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To lady from Broken Arrow Oklahoma wanting help

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I learned that a Heavener, Oklahoma school teacher named C. Kemmerer entered the first known written discussion of the monument. Below I picture his actual letter sent to the Smithsonian Institution, Boken March 24,when Oklahoma was less than 16 years old, this side of Indian Territory status. At that time, even though located only about 2 miles from downtown of little city of Heavener, the Runestone rested in boulder-strewn, Who needs to cum tonight and tree and briar surrounded, rattlesnake infested wilderness.

Kemmerer, marveled somewhat at it, but dismisssed it as an Indian oddity not now decipherable. Kemmerer, educated school teacher that he was, knew ladj it appeared toi nclude a genuine linguistic "riddle" and that it should be decipherable.

Below are photographs of Kemmerer's actual two page letter, which I purchased from the Smithsonian Institution: Of interest, how Mr. Kemmerer called the Runes: On another sheet Kemmerer drew the Runes as he saw them, not noticing in lichen filled grooves chisel marks that indeed are present, and not Oklahooma fine-lined, highly eroded, heavily-lichen-covered, peripheral engravings to which I will Brokfn attention.

Additionally, he did not draw the Runes like they Bgoken actually spaced upon the monument. To lady from Broken Arrow Oklahoma wanting help drew for Oklajoma Smithsonian: The Smithsonian Initial Admission of Uncertainty. One official at the Smithsonian internally responded with Milf personals in Fort mitchell AL statement as follows: I am not yet quite certain about the identity of the Smithsonian official who gave the initial assessment for their To lady from Broken Arrow Oklahoma wanting help.

Maybe I will decipher it later, or else contact Smithsonian about it. For now, let it suffice to call him or her, "L. Since the handwriting is also a bit Free sex in 45631 wis to read, I am typing it below: Read from left To lady from Broken Arrow Oklahoma wanting help.

He pady be referred to. Philology, Johns Hopkins Univ. The second and eighth as they had been presented drom --from left fro right-- are from a different runic alphabet. Kemmerer, like many to follow him, overlooked the short stroke perpendicular runic "S" that is next to right hand side of the runic "M," as I later picture, illustrate, and dsicuss.

I believe that the Rune Writer made that short stroke "S" to enable more than one message within the inscription. If one neglects it, one reading is as above: Insome Germanic or Scandinavians or English-Irish, could very well take the runes, " Gjome" as sounding out To lady from Broken Arrow Oklahoma wanting help even as one proper 's spelling of "Jim" or"Jimmy," or as in French, "Gemme.

Old Alf Monge, discussed later, was on the right track about that potential for such runes, even if he was off by or so years! On another sheet of paper he granted that the 8th from left rune can also, insome cases especially when read from right to lefthave value To lady from Broken Arrow Oklahoma wanting help our "L.

Collitz responded as below: Professor Collitz made only hand written notes. He designated the eight runes presented him as "Gothic Runes. If the right side ending is DAL, that is proper Scandinavian spelling for what we would translate as, "Dale" or "Valley," but he also Brokenn potential for DAT, without recognition of peripheral engravings --which I later picture and discuss-- that could signify an ending on that right side of, "Date" or "Dates.

Some Samples of Runic Alphabets. The underlined froom below are like unto some of the runes found in Eastern Oklahoma runic inscriptions. It should be kept in mind that one can cast English, German, French, or Scandinavian etc.

Beautiful woman wants sex Carrollton made no mention at all that back around A. Although not taking the matter as feom as he could have, Professor Collitzhad he been heeded by Oklahoma historians, epigraphers-paleographers, and archeologists, could have set folks on the right road to resolution of the Heavener Mystery Monument. Collitz showed is most readily recogniz ed as supporting, "Gjome --Jim's or Jimmy's -- Valley or Date.

Since To lady from Broken Arrow Oklahoma wanting help memorial monument is loacted on early French named Poteau Mountain French Outpost-Settlement, or Encampment Mountainshould Brooen Oklahomans have searched historical records for someone named Jim or Jimmy French, Gemme with early French Colonial America connections, as possibly involved here?

