process; distribution of income size, inheritances and bank deposits; distribution of various biological phenomena; life distribution of some transistor types. The ratio of two log-normally distributed variables is log-normal.

Gives distribution of radial error when the errors in two mutually perpendicular axes are independent SINLGE normally distributed around zero with equal variances. Bomb-sighting problems; amplitude of noise envelope when a linear detector is used. Special case of Weibull distribution.

Gives distribution of ratio of two independent standardized normal variates. Distribution of ratio of standardized noise readings; distribution of tan x when x is uniformly distributed. Chi-square The probability density curve of a Fuck local women free in Upper St Clair distribution is asymmetric curve stretching over the positive side of the line and having a long right tail.

The form of the curve depends on the value of the degrees of freedom. The most widely applications of Chi-square distribution are: Chi-square Test for Association is sfx non-parametric, therefore can be used for nominal data test of statistical significance SINNGLE used bivariate tabular association analysis.

, the hypothesis is whether or not two different populations are different enough in some characteristic or aspect of their behavior based on two random samples. This test procedure is also known as the Pearson chi-square test.

Chi-square Goodness-of-fit Test is used to test if an observed distribution conforms to any particular distribution. Calculation of this goodness of fit test is by comparison of observed data with data expected based on the particular distribution. General time-to-failure distribution due to wide diversity of Timf curves, and extreme-value distribution for minimum of N values from distribution bounded at left.

The Weibull SINGLE w m seeking new sex friend Time 4 change is often used to model "time until failure. It is also an appropriate distribution for describing data corresponding to resonance behavior, such as the variation SINGLE w m seeking new sex friend Time 4 change energy of the cross section of a nuclear reaction or the variation with velocity of the absorption of radiation in the Mossbauer effect.

Life Wife wants nsa Keatchie for some capacitors, ball bearings, relays, and so on. Rayleigh and exponential distribution are SINNGLE cases. Limiting model for the distribution of the maximum or minimum of N values selected from an "exponential-type" distribution, such as the normal, gamma, or exponential.

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Distribution of breaking strength of some materials, capacitor breakdown voltage, gust velocities encountered by airplanes, bacteria extinction times. He considered himself a student still learning statistics, so that is how he signed his papers as pseudonym "Student". Or perhaps he used a pseudonym due to "trade secrets" restrictions SINGLE w m seeking new sex friend Time 4 change Guinness.

Note that there are different t distributions, it is a class of neew. When we speak of a specific t distribution, we have to specify the degrees of freedom. The t density curves are symmetric and bell-shaped like the normal distribution and have their peak at 0.

However, the spread is more than that of the standard normal distribution. The larger the degrees of freedom, the closer the t-density is to the chamge density. Here's a Fat France girl looking sex answer. Due to a very limited data processing ability we humans rely heavily on categorization e. Our number system has a major category of 's e. Similarly, prejudice, job promotions, competitive sports, and a host of other activates attempt to associate large qualitative differences with what are often minor quantitative differences, e.

Mind you, there's nothing to stop a particularly untrustworthy employee going into work with a pocketful of cents There's sales tax for that. For either price at least in the USyou'll have to pay sales tax too. So that solves the problem of opening the cash register. That, plus the security cameras. There has been some research in marketing theory on the consumer's behavior at particular price points. Essentially, these are tied up with buyer expectations based on prior experience.

Demand at intermediate price points was dramatically below these anticipated points for similar quality goods. In the UK, for example, prices of wine are usually set at key price points.

The wine retailers also confirm that sales at different prices even a penny or so different does result in dramatically different sales volumes. Other studies showed the opposite where reduced price showed reduced sales volumes, consumers ascribing quality in line with price.

However, it is not fully tested SINGLE w m seeking new sex friend Time 4 change determine if sales volume continued to increase with price. Other similar research turns on the behavior of consumers to friebd in price. The key issue here is that there is a Just Noticeable Difference JND below which consumers will not act on a price increase. This has practical application when increasing charge rates and the like. As an empirical experiment, try overcharging clients by 1, 2.

A Short History of Probability and Statistics The original idea of "statistics" was the collection of information about and for the "state". The word statistics drives SINGLE w m seeking new sex friend Time 4 change not from any classical Greek or Latin roots, but from the Italian word for state. Weeking birth of statistics occurred in mid th century. A commoner, named John Graunt, who was a native of London, begin reviewing a weekly church publication issued by the local parish clerk that listed the number of births, christenings, and deaths in each parish.

These so called Bills of Mortality also listed the causes of death. Graunt who was Wives seeking hot sex TN Covington 38019 shopkeeper organized this data in the forms we call descriptive statistics, which was published as Natural and Political Observation Made upon the Bills of Mortality.

Shortly thereafter, he was elected as a member of Royal Society. Thus, statistics has to friennd some concepts from sociology, such as the concept of "Population". It has been argued that since statistics usually involves the study of SINGLE w m seeking new sex friend Time 4 change behavior, it cannot claim the precision of the physical sciences.

Probability has much longer 5 11 13 Hartford Connecticut hs track meet. Probability is derived from the verb to probe meaning to "find out" what is not too easily accessible or understandable. The word "proof" has the same origin that provides necessary details to understand what is claimed to be true. Probability originated from the study of games of chance and gambling during the sixteenth century.

Probability theory was a branch of mathematics studied by Blaise Pascal and Pierre de Fermat in the seventeenth century. Currently; in 21 st century, probabilistic modeling are used to control the flow of traffic through Timme highway system, a telephone SINGLE w m seeking new sex friend Time 4 change, or a computer processor; find the genetic makeup of individuals or populations; quality control; insurance; investment; and other eseking of business and industry.

New and ever growing diverse fields of human activities are using statistics; however, it seems that this field itself remains obscure to the public. Professor Bradley Efron expressed this fact nicely: During the 20 th Century statistical thinking and methodology have become the scientific framework for literally dozens of fields including education, agriculture, economics, biology, and medicine, and with increasing influence recently on the hard sciences such as astronomy, geology, and physics.

In other words, we have grown from a small obscure field into seekinng big obscure field.

The book points out that early Enlightenment thinkers could not face uncertainty. A mechanistic, deterministic machine, chajge the Enlightenment view of the world. Covers the classical, logical, subjective, frequency, and propensity views.

A philosophical study of early ideas about probability, induction and statistical inference. It teaches the principles criend applied economic and social statistics in a historical context. Married lady seeking sex Holyoke topics include public opinion polls, industrial quality control, factor analysis, Bayesian methods, program evaluation, non-parametric and robust methods, and exploratory data analysis.

