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While this might sound obvious to most women, scientific research hasn't totally caught up with the idea women can — and do — desire sex as much as men do.

Kindara, which seeks to "empower women through a better understanding of their health dex bodies," put out a call to female users asking them to quash some of the most pervasive stereotypes of female sexuality. The survey asked about their typical desires, such as wantss time of day they usually like to have sex Woman wants sex Mesick how important physical intimacy is to their overall relationship satisfaction, as well as how much they wanted sex in general.

The results indicated some of what we believe about female sexuality, such as the idea women value emotional connection during sex more than men, might be true.

Fifty three percent of respondents said emotional connection was an Woman wants sex Mesick requirement for good sex, while nearly a quarter said foreplay was a Womqn indicator of overall quality.

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In terms of basic desire, though, most women want more sex than they're having. Thirteen percent of women even reported they'd like to have wanrs more than six times per week.

Research is finally getting a handle on female libido: Researchers have, however, made progress toward understanding the biological underpinnings of female lust in recent years. Similar doesn't always mean "same" — but it can still be equal.

Of course, even if men and women do have similar levels of sexual desire, that doesn't mean their actual sex lives play out in the same way, as there are countless social influences to consider on both men's and women's sexual behaviors. A study released earlier this year, for instance, found Woman wants sex Mesick were as likely as men to be interested in casual sex — but only when there was no threat Woman wants sex Mesick sexual violence or of social judgment.

We also know from the recent debate over flibanserin, the women's low libido drug commonly referred to as "female Viagra," that the mechanism for desire tends to operate differently for women and men. Nonetheless, the ultimately successful push for the Woman wants sex Mesick hinged on Wooman idea that women don't Male Chester seeking female friend want to have sex — they want to want to have more sex.

Ultimately, the question of whether women want sex more or less or Msick as much as men do isn't significant.

What's important is that we recognize women want sex in the first place — and finally, science is starting to recognize that we do.

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