As a matter of fact, "Jimmy Hiens" of La Salle's tragic expedition was the Rune Engraver, as I evidence in multiple ways in my books, including picturing his initials within his own engravings.

The amazing thing about usages of runes, of the special blend that Jimmy Hiens used, is that more than one set of messages can be Okoahoma for reading. Being of academic inclinations and heritage, in To lady from Broken Arrow Oklahoma wanting help consulted numerous previous assessments of the runic script and possible translations.

One problem is that there were varieties of runic alphabets that changed over the centuries and within various geographical locales. He told me that he was at that time the world's only University Professor actually offering oady university course for study of ancient runic languages. I think he has since retired from those positions. After all, should not we scholarly sorts consult so-called world class experts wantinf To lady from Broken Arrow Oklahoma wanting help And, he said that the Heavener Runes are "Inauthentic," as to any recognition Brken having beenengraved by anyone of the genuine era circa A.

The "Authentic" "Inauthentic" approach to runic inscriptions is fraught with radical and improper ways of thinking. The Oklahoma folks were suckered into accepting that way of thinking, which has caused much needless complication of the search for the truth.

Oklxhoma Made the following statements: To be genuine they [Heavener Runes]. That although the stone. Ladies looking nsa Reedsburg Wisconsin 53959 of OklahomaAutumn, Now, I say that Fred Pohl and Dr. Gelp give you a parallel, I can write messages in an ancient variety of Greek that is now archaic. Let us say that I was on a secret mission with a famous American general and about fifteen others, way out in the wilderness of Russia.

Before the thawing of the Cold War.

Sovereign H guitar - made by Harmony

The famous general was a bit --maybe more than a bit-- on the crazy side. The famous general and at least six of his companions were To lady from Broken Arrow Oklahoma wanting help within about six weeks, in two different places. I saw it all. I believed that I ought to set up some sort of memorial about what I had witnessed.

Someone later may want to know where and when the murderous rampages took place. Some of those foreigners were chasing me and hflp comrades. If the foreigners were to find out any time soon exactly who had been killed and where and when, they might have better captured me and some of my remaining comrades.

Now, was that Women wanting sex in merrillville Greek engraving that I did "inauthentic" and worthless?

I don't think so! Now, returning to Dr. He might grant that therewere known usages --sometimes fad like usages of runes-- among soldiers during and somewhat also after the "Thirty Years War" of the 's.

Knirkmight well call those 's usages"inauthentic. That, in my Arorw is a very improper conlusion. Hot ladies wants nsa Lexington Kentucky and explorers were sometimes using runic messages to convey and conceal very important information. I am not about to grant Knirk --or Frederick Pohl-- an unchallenged privilege of calling those Heavener Runes "Inauthentic.

Knirk also told me in personal correspondence that he was not yet ready at that time to agree with my claim Hot woman want sex tonight Teignbridge the Heavener inscription includes encoded dates. I had told him that some dates were conveyed in the Heavener inscription via usages of some atypical runic forms and some related peripheral markings.

On the other hand, Dr. Knirk has never seen the actual Heavener Runestone. All he had seen were hand drawn or typed representations conveyed to him by writings of the late Alf Monge. Thoserepresentations were not drawn to scale. Theydid not even show proper spacings and Oklaahoma of letters within that inscription, and did not include recognition of those very important French Connected Word Marker Lines That I later picture and discuss. Knirk's assessment Bro,en as it was was not even based upon study of actual, high kOlahoma photographs, and not informed by on-site scrutiny.

Knirk certainly has never looked carefully upon the actual relic, pady at the Woman in Pike Creek to fuck deal of highly eroded, yet still recognizable with careful scrutiny peripheral engravings and other evidences to which I call attention. They are eroded by plus years of wear and tear.

They are, nevertheless, still adequately recognizable and understandable for those with enough academic and intellectual integrity to properly peruse and study and reflect. In what follows below I picture and illustrate part of Brokeh which I am describing. When I corresponded with Dr. Knirk, I also did not yet have any of my books completed for sending to him. Truth is, I don't think he really wanted to consider what Jimmy Hiens did, or even may have done, with runes and peripheral doings in His specialty and interest was only for Agrow A.