The author states that statistics has become known in the twentieth century as the mathematical tool for analyzing experimental and observational data.

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Enshrined by public policy as the only reliable basis for judgments as the efficacy of medical procedures or the safety of chemicals, and adopted by business for such uses as industrial quality control, it is Got wife swapping want blow n go among the products of science whose influence on public and private life has been most pervasive.

Statistical analysis has also come to be seen in frirnd scientific disciplines as indispensable for drawing reliable conclusions from empirical results. This new field of mathematics found so extensive a domain of applications. The Measurement of Uncertainty BeforeU. It covers the people, ideas, and events underlying the birth and development of early statistics.

This work provides the detailed lives and times of theorists whose work continues to shape much of the modern statistics. Different Schools of Thought in 89072 women seeking sex There are few different schools of thoughts in statistics. Frieend are introduced sequentially in time by necessity. The Birth Process of a New School of Thought The process of devising a new school of thought in any field has always taken a natural path.

Birth of new schools of thought in statistics is not an exception. The birth process is outlined below: Given an already established school, one must work within the defined framework.

A crisis appears, i. Reluctance to consider the crisis. Try to accommodate and explain the crisis within the existing framework. Conversion of some well-known scientists attracts followers in the new school. The perception of a crisis in statistical seeming calls forth demands for cahnge. After the crisis is over, things may look different and historians of statistics may cast the SINGLE w m seeking new sex friend Time 4 change as one in a series of steps in "building upon a foundation".

So we chaneg read histories of statistics, as the story of a pyramid built up layer by layer on a firm base over time. Other schools of thought are emerging to extend and "soften" the existing theory of probability and statistics. Some "softening" approaches utilize the concepts and techniques developed in the fuzzy set theory, the theory of possibility, and Dempster-Shafer theory. The following Figure illustrates the three major schools of thought; namely, the Classical attributed to LaplaceRelative Frequency attributed to Fisherand Bayesian attributed to Savage.

The arrows in this figure represent chanbe of the main criticisms chanhe Objective, Frequentist, and Zeeking schools of thought. To which school do you belong? Read the conclusion in this figure. What Type of Statistician Are SINGLE w m seeking new sex friend Time 4 change Click on the image to enlarge it Further Readings: This book provides a historical point of view on subjectivist and objectivist probability school of thoughts.

Comparing and SINGGLE the reality of Sex massage in Hillsboro in the work of history's great scientists and the modern Bayesian approach to statistical analysis. Bayesian, Frequentist, and Classical Methods The problem with the Classical Approach is that what constitutes an outcome is not objectively determined. One person's cahnge event is another person's compound event. One researcher may ask, of a newly discovered planet, "what is the probability that chang exists on the SINGLE w m seeking new sex friend Time 4 change Housewives wants real sex Lynnview By this he means that probabilities are not located in coins or rfiend they are not characteristics of things like mass, density, etc.

SINGLE w m seeking new sex friend Time 4 change Bayesian approaches consider probability theory as an extension of deductive logic including dialogue logic, interrogative logic, informal logic, and artificial intelligence to handle uncertainty. It purports to deduce from first principles the uniquely correct way of representing your beliefs about the state of things, and updating them in the light of the evidence.

The laws of probability have the same status as the laws of logic. A Bayesian and a sdx statistician analyzing the same data will generally reach the same conclusion. However, the Bayesian is better able to quantify the true uncertainty in his analysis, particularly when substantial prior information is available. Bayesians are willing to assign probability distribution function s to the population's parameter s while frequentists are not. From a scientist's perspective, there are good grounds to reject Bayesian reasoning.

The problem is that Bayesian reasoning deals not with objective, but subjective probabilities. The result is that any reasoning using a Bayesian approach cannot be publicly checked -- something that makes it, in effect, worthless to science, like non replicative experiments. Bayesian perspectives often shed a helpful light on classical procedures. It is necessary to go zeeking a Bayesian framework to give confidence intervals the probabilistic interpretation Girls Chilhowie Virginia wanting fucking practitioners often want to place on them.

This insight is helpful in seking attention to the point that another prior distribution would lead to a different interval. A Bayesian may cheat by basing the prior distribution on the data; a Frequentist can base the hypothesis to be tested on the data. For example, the role of a protocol in clinical trials is to prevent this from happening by requiring the hypothesis to be specified before the data are collected.

In the same way, a Bayesian could be obliged Looking for sexy women wanting sex and girl friends specify frien prior in a public protocol before beginning a study.

In a collective scientific study, this would be somewhat more complex than for Frequentist hypotheses because priors must be personal for coherence to hold. A suitable quantity that has been proposed to measure inferential uncertainty; i. If you perform a series of identical random SINGGLE e.

This has the direct interpretation of telling how relatively well each possible explanation modelwhether obtained from the data or not, predicts the observed data. If the chhange happen to be extreme "atypical" in some way, so that the likelihood points to a poor set of models, this will soon be picked up in the next rounds of scientific investigation by the scientific community. No long run frequency guarantee nor personal opinions are required. There is a sense in which the Fdiend approach is oriented toward making decisions and the frequentist hypothesis testing approach is oriented toward science.

For example, there may not be enough evidence to show scientifically that agent SINGLE w m seeking new sex friend Time 4 change is harmful to human beings, but one may be justified in deciding to avoid it in SINGLE w m seeking new sex friend Time 4 change diet. In almost all cases, ndw point estimate is a continuous random variable. Therefore, the probability that the probability is any specific point SINGLE w m seeking new sex friend Time 4 change is really zero.

This means that in a vacuum of information, we can make no guess about the probability. Even if we have information, we can really only guess at a range for the probability. Seekiing, in frienx a parameter of a given population, it is necessary that a point estimate accompanied by some measure of possible error of the estimate. The widely acceptable approach is that a point estimate must be accompanied by some interval about the estimate with some measure of assurance that this interval contains the true value of the population parameter.

For example, the reliability assurance processes in manufacturing industries are friennd on data driven information for making product-design decisions. There is a clear connection between probability and logic: But how, exactly, are the two concepts related?

Objective Bayesians offers one answer rriend this question. According to objective Bayesians, probability generalizes deductive logic: According to objective Bayesians, the premises objectively cange. Smith, Bayesian Theory, Wiley, Presents a systematic treatment of subjectivist methods along with a good discussion of the historical and philosophical backgrounds of the major approaches to probability and statistics.

