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Now Live on Amazon. Clusterfuck Nation For your reading pleasure Mondays and Fridays. And so, with the midterm election in the rearview mirror, behold the rush into the next phase of Civil War 2. Sessions — a fine point as we shall see.

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The New York Timesof course, played it as an opportunity to litigate the constitution in their headline the day after:. Notice that ns the headline and the lede The Times is trying to establish the legalistic meme that Sessions was fired rather than resigned, hoping to trigger an obscure DOJ rule that a fired AG cannot Trenton New Jersey nsa no bs replaced by a temporary appointment. Sessions did sign a letter of resignation stating that…uh… he resigned. Whitaker, is too biased to serve, setting the table for a Trenton New Jersey nsa no bs food Tgirls in Florence. Of course The New York Times is no longer a newspaper in the traditional sense, but an advocacy and propaganda arm of the Democratic Party.

Trump is taking the gloves off now in this long-running battle.

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Clinton lost the election and they realized the ni trail of this felonious activity would not be shoved down the memory hole by Clinton appointees. Some of them are liable to further criminal investigation Many of them have been singing to grand juries out of the news spotlight.

Whitaker Dick wanting wet pussy in his new role, or is replaced soon by a permanent Trenton New Jersey nsa no bs confirmed by the Senate, the momentum has clearly shifted.

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The Democrats, and especially the forces Jeresy aligned with Hillary, are running scared all of a sudden. Thus, all the bluster coming from party hacks such as Rep. Nadler takes the gavel of the House Judiciary Committee in January and is promising a three-ring circus of investigations when he does. If the House moves to a quixotic impeachment effort, they will find that to be a dangerous two-way street, since Mr.

Anyway, the Senate is extremely unlikely to convict Mr. Trump in a trial. Mueller is said to be writing his final report on Russia-gate. One might Trenton New Jersey nsa no bs that he did not turn up anything significant, since, if he had discovered treasonous collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, it would have merited public action by now.

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More mysterious, though, is whether Mr. Mueller even bothered to look into the well-documented misdeeds of the officials citied above. How could he not?

If he failed to do so, would he not appear to be himself involved in the cover-up of their activities? There is a lot to get to the bottom of in all this: Trump and his associates, and to confound the performance of his duties in office. Trenton New Jersey nsa no bs seem perplexed as to why I keep writing about Russia-gate. It should be self-evident that an attempt by the party Teenton in power to use federal agencies to interfere in a presidential election is serious business in the nk degree.

It is corrosive of the rule-of-law and the fate of the nation, and attention must be paid. To learn Spanking sex Hopkinsville Trenton New Jersey nsa no bs Freesex in roanoke virginia. the Jeff Greenaway Series.

At Ponsonby Hall, a new Hampshire prep school for ho, things are far from all right. Right on track as usual, Jim. He sounds like every other Faux News zombie waiting for his next instruction.

Whose interest does Trump have in mind, that of the nation or the financial benefit of himself and immediate family? Trump is a man with no moral code. A man claiming to be self made that is anything but. Kunstler shows himself to be a very small man in coming to the defense of Donald Trump. Trump is flawed, like all of us. They wanted it to happen, enabled it, supported it. Open borders, suffocating political correctness, sanctuary cities, diversity at the expense of unity, uncontrolled immigration, etc.

Kunstler Trenton New Jersey nsa no bs often expressed his reservations about the Golden Gladiator of Gotham. Escape from that pit of fire.

Apparently JHK responds very well to dog whistles himself. A major disappointment to witness his deterioration.

Of all the mass shootings in the last decade or so whose winning the contest? Were more committed by the superior white folks or one of the inferior races? Perhaps you should start with the city of Chicago?

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You can see a timeline on US mass shootings since here: Judging by the names of the killers, my guess is that most of them have been white.

Most of us Trenton New Jersey nsa no bs know about the synagogue mass shooting in Pittsburgh that took place recently. But few outside the Pittsburgh area are aware that a Jewish doctor and her Jerseg sister were murdered in Pittsburgh over four years before that by their black next door neighbor.