Unlike Knirk, and most others who have ever vetured opinions about the Heavener Runestone, I Oklahima taken well into the hundreds of photographs of the actual monument, and closeups of many tiny, engraved details, under many differing lighting conditions, even when that protective, glaring, partially obstructive, plastic shield had been removed For replacement To lady from Broken Arrow Oklahoma wanting help to vandalism.

Some of those highly important, finely-engraved, and often-highly-eroded details hep indeed difficult to discern. They sometimes are much better recognized when one is inside that glaring plastic shield, and when viewing them and photographing them in a variety of lighting conditions. Below, I am inserting part of pages from my year publication, Secret La Salle Monument in order to summarize Brokem past ideas and much previous confusion that has been manifested about the Heavener Runes: So nearly as I know, none of them came to Heavener and studied the actual Monumental Memorial.

Those scholars were not even close to any unanimity! They issued varying findings, Oklwhoma follows: I then went on to say in Oklahoka earlier book of mine: Maybe that should have led others to search French history, as did I!? At Arrkw Three fifths of the scholars also suggested taking the problematic second rune as an atypical, "N," and I am going to prove that this was the Runic Author's intention, as to French left-right reading.

Just keep in mind that he also chose that controversial 2nd Wantin precisely because Ladies seeking sex Middle Haddam Connecticut was aware--well aware--that there is that substantial minority who might see, GJOM m E, his own name!

As to the right to left reading, especially, "The 7 Demons" is certainly of possible relevance. From my widespread academic acquaintances with American and Brokwn History, and Ancient Linguistics pursued all the Bromen to related doctor's degree I could not readily accept the ideas being propagated about it by State of Oklahoma bureaucrats, at the Heavener Runestone Park.

What she propagated during her earlier efforts -- as an admirable and very important defender and promoter of that runestone -- were, in the first placethe ideas of a World War II Military Intelligence Officer and cryptic message decoder named To lady from Broken Arrow Oklahoma wanting help Monge.

Military Officer Monge said in circa that the Rune Message was nothing more than an expression of a date, using Scandinavian Runes that were typical of a style of To lady from Broken Arrow Oklahoma wanting help forms used in circa A.

He said that Roman Catholic alphanumeric Church Calendar symbols were in this case expressed by Runes that were equivalent to Latin forms that were normally used by To lady from Broken Arrow Oklahoma wanting help church clerics. The Church does have tables of alphanumeric symbols for expressing dates, and I believe the Heavener Runes do include, secondarily some dating symbols, but not from A.

The last time I visited the Runestone, they were still honoring --with the sign Looking to lick a mature woman 40 below-- the once-accepted ideas of Monge, which Gloria Farley mainly preached and paraded at the Park for about Oklagoma. Monge's ideas have now beenrelegated to a very minor transition-phase, now abandoned.

Later on circaMrs. She then suggested to Oklahoma Bureaucrats and anyone else who would listen to her, interpretations she derived from what an architect named Richard Nielson proposed. They have consistently either refused to allow mention of my ideas, or else have misrepresented them, including incorrectly spelling my name and not even naming my involved books, nor allowing mention of this most extensive of all web sites about The Heavener Runestone.

This is current, considerably To lady from Broken Arrow Oklahoma wanting help out, academically-unaccepted viewpoint paraded by bureaucrats at the Park. I also pointed out elsewhere in that book that the bureaucrats parading Boken ideas Beoken the public, as if they are well-accepted, well-referenced-and-documented, accurate historyis to substantial degree Oklahooma to promote To lady from Broken Arrow Oklahoma wanting help public hoax with taxpayer money.

On the other hand, they could avoid such accusations, if they referenced both Monge's and To lady from Broken Arrow Oklahoma wanting help ideas as two theories, about which most University History and Linguistic Professors are highly skeptical, and not neglecting to mention also my varying, well-referenced-documented-and-published ideas. Architect Nielson said that one of the Runes 2nd from left that most of us say is "N" from one direction, and "J" from another Runes can read from both left - right and right - left is instead an "L" from a very early Scandinavian or Irish Rune user.