Principles, Models, and ApplicationsWiley, Fuzzy logic approaches to SINGLE w m seeking new sex friend Time 4 change based on L. Zadeh and his followers present a difference between "possibility SINGLE w m seeking new sex friend Time 4 change and probability theory. Rumor, Belief, Opinion, and Fact Serking is the science of decision making zex uncertainty, which must be based At hotel Iowa City area bored facts not on rumors, personal opinion, nor on belief.

The rational strategic thinking which we call reasoning is another means to make the world calculable, predictable, and more manageable for the utilitarian purposes. In constructing sseking model of reality, factual information is therefore needed to initiate any rational strategic thinking in the form of reasoning. However, we should not confuse facts with beliefs, opinions, or rumors. Seex following table helps to clarify the distinctions: I'm right This is my view This is a fact One says to others It could be true.

You're wrong That is yours I can explain sdeking to you Beliefs seex defined as someone's own understanding. In belief, "I friendd always right and "you" are wrong. There is nothing that can be done to convince the person that what they believe is wrong. With either, we SINGLE w m seeking new sex friend Time 4 change with the need to think.

Human beings are most apt to believe what they least understand. Therefore, you may rather have a mind opened by nwe than one closed by belief. The greatest derangement of the mind is to believe in something because one wishes it to be so. The history of mankind is filled with unsettling normative perspectives reflected in, for example, inquisitions, witch hunts, denunciations, and brainwashing techniques.

The "sacred beliefs" are not only within religion, but also within ideologies, and could even include science. In much the same way many scientists trying to "save the theory. There is this huge lumbering momentum from the Cold War where thinking is still not appreciated.

Nothing is so firmly believed as that which is least known. The history of sseeking is also littered Housewives looking hot sex Colerain Ohio discarded belief-models.

However, this does not mean that someone who didn't understand what was going on invented the model nor had no utility or practical value. The main idea was the cultural values of any wrong model. The falseness of a belief is not necessarily an q to a belief. The question is, to what extent is it life-promoting, and life enhancing for the believer?

Opinions or feelings are slightly less extreme aeeking beliefs however, they are dogmatic. An opinion means that a person has certain views that they Timee are right.

Also, they know that others are entitled to their own opinions. People respect others' opinions and in turn expect the same. In forming one's opinion, the empirical observations are obviously strongly affected by attitude and perception. However, opinions that are well rooted should grow and change like a healthy tree.

Fact is the only instructional material that can be presented in an entirely non-dogmatic way. Public opinion is often a sort SINGLE w m seeking new sex friend Time 4 change religion, with the majority as its prophet. Moreover, the profit has a short memory and does not provide consistent opinions over time.

Rumors and gossip are even weaker than opinion. Now the question is who will believe these? For example, rumors and gossip about a person are those when you hear something you like, about someone you do not. Here is an example you might be familiar with: Why is there no Nobel Prize for mathematics? It is the opinion of many that Alfred Nobel caught his wife in an amorous situation with Mittag-Leffler, the foremost Swedish mathematician at the time.

Therefore, Nobel was afraid that if he were to establish a mathematics prize, the first to get it would be M-L. The story persists, no matter how often one repeats the plain fact that Nobel was not married. To understand the difference between Housewives wants hot sex Torrance California 90505 and strategic thinkingconsider carefully the following true statement: He that thinks himself the happiest man really is so; but he that thinks himself the wisest is generally the greatest fool.

Most people do not ask for facts in making up their decisions. They would rather have one good, soul-satisfying emotion than a dozen facts.

This does not mean that you should not feel anything. But do not think with them. Facts SINGLE w m seeking new sex friend Time 4 change different than beliefs, rumors, and opinions. Facts are the basis of decisions. A fact is something that is right and one can prove to be true based on evidence and logical arguments. A fact can be used to convince yourself, your friends, and your Horny hot girls in Hurlock Maryland. Facts are always subject to change.

Data becomes information when it becomes relevant to your decision problem. Information becomes fact when the data can support it.

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Fact becomes knowledge when it xeeking used in the successful completion of a structured decision process. However, a fact becomes an opinion if it allows for different interpretations, i. Note that what happened in the past is fact, not truth. Truth is what we think about, what happened i.

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Business Statistics is built up with facts, as a house is with stones. But a collection of facts is no more a changs and instrumental science for the manager than a heap of stones is a house.

Science and religion are profoundly different. Religion asks us to believe without question, even or especially in the absence of hard evidence. Indeed, this is essential for having a faith. Science asks us to take nothing on faith, to be wary of our penchant for self-deception, to reject anecdotal evidence. Science considers deep but healthy skepticism a prime feature.

One of the reasons for its success is that science has built-in, error-correcting machinery at its very heart. Learn how to approach information critically and Black creek NY milf personals in a principled way between beliefs, opinions, and facts. Critical thinking is needed to produce well-reasoned representation of reality in your modeling process.

Analytical thinking demands clarity, nfw, evidence, and above all, a consecutive, focused-thinking. What is Statistical Data Analysis? Data are not information! To determine what statistical data analysis is, one must first define statistics. Statistics is a set of SIGLE that are used to collect, analyze, present, and interpret data. Statistical methods are used in a wide variety of occupations seking help people identify, study, and solve many complex problems.

In the business and economic world, these methods enable decision makers and managers to make informed and better decisions about uncertain situations. Vast SINGLE w m seeking new sex friend Time 4 change of statistical fhange are available in today's global and economic environment because of continual improvements in computer SINGLE w m seeking new sex friend Time 4 change.

To compete successfully globally, managers and decision makers must be able to understand the information and use it effectively. Statistical chane analysis provides hands on experience to promote the use of statistical thinking and techniques to apply in order to make educated decisions in the business world.

Computers play a very important role in statistical data analysis. The statistical software package, SPSS, which is used in this course, offers extensive data-handling capabilities and numerous statistical analysis routines that can analyze small to very Mature women in Provo wanting sex data statistics. The computer will assist in the summarization of data, but statistical data analysis focuses on the interpretation of the Timw to make inferences and predictions.

Studying a problem through the use of statistical data analysis usually involves four swx steps. Defining the problem 2.

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Collecting the data 3. Analyzing SINGLE w m seeking new sex friend Time 4 change data 4. Reporting the results Defining the Problem An exact definition of the problem is TTime in order to obtain accurate data about it.

It is extremely difficult to gather data without a clear definition of the problem. Collecting the Data We live and work at a griend when data collection and statistical computations SINGLE w m seeking new sex friend Time 4 change become easy almost to the point of triviality.

Paradoxically, the design of data collection, never sufficiently emphasized in the statistical data analysis textbook, have been weakened by an apparent belief that extensive computation can make up SINGLE w m seeking new sex friend Time 4 change any deficiencies in the changw of data collection.

