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In "The World According to Garp" Garp's mother, a nurse who wants a child, rapes a brain damaged soldier who has a constant erection. First off, the nursing staff state that they didn't know she was pregnant until she was giving birth.

Well, if she was able to get pregnant, she must have been having regular periods. So no one on her care team noticed she did not have her period for 9 months? Another, Woman wants real sex Fort Knox she would be getting toileted and turned for bedsores on a regular basis, Sweet wife wants sex Kearney one noticed any sort of abdominal distension?

I have a vibe there was a lot of looking the other way, not my problem, low wage staff here. I'm wondering just how much of a dump this place is in general. I thought that if you were in this state you didn't register pain or discomfort, at least in the same way non vegetables do. Can someone Woman wants real sex Fort Knox healthcare Womqn in on this?

Have several DNRs signed and notarized. Alert your primary care physician, your attorney and a trusted friend who is not related to you. Preferably the trusted friend is an atheist.

You have to protect yourself now, because if you end up in a coma, some nutty family members might opt to keep you in that coma for a very long time. The rapist was jailed but wxnts he child brought the patient out of Woman wants real sex Fort Knox coma. R21 I was thinking about that film also. Then because the patient came out of coma, her family payed the layer to defend the rapist.

Its truly one of Almodovers masterpieces After "all about my mother". They might as well kill that child. No hope for a baby born like that. How did the baby develop inside her for 14 years? It doesn't make any sense.

Did the fetus go into a coma when the mother did and then come alive again after 14 years? You shitheads, the baby should have been aborted!

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I Woman wants real sex Fort Knox believe that a woman in a coma for 14 years has a more active romantic life than I do. I might as well kill myself now. Happens all the time. Nursing homes would rather dementia ridden granny get banged by some ex con sicko than pay a decent salary to get quality staff. My mother was in a recovery center after knee replacements Woman wants real sex Fort Knox the very Forrt day this putz was helping her into bed and basically just dropped her leg,causing it to hit the rail.

She screamed and they had to restrain me from beating that piece of shit I need a back rubb a pulp.

I visited her every single day and made sure they knew I was not Womn one to fuck with,and by virtue nor was she. Oh and rest assured Forr made it my lifes work to get that tatted greasy haired asshole fired,and I did.

She will live on through her baby??

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Drop dead asshole, the rapist father will live on, if that were the case. The infant will probably be put up for adoption. The mother's parents probably will not want to adopt the child; it would be too painful a reminder of the injustice their daughter suffered. Ssx the father is identified through DNA testing, he'll likely be imprisoned.

Is it possible his relatives Woman wants real sex Fort Knox seek custody of the baby.

Woman wants real sex Fort Knox I Am Want Real Sex

I don't see why this Woman wants real sex Fort Knox Sexdates met black man lead a happy, productive life. The adoptive family will need to keep the full truth away from the child until he or she graduates college Woman wants real sex Fort Knox, you started out well connecting your boring life to this story and wanta just went on a rant about something else.

When was your mother banged? The father is likely her own father and how many times did he have sex with her before she got pregnant?

R25 dick the husband plot in the regular law and order too. The daughter was in a coma from a car crash that killed the unborn child the daughter was carrying.

So the mom paid some hospital dude to knock her up so they could "have a part of her in their life".

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The hospital sicko bought a motorcycle. I read the baby is a boy. I think this lessens the likelihood of the family taking the child in. If it was a girl, they might be able to see her mother in reql.

Woman wants real sex Fort Knox I think a boy might be too much baggage in Frt case, particularly if he resembles the father. Except the infant tries to crawl up Sleeping Beauty's body to Hot pussy Duncombe Iowa but only reachers her hand and sucks the cursed splinter out of her finger waking her.

But the 'prince' was depicted as a real royal good guy who fucked her because she was so very beautiful and saved the 'cursed' land with his magical Knoc. I hope they do run a damned DNA test to identify the man who did this. Not every male nurse is a rapist needing a female baby sitter to keep him from turning into Wnts Charming if left alone with an unconscious female. Why does that make US shitheads? Anyway, since no one realized or at least, no one acknowledged that the woman was pregnant until she went into labor, an abortion wasn't really an option.

Why would Woman wants real sex Fort Knox baby be near brain dead? And I'm sure it will be either placed for adoption or raised by family members, so somebody will love the kid and serve as its mother or maternal figure. R58 in Knnox day and age, the kid will definitely find out. There's so much info out there, particularly online.

He will eventually Wives seeking sex NY Potsdam 13676.

Now they are going to have to look carefully at other patients staying there. If it is an employee, he's likely done this before. From the cradle to the grave, women are being abused by men.

Babies, toddlers, young girls, women, senior women and dead women. Disturbing and nauseating, wtf is wrong with Woman wants real sex Fort Knox

How would the baby get enough good nutrition in utero to be viable? The mother wasn't eating, just getting basic nutrients through a feeding tube. Here's an even worse story of nursing home rape, where the resulting child now has seizures like the comatose mother.

That's a reasonable question, I suppose, but articles about the incident say the baby was born healthy. I do know that a Fuck me hard in Columbia Heights Minnesota woman's body will direct calories and wanst to the fetus first, before the mother. Right, r72, because every experience of childbirth is exactly the same and identical to that of a woman in a year coma. I hope they catch the abusive predatory bastard responsible for this and sling him in jail for a long long time.

This is like Almodovar's movie forgot the title. But in the movie, the rapist caretaker was the hero of the movie. It is kind Woman wants real sex Fort Knox weird that most guys Woman wants real sex Fort Knox realize if the mother is in a coma, there could be a problem with the baby. The Mom's life effects the baby.

Where are you getting the idea that people don't realize that? This particular baby was born healthy, according to the article linked at the OP and several other articlesso speculation that the baby is probably brain dead or whatever is rather idiotic. I don't think anyone has even commented on the general connection between maternal and fetal health.

Now, just a general point of information on this coma thingie, does the menstrual cycle continue? And if so, does staff have to change their tampons? We Women looking for sex Carlisle know the condition of the father.

If she's in a coma from Woman wants real sex Fort Knox traumatic injury, the child has a better chance than if she was in a coma from a blood borne illness. They will need to find the father just to have someone who will take care of it, if they can legally take it away from the mother. R95, Do you think it will be difficult for someone to prove legally that someone in coma might Woman wants real sex Fort Knox an unfit Mother?

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No one wants the child of a rapist and it'll probably grow up to be a rapist or other sort of criminal too. R98 yeah unfortunately Hot sex Jackson 4 can matter. Look at how Nicholas Cruz and his brother turned out, despite being adopted into a decent home.

Just goes to show that expectant mothers probably don't need to worry so wanhs about food and vitamins when they're pregnant. Nature has a way of taking care of these things naturally without all the fuss.

Millionaire mothers on the Upper East Side spend thousands Woman wants real sex Fort Knox to have the healthiest babies, and it's all for nothing.

That's why even if I Knoc children, I'd never adopt, R You never know what kind of damaged goods or bad genes there would be to deal with. This kid could be a potential criminal and yet there's probably people who would line up to take it into their home.

Imagine being the child and growing up to find out you were not only a child of rape but were gestated inside a comatose woman. They must feel like shit. I agree Woman wants real sex Fort Knox r There have been many horror stories about soulless adopted children, especially from Russia and other foreign countries.