Within that stance, Nielson speculated, To lady from Broken Arrow Oklahoma wanting help practically no supporting data --and in a strained manner of trying to justify a supposed Pre Columbus "Viking" context that simply was not actual the historical setting-- that the inscription is naming a land claim, "Glome Dal" Older for younger Serbia type girl Valley from about A.

Nielson, I say, is to substantial extent even more wrong than Monge. For her part --even though she has had many pamphlet-like publications, and has been featured in many newspaper and magazine articles-- so nearly as I know, Gloria never published anything that has been more than one chapter's worth of details about it.

Old World Records in Ancient America. For decades, till her death a few years ago, Gloria Farley championed those ideas not endorsed by any really prestigious university related professors. She managed, nevertheless, to impress Local and State Bureaucrats. They in turn publicized and set up a related Park Heavener Runestone Park and Recreation Areawhich was based upont hose weakly supported viewpoints.

I have heard them say, of the most current of what Mrs. Now, both Gloria Farley and bureaucratic supporters meant well.

Furthermore, as inaccurate as were the ideas she received from Monge and Nielson, both she and the Oklahoma bureaucrats that Ojlahoma swayed by her did serve very important purposes. Let me be very clear. Gloria Farley was a very great lady who rescued a To lady from Broken Arrow Oklahoma wanting help and very important runic memorial monument from ruin. She did so when she was trom often rdiculed. She did so when no doctoral level historians, archeologists, and linguists were stepping up to help clarify matters.

For that, she must forever be honored at that site. I To lady from Broken Arrow Oklahoma wanting help even suggest that the name, Heavener Runestone Park and Recreation Area should be changed to: Having said that, I must also be very clear, Alf Monge, Richard Nielson, and Laey Farley were mistaken as to the age and derivation of the exceedingly significant runic inscription on that Internationally Important Monument. The Runestone does include an important memorial message.

It does involve genuine users of Runes and genuinely significant runic message. It isnot from idle, prank-like scribbling, by someone of late 's or in early years of 's, perhaps Lonely woman seeking casual sex Schiller Park runesfrom a near modern book, as some have supposedly said.

Monge, Nielson, and Gloria Farley were very mistaken about those caims. It derived instead from a known, historically-described, very brilliant German, one who knew Germanic, English, Latin, and French--and probbly Spanish languages. Varying degrees of proficiency. He knew how to use Normandy French Runes to express Normandy French messages involving some very significant and tragic, very dramatic and memorable, violent and bloody Early American and French Colonial History.

Not even ANY major, prominent doctoral level Oklahoma historians or linguists have been willing to say that this admittedly impressive runic monument was created by any Pre To lady from Broken Arrow Oklahoma wanting help explorers.

To lady from Broken Arrow Oklahoma wanting help Search Men

As a consequence, I began, as a historian and linguist, with recognized academic graduate school level credentials and experiences, to search Single ladies wants hot sex Bridgeport preserved and known history recorded via Spanish and French explorations to this general region during years Maybe, I thought, there are some historical records that may have been overlooked that might somehow tie into such a monumental looking, stone-engraved "billboard.

I started with earliest known Spanish expeditions into this general area. I do believe Cabeza de Vaca came into this area in early 's, That is another story! When I eventually dug into the oldest French historical records about visitations to the southern regions of our nation, I started finding all sorts of historical records, and even very old geographical place namesthat suggested that this memorial monument is Normandy French. Mountains and Rivers are all of locally ancient French and French Indian derivations.

If even many prominent geographical place names of this area are French, from way back in locally misty past, might not that Runestone from locally misty past on "Poteau" Mountain--French Outpost-Encampment-Settlement-Mountain-- derive of early French Colonial presence in this region?

Additionally, I discovered that the Rune Engraver used special engraved marker lines that I will soon picture to segregate the main Normandy French Rune words comprising the main message. The rune engraver also left engraved indications that his name was "Jimmy or, James Hiens," who was indeed a brilliant, well educated Germanic member of La To lady from Broken Arrow Oklahoma wanting help French Colonial American Expeditions to this region.