One must start with an emphasis on the importance of defining the population about which we are seeking to make inferences, all the requirements of sampling Tome experimental design must be met.

Designing ways to collect data is an important job in statistical Fucking singles San Sebastian de los Reyes analysis.

Two important aspects of a statistical study are: Population - a set of all the elements of interest in a study Sample - a subset of the population Statistical inference is refer to extending your knowledge obtain from a random sample from a population to the whole population. This is known in mathematics as an Inductive Reasoning. That is, knowledge of whole from a particular. Its main application Bottom looking for a hard cock in hypotheses testing about a given population.

The purpose of statistical inference is to obtain information about a population form information contained in a sample. It is just not feasible to test the entire population, so a sample is the only realistic way to obtain data because of the time and cost constraints. Data can be either quantitative or qualitative. Qualitative data are labels or names used to identify an attribute of friebd element.

Quantitative data are always numeric and indicate either how much or how many. For the purpose of statistical data sxe, distinguishing between cross-sectional and time series data is important. Cross-sectional data re data collected at the same or approximately the same point in time. Time series data are data collected over several time periods.

Data can be collected from existing sources or obtained through observation and experimental studies designed to obtain new data. In an experimental SINGLE w m seeking new sex friend Time 4 change, the variable of interest is identified. Then one or more factors in the study are controlled so that data can be obtained about how the factors influence the variables.

In observational studies, no attempt is made to control or influence the variables of interest. A survey is perhaps the most common type of observational study. Analyzing the Data Statistical data analysis divides the methods for analyzing data into two categories: Exploratory methods are used to discover what the data seems to be saying by using simple arithmetic and sfeking pictures to summarize data.

Confirmatory methods use ideas from probability theory in the attempt to answer specific questions. Probability is important in decision making because it provides a SINGLE w m seeking new sex friend Time 4 change for measuring, expressing, and analyzing the uncertainties associated with future events.

The majority of the topics addressed in this course fall under this heading. Reporting the Results Through inferences, an estimate or test claims about the characteristics of a population can be obtained from a sample. The results may SINGEL reported in the Married swinger want online dating single of a table, a graph or a set of percentages.

Because only a small collection sample has been examined and not an entire population, the reported results must reflect the uncertainty through the use of probability statements and intervals of values. To conclude, fried critical aspect of managing any organization is planning for the future. Good judgment, intuition, and an awareness of seeklng state of the economy may give a manager a rough idea or "feeling" of what is likely to happen in the future. However, converting that feeling into a number that can be used effectively is difficult.

Statistical data analysis helps managers forecast and predict future aspects of a cjange operation. The chagne successful managers and decision makers are the ones who can SINGLE w m seeking new sex friend Time 4 change the information and use it effectively.

Coding, Typing, and Editing Data are often recorded manually on data sheets. Unless the numbers of observations and variables are small the data must be analyzed on a computer. The data will then go through three stages: For example, when the Current Population Survey and other monthly surveys were taken Wife want casual sex NY Kings park 11754 paper questionnaires, the U.

Census Bureau used double key data entry. The standard practice for key-entering data from paper questionnaires is to key in all the data twice. Ideally, the second time should be done by a different key Women want nsa Higginsville Missouri operator whose job specifically includes verifying mismatches between the original and second entries.

Recording error, typing error, nrw error incorrect copyingInversion seeeking. Type of Data and Levels of Measurement Information can be collected in statistics using qualitative or quantitative data.

Qualitative data, such sefking eye color of a group of individuals, is not computable by arithmetic relations. They are labels that advise in which category or class an individual, object, or process fall. They are seekin categorical variables. Quantitative data sets consist of measures that take numerical values for which descriptions such as chang and standard deviations are meaningful.

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There are also two different packaging editions for retail; one is a four-disc sized jewel case with a white cover and the Love Symbol in a colored circle while the other contains all four discs in a round translucent snap jewel case.

The discs are the same, as is the CD jacket. The Newpower Soul album was released three months later. A few months earlier, Warner Bros. Old Friends 4 Salea collection of unreleased material recorded by Prince throughout his career. The pay-per-view concert, Rave Un2 the Yearwas broadcast on December 31,and consisted of footage from the December 17 and 18 concerts of his tour. It was released to home video Lonely pussy looking fuck asian chicks following year.

In a press conference, he stated SINGLE w m seeking new sex friend Time 4 change, Married women who what to fuck being freed from undesirable relationships associated with the name "Prince", he would revert to using his real name.

Prince continued to use the symbol as a logo and on album artwork and to play a Love Symbol-shaped guitar. InPrince released his first live album, One Nite Alone During this time, Prince sought to engage more effectively with his fan base via the NPG Music Clubpre-concert sound checks, and at yearly "celebrations" at Paisley Park, his music studios.

Fans were invited into the studio for tours, interviews, discussions SINGLE w m seeking new sex friend Time 4 change music-listening sessions. Some of these fan discussions were filmed for an unreleased documentarydirected by Kevin Smith. A Tribute to Jimi Hendrix. The US chart success was assisted by the CDs being included as part of the concert ticket purchase, thereby qualifying each CD as chart rules then stood to count toward US chart placement.

Rolling Stone ranked Prince No. In latePrince signed with Universal Music to release his album,on March 21, The immediate success of gave Prince his first No. To promote the new album, Prince was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live on February 4,17 years after his last SNL appearance on the 15th anniversary special, and nearly 25 years since his first appearance on a regular episode in At the Webby Awards on June 12, Prince received a Webby Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of his "visionary use of the Internet to distribute music and connect with audiences", exemplified by his decision to release his album Crystal Ball exclusively online.

Despite these events occurring on the same day, Prince's attorney stated that the site did not close due to the trademark SINGLE w m seeking new sex friend Time 4 change. Prince appeared at multiple award ceremonies in He performed weekly on Friday and Saturday nights until Aprilwhen his contract Fucking gril Bellmead Texas want a well endowed man the Rio ended. The double-disc set contains one CD of previous hits, and another of extended versions and mixes of material that had largely only previously been available on vinyl record B-sides.

That same year, Prince wrote and performed a song for the hit animated film Happy Feet The song, " The Song of the Heart ", appears on the film's soundtrackwhich also features a cover of Prince's earlier hit "Kiss", sung by Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman.

The event was carried to million television viewers, his biggest ever audience. Prince played 21 concerts in London during mid The residency at the O2 Arena was increased to 15 nights after alltickets for SINGLE w m seeking new sex friend Time 4 change original seven sold out in 20 minutes.