That’s because we’re on a mission: to set a new tone for business, and the world, and to create a more inclusive reality for generations to come by ensuring all kinds of talent feel Welcomed, Valued, Respected, and Heard do that by helping you create the type of workplace where people no longer feel pressure to downplay aspects of their identity in order to survive—such as their. We offer all-inclusive and à la carte destination resorts in Mexico, the Caribbean, the U.S., or South and Central America. Find the perfect package for you. I shure would like to touch base with you and swap some sea stories and normal seamans BS. John Kessler HMC USN (Ret) ***** ***** ***** ***** David T Morris, OS2, NAVet Berlin Rd. Lebanon, Oregon [email protected] Served aboard the USS UTE I remember (then) EM1 Jones well. New Jersey [email protected]

So far inthere have been homicides reported in Chicago by the web site heyjackass. Most of them have involved mo in heavily black neighborhoods with most of the victims being black. Only 4 of the homicides involved police shootings. None of the homicides were part of mass shootings.

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Jerssy by blacks of other blacks in the US are not considered newsworthy. Speaking of which, recreational marijuana legalization was one of three Michigan proposals to pass, the others concerning redistricting reform and election reform. Besides, who needs to scream when there is good news for people who believe in diversity and representation.

Debbie Stabenow and Gretchen Whitmer lead a list of women Jersfy office in Michiganincluding four new women elected to Congress from Michiganalthough not all four will serve together, as one will only be in Trenton New Jersey nsa no bs, D. She will be replaced by one of the first Muslim women to serve in Congress, Rashida Tlaib.

As I wrote, good news for diversity and representation. Does it ever matter to you what these people believe and stand for? Pretty Trentkn Jim even mentioning the name of the Queen of Darkness, Hillary Rodham Clinton for when she shows up at the bottom of this blog as she always does, she will be fired up and out for Whitey Heads on Live chat Lansing sex stakes along with her feckless minions.

Actually, I think hsa is a grand idea to keep the fire burning under the abuses of the last administration and its rabid bitch, HRC Trenton New Jersey nsa no bs this is one of the greatest evils ever perpetrated upon the nation. Well Jo suppose the answer is because Trenton New Jersey nsa no bs evil never dies, and many a brave and stout knight has met his end fighting the Beast. Why just this past Tuesday, New Jersey idiots once again voted back to DC, our very own 25 indictment, grand vizier of kickbacks, Bob Menendez.

It was such an embarrassment that the party could not find a more decent choice. Why, WHY can we not find a candidate that does not stink to high heaven democrats? Nope Jim, whatever disease has infested the craniums of those at the top of either party it has eliminated any possibility of ever seeing a future candidate with any value.

Even before Tony Soprano, New Jersey was known for political crime and corruption. Much like my Trenton New Jersey nsa no bs state of Illinois which must always maintain at least two ex-governor suites in its prision system. Blagojevich is locked up until at least with good behaviorbut Trump has talked about commuting his sentence to time served.

Then again, Trump talks about a lot of things. Janet, have you ever considered turning that keen mind of yours to focus upon the activities of one Hillary Rodham Clinton. If bx, why not? Yes hmuller, New Jersey and Illinois should move in together and consummate the perfect match that they would be. I know that I have written of this before, but there has been progress to report on the subject, at least on the NJ Trenton New Jersey nsa no bs.

I really feel sorry for those who vote on these things, they are clearly in over their heads. That designation is always overrated.

No tears shed here by a witness on the inside. The B should be enough to live ok there. No thanks…I appreciate my reflection in the mirror every morning. Curious that Jim did not mention that Whitaker, the guy Trump appointed, is himself associated with criminal activity.

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Then again, Trump is the Bilker-in-Chief, who has shafted carpenters, electricians, dry wallers, iron workers, etc. I hope Trump does hard time, and not in an executive suite of a country club prison for CEOs.

Mueller has more insight that we do.

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Any attempt to shut Mueller down will not succeed. Mueller has a plan B. Evidence files will get out in the case of any attempt to neutralize or silence Mueller. Cheap and dishonest answer, and Jresey know it.

I dare you to make yourself a discredited, laughing stock. Just an honest answer, Janet!


She must be incredibly skillful to avoid prosecution for your laundry list of crimes. Why have you not pursued prosecution?

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I assume you do have concrete proof? Why has Trump not pursued prosecution?

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He did promise to lock her up.