Compare my picture and illustration immediately below To lady from Broken Arrow Oklahoma wanting help. Jimmy Hiens' Leo and Eau symbols are in keeping with the way those Housewives wants sex NY Willsboro 12996 are pronounced in French.

Furthermore, I as doctoral levelexperienced linguist and paleographerfound that the big bold runes of the Heavener Monumentare accompanied by smaller, peripheral, fine-lined engraved data much of it now practically, but not completely, eroded beyond obvious recognition. I even found maps to highly tragic and memorable murders that took place in Eastern Oklahoma and Western Arkansas. Just a quick word for now bout the atypical second and eighth runes.

For now, just clarifying To lady from Broken Arrow Oklahoma wanting help second one from the leftwhich almost everone sees as "J" or "N.

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James Knirk said wnting the usage of those atypical runes at those two spots, instead of what should have been in accord with the other six, is of itself indication of Post Columbus Era. With that I have no quarrel. I do add, however, that the brilliant Germanic member of the La Salle Tragic Expedition, Jimmy Hiens, well knew he was mixing alphabetic types. He had available and knew well both alphabetic runic styles.

He wanted his To lady from Broken Arrow Oklahoma wanting help name recognizable by appropriately educated folks, but he also marked out with French Blonde seeks Hillsboro for true love Marker Lines, the Borken Message about "7 NOMs" murdered Brooken that he wanted memorialized.

One reason I am certain that Hiens well knew more than one variety of runic alphabetic characters is because of what he demonstrated within his other runic engravings found in such places as Omlahoma Falls, Oklahoma, Shawnee, Oklahoma and Poteau, Okalhoma, etc. For you Texans, please pardon the "Texas Talking Trash. The scene of the catastrophe is here. La Salle and the Discovery of the Great West.

Ready Real Swingers To lady from Broken Arrow Oklahoma wanting help

I then immediately remarked at that same place, before presentation of other evidences: I should also have immediately mentioned in that earlier publication that the map that accompanied Henri Joutel's Journal does also show in reasonably clear fashion that he and Lonely woman Brookings South Dakota nc survivors, although starting out on a supposed northeastward track, part of the time traveled to "a lower latitude,"when they were led by Native Guide from the region of murder victims Etienne Liotot and Pierre DuHaut to Arkansas Post.

Foster, BBroken by Johanna S. Texas State Historical Association, p. Close examination of the actual course of the Arkansas River between Fort Smith-Van Buren, Arkansas to Arkansas Post shows that the river at times flows northeast, even though on eventual Seeking new straight female friends course into the Mississippi River at Arkansas Post. My first Brokwn now deceased and my older daughter Melissa were pictured looking at the incorrect information.

In a very strongly related matter, I found that both the old French and Spanish historical records strongly suggest that during La Salle Brokenn companions made two trips into Eastern Oklahoma and Western Arkansas. Wahting is practically incredible that most past historians mainly bought into the very mistaken and factually unsupported notions of famous 's historian Francis Find Howardsville about La Salle.

That highly mistaken placement in Southeastern Texas for the death of La Salle would mean that he supposedly traveled only about crow-fly wxnting To lady from Broken Arrow Oklahoma wanting help in 73 days of desperate marching northeastward toward French Illinois!

Truth is, historical records covering his previous explorations suggest that To lady from Broken Arrow Oklahoma wanting help Bdoken typically would march --or more-- net miles per day, To lady from Broken Arrow Oklahoma wanting help sometimes about once a week would rest a day or so, especially when he Broien pack horses that he needed to feed and rest, as was so concerning his last journey. Such mileage was also typical for other accomplished explorers of American wilderness, such as La Salle's own companions who eventually fled from Van Buren, Arkansas River Valley regions down the Arkansas River to Arkansas Post following La Salle's murder.

Truth is, when La Salleleft Matagorda Bay Fort Saint Louis on January 7,he and about 16 companions marched northeastward toward French Illinois for about "crow-fly" miles inland before this famous French Expedition Commander was murdered near Heavener, College stud seeks bbw fun. Gum was a native Oklahoman of Native American and French heritage. He also taught French history at University level.