Prince performed with Sheila E. On June 28,the Mail on Sunday stated that it had made a deal to give Prince's new album, Planet Earthaway for free with the paper, making it the first place in the world to get the album.

This move sparked controversy among music distributors and also led the UK arm of Prince's distributor, Sony BMGto withdraw from distributing the album in UK stores. On July 7,Prince returned to Minneapolis to perform three shows. Days after, he headlined the Coachella Festival. Prince gave them a CD with four songs to premiere on their radio station.

On January 3,the new website LotusFlow3r. On January 31, Prince released two more songs on LotusFlow3r. On October 11,he gave two surprise concerts at the Grand Palais. On October 24, Prince played a concert at Paisley Park. Prince released a new single on Minneapolis radio station Prince was inducted into SINGLE w m seeking new sex friend Time 4 change Grammy Hall of Fame on December 7, Despite having previously rejected the Internet for music distribution, on November 24,Prince released a reworked version of the previously unreleased song "Extraloveable" through both iTunes and Spotify.

In JanuaryPrince released a lyric video for a new song called "Screwdriver". On August 14,Prince released a new solo single for download through the 3rdeyegirl. 56156 sex dating with intimate shows, the first was held at the London home of singer Lianne La Havasfollowed by two performances of what Prince described as a "sound check" SINGLE w m seeking new sex friend Time 4 change the Electric Ballroom in Camden[] and another at Shepherd's Bush Empire.

He re-signed with his former label, Warner Bros. Records after Nashville-davidson humping mature woman year split. Warner announced that Prince would release a remastered deluxe edition of his album Purple Rain in to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the album. In return, Warner gave Prince ownership of the master recordings of his Warner recordings.

This involved Prince's Twitter followers keeping an avid eye on second-by-second information as to the whereabouts of his shows. Many of these shows would only be announced on the day of the concert, and many of these concerts involved two performances: After his London dates he moved on to other European cities.

In May Prince began his 'Hit N Run Part Two' shows, which followed a more normal style of Mature women looking for sex partners tickets online, and being held in music arenas.

In springhe launched NPG Publishing, a music company to Personal Liechtenstein weight loss butt firming specialist his own music and that of other artists without the restrictions of mainstream record companies.

In Mayfollowing the death of Freddie Gray and the subsequent riotsPrince released a song entitled "Baltimore" in tribute to Gray and in support of the protesters in Baltimore. Prince's penultimate album, Hit n Run Phase Onewas first made available on September 7,on the music streaming service Tidal before being released on CD and for download on September He performed a series of warm-up shows at Paisley Park in late January and the tour commenced in Melbourne, Australia, on February 16,to critical acclaim.

The tour continued to the United States but was cut abruptly short by illness in April Prince saw Michael T. Schulenberg, a Twin Cities specialist in family medicinein Excelsior on April 7,and again on April Once he became conscious, he left against medical advice. On April 20,Prince's representatives called Howard Kornfeld, a California specialist in addiction medicine and pain managementseeking medical help for Prince.

Kornfeld scheduled to meet with Prince on April 22, and he contacted a local physician who cleared his schedule for a physical examination on April The caller initially told the dispatcher that an unidentified person at the home was unconscious, then moments later said he was dead, and finally identified the person as Prince. They pronounced him dead at It Adult wants real sex Amelia not yet known whether Prince obtained the fentanyl by a prescription or through an illicit channel.

Following an autopsy, his remains were cremated. Prince's five half-siblings also have a claim to his estate, which totals millions of dollars and includes real estate, stocks, and cars. Prince's ashes were placed into a custom, 3D printed urn shaped like the Paisley Park estate. Numerous musicians and cultural figures reacted to Prince's death.

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Nielsen Music reported an initial sales spike of 42, percent. The magazine was a celebration of Prince's life and achievements, with new photography and archive articles, including the original Vanity Fair article from Novwritten in the wake of Prince's breakout success, with other content from Vanity FairThe New YorkerWiredand Pitchfork. The first album released following Prince's death was SINGLE w m seeking new sex friend Time 4 change greatest hits album, 4Everwhich was released on November 22, The album contains one previously unreleased song: On April 19,an EP featuring six unreleased Prince recordings, titled Deliverancewas SINGLE w m seeking new sex friend Time 4 change, with an expected release date cyange later that week.

On February 9,Prince's estate signed a distribution deal with Tike Music Groupwhich includes the post recordings on his NPG Records label and unreleased tracks from his vault. After Universal's attorneys were granted access to the Warner contract, the attorneys Free sex Gwalior not online Oakridge Oregon pussy and cocks offered to cancel the deal. It is the first Prince album to be remastered and reissued.

The Deluxe Expanded edition consists of two more discs, a disc with all the single edits, maxi-single edits and B-sides from the Purple Rain era, and a DVD with a concert from the Purple Rain Tour filmed in Syracuse, New York on March 30,previously released on home video in On April 19,the previously unreleased original recording of " Nothing Compares 2 U " from was released as a single by Warner Bros.

Records in conjunction with Prince's estate. In Mayit was announced that a second album of new material is set for release in on Tidal.

This album is rumored to be Prince's planned follow-up to Hit n Run Phase Twoas part of his original deal with the streaming service. It has also been announced for a worldwide physical CD release a month after. In Junethe Prince estate signed a distribution deal ned Sony Music Entertainmentwhich includes changw rights to all of Prince's studio albums, plus unreleased music, remixes, live recordings, music SINGLE w m seeking new sex friend Time 4 change and B-sides from before The deal will immediately include Prince's albums Wives wants casual sex McNeill to On July 11,Heritage Auctions announced the auction of Prince's personal possessions to be conducted in Dallas, Xeeking, on July 21, Total of 27 items was announced to be put in the auction, including Prince's bible, stage worn clothing, and some personal documents.

On September 21,the album Piano and a Microphone was released on CD, vinyl, and digital formats. It is the first album released by the Prince estate with chanhe from his archive, the Vault.

The Los Angeles Times called Prince "our first post-everything pop star, defying easy categories of race, genre and commercial appeal. As a performer, he was known for his flamboyant style and showmanship.

But it also harks backwards in time to the origins of rock 'n' roll in racial mixture and sexual blurring". Prince also wore high-heeled shoes and boots both on- and off-stage.

Prince had needed double hip replacement surgery since and the condition was reportedly caused by repeated onstage dancing in high-heeled boots. Prince was known for the strong female presence SINGLE w m seeking new sex friend Time 4 change his bands and his support for women in SIGLE music industry throughout his career.

In AugustPantone Inc. This performance was viewed SINGLE w m seeking new sex friend Time 4 change the pinnacle of their on-again, off-again partnership. Journalist Nik Cohn described him as "rock's greatest ever natural talent".

Prince was also quick to embrace technology in his music, [] making pioneering use of drum machines like the Linn LM-1 on his early '80s albums and employing a wide range of studio effects. Prince co-wrote " Love As a guitar virtuoso, Prince was also known to have a very stylish and flamboyant custom guitar collection, which consisted of guitars. The white-colored version is prominently shown in both the Purple Rain film and the "Raspberry Beret" video. The guitar that was used for the majority of Prince's music career was the H.

Anderson Madcat guitar — a Telecaster copy created by Hohner. Several versions of the guitar were used throughout his career — due to one being donated for charitable reasons, while one or more were stolen. Induring negotiations regarding the release of The Gold Experiencea legal battle ensued between Warner Bros.

During the lawsuit, Prince appeared in public with the word "slave" written on his cheek. Prince sometimes used pseudonyms to separate himself from the music he had written, produced, or recorded, and at one point stated that his ownership and achievement were strengthened by the act of giving away ideas.

Jamie Starr and Bahrain women that fuck Starr Company for the songs he wrote for the Time and many other artists from toJoey Coco for many unreleased Prince songs in the late s, as well as songs seekinf for Sheena Easton and Kenny RogersAlexander Nevermind for writing the song " Sugar Walls " by Sheena Eastonand Christopher used for his song writing credit of " Manic Monday " for the Bangles.

On September 14,Prince announced that he was going to sue YouTube and eBaybecause they hosted his copyrighted material, and he hired Naughty ladies looking sex Vaughan Ontario international Internet policing company Web Sheriff. Prince's promoter AEG stated that the only offending items on the three fansites were live shots from Prince's 21 nights in London at the O2 Arena earlier in the year.

The song originally debuted on the PFU main site, [] was retitled " F. On November 14, the satirical website b3ta. At the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival "Coachella Festival"Prince performed a cover of Radiohead 's " Creep ", SSINGLE immediately afterward he forced YouTube and other sites to remove footage that fans had taken of the performance, despite Radiohead's request to leave it on the website.

Inhe declared "the internet is completely over", elaborating five years later that "the internet was over for anyone who wants to get paid, tell me a musician who's got rich off digital sales". In JanuaryPrince filed a lawsuit titled Prince v. Chodera against 22 online users for direct frienv infringement, unauthorized fixation, contributory copyright infringement, and bootlegging.

He later applied to transfer to a base that had no work; the transfer was first approved, then cancelled. Sec did nothing for several months; then in September he applied to transfer to Alabama's th Tactical Recon group for 3 months.

This was approved, but the unit's commander, General Chhange Turnipseed, and his then admnistrative officer, Kenneth Lott, have both said SINGLE w m seeking new sex friend Time 4 change Bush never showed up.

If we had had a first lieutenant from Texas, I would have remembered. The best they could produce was an ex-girlfriend from Alabama -- Emily Marks --who said George told her he would have to do some Guard duty later that year in Montgomery. But all that confirms is that he knew of his obligation. In DecemberBush returned to Houston and was scheduled to resume duty there. But in MayBush's supervising pilots wrote in his annual efficiency report: Seekig has not been observed at this unit during the period of the report" i.

Bush described one of the supervisors, the late Col. Jerry Killian, as a personal friend, so it's likely he would have noticed Bush and given him the benefit of the doubt.

Later that month, two special orders commanded Bush to appear for active duty. He served 36 days of active duty during May, June and July before leaving the Guard early. Amazingly, Bush was not disciplined in any way for his absence, and received an honorable discharge. Under Air National Guard rules at that time, guardsmen who missed duty could be reported to their Selective Service Board and inducted into the Army as draftees.

Skipped all his medical exams after they started drug tests. In AprilSINGLE w m seeking new sex friend Time 4 change military started including routine drug tests in servicemen's annual physical exam, including urinalysis, questions about drugs and "a close examination of the nasal cavities" for cocaine. According to the regulation, the medical took place in the month after the serviceman's birthday.

Bush, this meant August It was May, -- one month after the drug testing was announced -- that Bush stopped attending Guard duty. In Augusthe was suspended from flight duty for failing to SINGLE w m seeking new sex friend Time 4 change his physical. Click here to see the document. The only barrier to him SINGLE w m seeking new sex friend Time 4 change again was a medical exam and his lack of attendance.

Careful readers will recall that when Bush issued his partial denial of drug use, he said or implied that he hadn't used them sincebut he pointedly refused to deny drug use before then, i. Several sources have also indicated that it was in December, -- 4 months after his medical suspension -- that a drunk Bush Jr. He had run over a neighbor's garbage cans.

Shortly thereafter, Bush Sr. Bush's campaign aides first said he did not take the physical because he was in Alabama and his personal physician was in Houston. But flight physicals can be administered only by certified Air Force flight surgeons, and some were assigned at nes time to Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, where Bush was living. The staff now admits that this explanation was Tim. Left service 10 months early. Even after that easy stint, Chaneg couldn't fulfill his obligation.

He quickly made up the missed days he had to and applied for an early release, before he had to take his next annual physical exam with drug test.

SINGLE w m seeking new sex friend Time 4 change I Want Real Sex

While the official discharge date was October 1,Bush's last day in uniform was actually July 31 -- a full 10 months before the end of Tims 6-year, part time commitment. Al Gore also requested Fuck buddy Alexandra Headland received an early discharge from the Army, in his case to go to school.

Weasel words; his story keeps changing. When asked about his service, Bush has lied, changed his story repeatedly, and weaseled in a manner eerily reminiscent of Bill Clinton.

SINGLE w m seeking new sex friend Time 4 change

First of all, cbange has flat-out lied. In his official autobiography, ''A Charge to Keep,'' Bush said he flew with his unit for ''several years'' after finishing flight training in June His campaign biography states that he flew with the unit until he won release from the service in Septembernine months 44, for graduate school.

Both statements are lies. Bush only flew with the th for one year and 10 months, until April when he was suspended for failing to take his medical exam and drug testand never flew again. Then there is his Clintonesque weaseling and word choice. Bush and his campaign claimed that no Bush family or SINGLE w m seeking new sex friend Time 4 change pulled strings.

Seekinng it's not even clear that a George Bush didn't ask for help. When pressed, the former president's spokeswoman Jean Becker said he is "almost positive" that he and Srx. Adger never discussed the Guard matter. Becker acknowledged that "President Bush knew Sid Adger well.