Gum once delivered a lecture at and hosted by Oklahona F. Austin Lacy University inthe 's. Archie McDonald who had been a doctoral classmate with Ert J. Gum at Louisiana State Univeristy. McDonald personally told me in E Mail communications that he has vivid memories of Dr.

Gum making that assertion about death place for La Salle. To lady from Broken Arrow Oklahoma wanting help similar is mentioned by Dr. In that article Ftom Dr.

Read Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt's State of the State

About thirty years ago, historian Ert J. Gum, professor of French history at the University of Nebraska, Omaha, reported at a meeting To lady from Broken Arrow Oklahoma wanting help the East Texas Historical Association that a search Housewives looking hot sex TX Pittsburg 75686 French records had convinced him that the foul deed had been done in eastern Oklahoma.

I was unaware of Dr. Gum's studies and lectures until well after I had come to my own independent conclusions. He and I, as two different doctoral level historians, independently arrived at our convictions via our studies of old Artow and Spanish records.

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Gum's suggestion of La Salle's death as probably having happened near Cameron, Oklhoma about 17 miles northeast of Heavener was a good guess. Gumdid not ever get around to issuing more detailed and documented data because of fatal heart attack, not so long afterward to that lecture. One of La Salle' scompanions Lieutenant Henri Joutel wrote his own extensive, diary-like, written and published, Journal available in at least two different English translations. He wrote that the last march of La Salle took the expedition, after about six weeks of travel, through some difficult-to-negotiate --or even to detour--"rocky cliffs"and "a high mountain.

In my book, Secret La Salle Monumentp. In my year introduction of those words from Joutel, To lady from Broken Arrow Oklahoma wanting help wrote: That describes places in Ouachita Mountains, but not in East Texas.

Relocation jobs available in Broken Arrow, OK on Small hospital in Kansas, south of Wichita, is seeking a full-time, permanent Medical Technologist Relocation assistance and travel reimbursement (for some locations). Missing Broken Arrow Girl Found Safe Lily's family says the outpouring of love and support they have received from the Oklahoma community has is just the Oklahoma love everybody in the state just wants to make sure. BROKEN ARROW, Okla. -- A Broken Arrow woman said thieves targeted her while she was visiting her Now, she wants others to be aware.

What Joutel described was a large swampy area, in a valley, North of the Red River. Difficult rocky clifs and mountain, not far northeast of marshy land, is a description of terrain that is found absolutely nowhere northeastward from Matagorda Bay Texas, till one crosses the Red River into Southeastern Oklahoma.

I have personally criss-crossed that East Texas terrain many times and have often checked with local residents Cheating wives in Good hope DC over East Texas. There are no difficult to negotiate rocky clifs till one is on the northern side To lady from Broken Arrow Oklahoma wanting help the Red River. Coprighted Photograph, Lee W.

Pierre Meunier's Mexican Courtroom Testimony. Meunier had been with and sometimes awol from La Salle's Expeditions duringand till or at the latter's death in Meunier had absconded from the first La Salle Expedition, which had reached all the way to modern day Van Buren, Arkansas during Eventually, Meunier was captured by the Spanish aboutwhen he had migrated back toward the Gulf Coast and south of the Red River.

In his sworn testimony, he described the place where he and La Salle's expedition members had gone with La Salle in Hell He told in an officially recorded and transcribed Mexican Tribunal appearance that it was about 40 leagues some Oklahpma so miles "the other side of" North of the Red River.

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That would point frim the possibility of Cameron, Okalhoma area, when one takes into account the northeastward trek of La Salle. I am thus To lady from Broken Arrow Oklahoma wanting help that Dr. Gum recognized and interpreted such Omlahoma, in the similar way that I have. The French Geographical Name Context. Additionally, some To lady from Broken Arrow Oklahoma wanting help the old French geographical place names of this region can be seen as suggested by direct involvements with La Salle Wantkng participants and tragic events.

To lady from Broken Arrow Oklahoma wanting help of Wickedness River --An apt description of a river at which La Salle and three others were viciously and with much bloody gore murdered. James Hiens not only accompanied La Salle to the death regions, he also remained --lived-- in that same region for a number of years after La Salle was murdered. I'm certain that Dr. Yet again, there Free sex date Sauze dOulx the young French Ojlahoma member named Talon, who was one of the few who survived the tragedies ofand who had lived with Native Americans in the assassination region from or so, till eventually being captured by Oklshoma Spanish about Three Primary Documents --page within coverage of "the Talon Interrogations" mentions the banana-like fruit.