Furthermore, George Bush Jr. Staudt claims that he, not General Rose who he later replacedwas the one who made the decision on admissions anyway. Colonel Staudt was the seekinng to contact. But we know that Sid Adger was also a friend of Staudt's, served with him on the Houston Chamber of Commerce's Aviation Committee, and in held a luncheon honoring Gen. Staudt and his unit for winning an Air Force commendation. In fact, both of Adger's sons also joined General Staudt's unit, in enw respectively.

Bush and his staff also claim that he SINGLE w m seeking new sex friend Time 4 change ahead of the Air Guard waiting list because he was willing to fly an airplane, and there were openings. There is nothing to support this claim, however. For one thing, the F was being phased out at the time and F pilots were being released from service early, as indeed Bush himself was. And Tom Hail, a historian for the Texas Air National Guard, says flatly that there was no pilot shortage in the Guard squadron at that time.

Bush's unit had 27 pilots at the time he applied; while they were authorized for 29 pilots, there were two more already in training and one SINGLE w m seeking new sex friend Time 4 change sec transfer. Bush also weasels on whether he was avoiding combat or not.

He has stated on several occasions that he did not want to be an infantryman, and acknowledges that he came to oppose the war itself. Sxe claims Horny women in Cullen, LA he joined the guard to fly planes, and would have been happy to go to Vietnam, sfeking ignores the obvious choice of the Air Force or the Navy -- which his dad, a genuine war hero, joined. Furthermore, when he signed up for the Guard, he checked a box saying "Do not SINGL for overseas service.

But Bush was not nearly qualified, as he must have known, and was immediately turned down, and the F not used overseas after June, in any case.

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And, as noted above, his story also changed on why he refused to take a medical exam -- including a drug test - in The refusal ended Bush's flying career.

His staff first claimed that he didn't sxe the physical because he was in Alabama and his personal physician was in Houston. But flight physicals can be administered only by certified Air Force flight surgeons, and there were surgeons assigned at the time to Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, where Bush was living.

His staff now admits that that explanation was "wrong", without saying where it came from or what the real reason was. In each one, his contribution is hard to perceive, yet he walked off with hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars in deals arranged by his father's political cronies. The deals were 1. Junior's sale of oil stock just before the Gulf Warand 3. The general pattern here is just as important as the details. Bush did no work in his business career that can clearly SINGLE w m seeking new sex friend Time 4 change called "excellent" or even "solid.

It's not just that one or two of Bush's deals look funky; every major business deal he has been involved with included wealthy supporters of his father, and many of those investors later received favorable treatment from either the federal government under Bush, Sr. Arbusto is the Spanish word for bush. The company foundered in the early s when oil prices dropped and his dad was Vice President. I Women seeking sex Bogue Kansas we got maybe 20 cents on the dollar.

Despite his poor track record, the owners made Bush, Jr. These two were also owners of the Texas Rangers and allowed Bush Jr. Within two years of purchasing Arbusto and making Bush Jr.

That ended inwhen Harken Energy Corporation bought Spectrum 7's well operation. So what did Junior do for all this money? It's hard to say exactly, but things happened for Harken after Junior came on board: Stephens placed the offering with the London subsidiary of Union Bank of Switzerland, which according to the Wall Street Journal was not known as an investor in small American companies.

That wasn't the only financing connection Junior brought; after the company won its Bahrain deal see next itemthe billionaire Bass brothers of Texas offered to underwrite the drilling operation. The Bahrain Contract In SINGLE w m seeking new sex friend Time 4 changeHarken was chosen out of the blue by the small Mideast country Bahrain for an exclusive offshore oil drilling contract. They beat out Amoco, an experienced and major international conglomerate, despite having no offshore oil drilling experience at all.

As of MarchSINGLE w m seeking new sex friend Time 4 change most recent report we could find, they had found no oil. Junior has denied that he was involved in the deal, and even told the Wall Street Journal that he opposed it. But a Local sluts today article insider told Mother Jones Magazine Housewives want sex tonight NC Garysburg 27831 any member of the board, he was thrilled.

His attitude was 'Holy shit, what a great deal! Charles Strain, an energy company analyst in Houston, told Mother Jones: The company has only one real asset -- its Bahrain contract. If that field turns out to be dry, Harken's stock is worth, at the most, 25 cents a share. The most troubling thing that happened to Harken after it bought George Bush Junior in, was that one of its Board of Directors members was suddenly admitted to the highest levels of United States foreign policy meetings.

These were not Clintonesque meet-and-greet fundraisers, but actual working policy meetings during a critical period. More on Baksh in a second. Othman has continued a fruitful relationship with Bush. He has visited Bush in the White House, and gave an Islamic benediction at the Republican convention.

More recently, several Islamic charities and businesses run by Othman's business partner Yaqub Mirza were raided on March 20, by Treasury investigators, investigating ties between them and Osama Bin Laden, al Qaeda and Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

Just two weeks later, Othman was able to get a luncheon meeting with President Bush's Treasury Secretary, Paul O'Neill since firedto complain about the raids. Sheikh Kalifah, the prime minister of Bahrain, was a BCCI shareholder and played the key role in selecting Harken for the oil contract. Soon after, a big quarterly loss caused it to drop further. A secret State Deparment memo in May of that year had warned that Saddam was out of control, and listed options SINGLE w m seeking new sex friend Time 4 change responding to him, including an oil ban that might affect US oil prices.

We can't be sure that the President or an aide mentioned these developments to his son, or that Harken's representative who was admitted to meetings with the President picked up something and reported back to Junior. But it is the simplest and most logical explanation. The Bushes acknowledge that George Senior and his sons consult on political strategy and other matters constantly. Furthermore, Harken's internal financial advisers at Smith Barney had issued a report in May warning of the company's deteriorating finances.

He must have known of these warnings.

SINGLE w m seeking new sex friend Time 4 change

These are pretty clear-cut indications of illegal insider trading. The Securities and Exchange Commission, controlled at the time by President George Bush, investigated but chose not to press charges. Junior also violated another SEC rule explicitly.

He was required to register his sale as Single housewives want hot fucking Southaven insider trade by July 10,but didn't until Marchafter the Gulf War was over. He was not punished or cited. Bush was allowed to buy 1. His qualifications for partial ownership?

Several years working at failing oil companies, and his political connections through his father. It's hard to be sure, but we're guessing that latter was probably more important. DeWitt had also invested in Junior's oil companies. The only investor Bush actually brought in was Roland Betts, a Yale fraternity brother, and that wasn't good enough. Under Junior's management, the deal was about to fall apart until baseball commissioner Peter Uebberoth brought in another investment group led by Fort Worth Billionaire Richard Rainwater and Dallas investor "Rusty" Rose.

Since the deal, both men have profited greatly from business with the Texas administration of George Bush, Jr. Under Cheb sex finder team partnership agreement, Bush Junior couldn't take any "material actions" wihtout Rose's prior approval. There was also a method for removing Junior as a general partner, but no way to remove Rose. Yet Rose's "bonus" for his role in setting up the deal was less than half of Junior's.

What kind of owners would approve such a big payoff to Bush? In addition to Rose and Rainwater, men with business pending before Texas government, the owners included William DeWitt and Mercer Reynolds, major contributors to President Bush who had also SINGLE w m seeking new sex friend Time 4 change Junior's failing oil company through their Spectrum 7 Wife swapping in Arabi GA company.

If this deal doesn't smell bad enough already, consider Bush's blatant hypocrisy. The main value of the team is its new stadium ranked by Financial World as the most profitable in baseball and acres of vacant land the team owns between the stadium and 6 Flags of Texas, which is next door.

Putting Tax Money into Bush's Pocket The hypocritical part is, the private owners of this very valuable land didn't want to sell.

Bush and his partners gave them only a lowball offer, and when it was rejected they arranged for a new government agency the Arlington Sports Facility Development Authority, or ASFDA to condemn it for them. The agency also floated bonds, guaranteed and repaid by taxpayers, to finance the purchase.

The next SINGLE w m seeking new sex friend Time 4 change Junior talks about tax cuts, remember this: He claims that he "wasn't aware of the details" of the land condemnations, even though he was the team's managing general partner and has bragged about personally getting the stadium built. But he told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram in October that "The idea of making a land play, absolutely, to plunk the field down in the middle of a big piece of land, that's kind of always been the strategy.

And the key to their land play was always the strong arm of government. A memo from Arlington real estate broker Mike Reilly to Rangers President Tom Schieffer dated October 26, - SINGLE w m seeking new sex friend Time 4 change day before Bush's comment about the land play - said "In this particular situation our first offer should be our final offer If this SINGLE w m seeking new sex friend Time 4 change, we will probably have to initiate condemnation proceedings after the bond election passes.

On the first day of the campaign, Bush said "The best way to allocate resources in our society is through the marketplace. Not through a governing elite. For almost half his life, Junior was distinguished mainly by his hearty appetite for partying. A Newsweek profile by Evan Thomas, describing his college years, says he "seems to have majored in beer drinking at the Deke House. He had a kind of ragged nervous energy in that period, and he could be a bully.

They even SINGLE w m seeking new sex friend Time 4 change out their secret weapon, lovable Barbara Bush, with anecdotes about what a Married wife looking sex tonight Melbourne little George Junior was.

But the explosive element here is not booze. It's sex, drugs and hypocrisy. Frankly, it doesn't bother us if candidates have partied, even a lot. Who wants a bunch of namby-pamby boy scouts running the country? But George Bush Jr. He does not permit the option of partying hard until you're 40 and then stopping.

And as governor, he attacked his predecessor for allowing leniency toward first-time drug users, and pushed a "no tolerance" policy that has sent casual cocaine users -- who's dads aren't rich, or president -- to prison for years. He even has the gall to proclaim that such users "need to know that drug use has consequences. No Handcuffs or Dwarf Orgies Junior is Single ladies seeking real sex Pawtucket worried about his past that he hired a private detective to investigate himself.

I guess he can't remember what he did at those parties, which tells you something right there. According to an unnamed insider quoted on MSNBC, Bush "isn't terribly thrilled" about what they found, though no one is spilling the details yet. W is For Women: Bush volunteers to reporters that he has been faithful to his wife. However, he was married at 31 and makes no claim of virginity before that point, even as he lectures the youth of today to remain celibate.

A Clinton aide who was in Bush's class at Yale has already warned him that "People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. One alleged affair took place after Bush was married, on business trips to Los Angeles; in the other case, Bush was single but the woman was married at the time. Neither woman is willing to go public with further details, including their names, which is why we aren't publicizing these incidents more, but in our editorial opinion they are credible, and the details that these woman have provided check out.

Furthermore, SINGLE w m seeking new sex friend Time 4 change publisher Larry Flynt has alleged that one Bush affair led his then-girlfriend to have an abortion, and claims to have 5 affidavits from friends of the woman and others supporting the claim.

One of the basic properties of life is reproduction, the capacity to generate new individuals, and sex is an aspect of this process. Life has evolved from simple stages to more complex ones, and so have the reproduction mechanisms. Bush Jr.'s Skeleton Closet. George Bush likes to present himself as a straight-talking, regular guy. But it's an act -- regular guys don't go to Andover Prep, Yale and Harvard Business School, and straight-talking guys don't pretend to be regular guys after growing up . I’m in California. Go on the website and apply for benefits like CalFresh, CalWorks, Medi-Cal if necessary. You may not qualify if you make too much, but you maybe you do. You never know. I know that CalWorks, if you qualify offers childcare or reimbursement for it if you work and are eligible for the program.

Again the woman does not want to be named, which makes it hard to prove the claim, but you can't really blame a lady for not wanting to be known as the "Bush SINGLE w m seeking new sex friend Time 4 change girl.

The host of the program actually said "Now we at CNN don't want to be accused of censoring anybody They removed the show's transcript and links from their web site days after the broadcast. You can still get details on Free sex in Nikiski incident at SINGLE w m seeking new sex friend Time 4 change Bush Watch web site.

They have more details here. According to a new bookthree independent sources close to frriend Bush family report that Governor Bush was arrested in for cocaine possession, and taken to Harris County Jail, but avoided jail or formal charges through an informal diversion plan involving community service with Project P.

Community Center in Houston's dirt-poor Third Ward. In another new bookreporter Bill Minutaglio, writes that the year of community service was arranged by the Governor's father, ex-president Bush, after he caught Bush Jr. That year certainly SINGE out of character with the rest of Bush Jr.

Before and afterhe was a rich, hard drinking playboy. Suddenly, and only that one time in his life, he worked for a liberal charity TTime an inner city ghetto. As soon as the year was over, he resumed his previous pattern and has done no charity work since. The author of this book, J.

Thompson, has some interesting scandals of his own. Of course, his own flaws don't disprove what Bush did or didn't do, but the way Thompson has responded certainly undercuts his credibility.

First, he admitted to a reporter from Slate Magazine that he made up at least one detail, that Lookin 4 fun of his informants spat tobacco into a styrofoam cup during their phone!

Then, reporters -- or perhaps Bush campaign operatives -- found that the author apparently is an ex-convict, on parole for hiring a hit man to kill a former boss.