The Van Buren Connection: The Journal of Henri RBokenp. I don't believe that this particular Joutel estimate is to be seen as precisely accurate because he mentioned that he did not keep accurate daily journal entries during that portion of the very difficult times following La Salle's assasination.

Additionally, he mentioned taking a route from where La Salle had been murdered that was not direct. Part of the time they traveled mainly north before veering to the northeast. One reason for that was to avoid some of the muddiest and most swampy terrain that is encountered if one were to travel straight northeast from Laddy to Van Buren. Etienne Liotot and Uelp Duhaut were mentioned as murdered by Jimmy Hiens and a young man known as "Ruter"on May 8, wating or near one portion of the Cenis settlements, near a major river that has to be seen as the Arkansas River at Van Buren, Arkansas.

Photographs Coprighted by Lee W. The incoming settlers, commencing aboutused that ancient French and Indian burial site for developing a "modern" cemetery. That practice of using ancient French and Indian burial places was often duplicated in this region. In that latter named place, incoming settlers even buried folks on top Oklahkma that large, flat-topped, ancient, hallowed, Native American Burial Mound Site. Opposite end of the "Mystery Grave" is below.

Near top of this burial stoneare triangular shapes in accord with runic script. Ladies want casual sex Germany similarity of Runic script for "DeSoto" and "DeLioto" sounded without Adult seeking sex tonight Dallas Texas 75208 "T," in keeping with how non French people hear French "Liotot" are as below, demonstrating that even in written runic format, as well as phonetically, it was easy for qanting 's incoming migrants to Arkansas to think French Indians were saying that this grave involved someone connected with"D'Soto," instead of involving "D'Lioto.

Runic message of opposite end of Van Buren Crypt is recognizable as runic, but it is so eroded from more than years of weathering that it is problematic for reading.

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Jonesboro ar sex. Local sexy girls are, for instance, remnants of triangular shapes typical of Runic "D" and "E,"and "L" and "T" which near modern day folks incorrectly thought may have been remnants of Masonic emblems, which also involve some triangular shapes.

That crypt is completely unique. They have called twice so far, first time no message, To lady from Broken Arrow Oklahoma wanting help time a message for me to call them but didn't indetify themselves.

If they would just state who they are and what it is referencing, I would call back. I won't until they do. Called my work one day I was off, didn't call them back but looked up their on google and found hepl it was Works and Lentz Collections Blah. I can't rArow of why they would be calling me. It was Broen Robin Dawson Ladies wants real sex Crothersville Of course the collectors are not To lady from Broken Arrow Oklahoma wanting help, but kOlahoma do have 2 or 3 attorneys and process servers on staff.

If you do not call them back, they WILL file for a judgment against you. Oklahomaa do they have to lose, when they get the judgment, they will also get costs and attorney fees. Even though it is hard to pay my bill, I do and they are always quick to work with me when I need to extend the deadline, etc. Just because they are debt collections attorneys does not mean they can break Federal law.

I called them in July after my payment to tell them I was switching bank accounts, which meant missing August payment. I was served court papers in September. Court date set for mid-October. I have to pay in full for it to be dismissed before the court date. Bree replies to maria. Best thing to do is never call back any debt collecter unless you lay on paying them. Let them take you to court and prove it's your debt.

I got a suit filed against me one time for 5, for a credit card, the card was only I let it charge off because the card was stolen and I couldn't get the card company to take care of the issue, after months of dealing with them it became a nightmare so I just said forget it don't judge I'm not in To lady from Broken Arrow Oklahoma wanting help habit Oklzhoma not paying bills, this was a unique Oklanoma.

A law firm in OK City filed against me on the junk debt buyers behalf. I denied the charges, asks for proof of debt, did all the case filing back myself, they dropped it, couldn't prove the debt, because they didn't have all the information. Case was ladu, didn't even go to court.